Community Service Doesn’t Stop With Diploma


Photo courtesy of Kelly Moore, Class of 2022.

(Above) Kori Theisen, Class of 2022, volunteers at FC Highland by helping coach games and running training sessions for young soccer players. Volunteers at FC Highland, like Kori, are not just training not just the next generation of soccer players, but also the next generation of people. Photo courtesy of Kelly Moore, Class of 2022.

Taylor Hannigan, Staff

Lake Highland Preparatory School is a place that not only prepares students for college and provides a great education, but it also teaches students how to give back to their community. Lake Highland has an annual club fair where students can sign up
for clubs in order to have an opportunity to collect service hours and connect with others. Students are not just participating in the clubs, but they are also creating the clubs. Each club is required to have an opportunity for people to participate in community service. So before even graduating high school, students are already inviting others to join them and find a way to help the surrounding community they live in.

LHP Feeds Orlando, created by Celina Walker, grade 10, and Melissa De Mello, grade 10, is, “A club that focuses on providing service opportunities at food banks such as Second Harvest Food Bank, a place where students can volunteer to package
foods and help with meal prepping.” Celina and Melissa are examples of the kind of students Lake Highland is creating, since they encourage others to help them give back in and outside of the classroom. Lake Highland has club time built into the school schedule for students, but often many take their opportunity to help others outside of school. Celina says club members, “Love to volunteer on their own time and give back to the community. It makes them feel good to be able to give back to the place they call home.” Melissa and Celina are only Sophomores that created great ways for people to help the community they live in, but their club will also continue to grow and develop Another club made by hard working students is Westminster, created by Julia Woodward, grade 10, and Lauren Alicea, grade 10, with the Community Service Officer, Alice Broadaway, grade 10. Westminster is a club, “Focused on helping senior citizens at the Westminster Retirement Home,” according to Julia Woodward. This club was created by girls who have been inspired by helping others and who want to encourage others to join them when they visit the
retirement home. Alice says her favorite part about their club is not just getting hours, but “Frequently visiting because the seniors love to see young people and you can see their faces light up with joy!” The club throws BBQ cookouts and fun parties as
well as other service acts like washing their cars for the seniors. Like LHP Feeds Orlando, Westminster is another great opportunity to let inspired students take part in taking care in their community

So does the community service stop after students graduate? Definitely not. Kori Theisen, Class of 2022, now attending The University of Michigan, is a role model for what Lake Highland wants their students to do even after graduating. When Kori comes back to visit her home from Michigan, she always spends time with friends and family, but is also determined to help out in
any way she is needed. When Kori is back in Florida, she, “Always helps coach youth soccer for FC Highland, a local soccer club lead by Coach Jeremy Christie that focuses on empowering young players both on and off the field.” Kori likes to volunteer at this club because she can give the kids the same kind of encouragement she received from Jeremy Christie to work hard, while
gaining important lessons on how to be a team player with people on and off the field. Kori noted, “My most meaningful opportunity while volunteering specifically with FC Highland has been the opportunity to put a smile on a young players’ faces whenever I can, and teach them new things about the game that I love and have played my entire life.” Kori Theisen is an important role model for students that graduate from Lake Highland, demonstrating that they should still continue to give back to their community outside of their school clubs. Once again, Lake Highland is not just a school with great academics, but it is also an amazing place for everyone to have the opportunity to help the community they live in every day.

(Above) Julia Woodward, grade 10 (left) is the President
of the Westminster Community Club, and Alice Broad-
away, grade 10 (right) is the community service officer.
You can email Julia Woodward at woodwardju@lhprep.
org if you wish to sign up and help out. They have fun
community service opportunities coming up for anyone
who wants to join in. Photo by Taylor Hannigan. (Photo by Taylor Hannigan.)
(Above) The first meeting of the LHP Feeds Orlando Club
took place in Mrs. Lauren Olivia’s Room. Addie Freeman,
grade 10, talks about the purpose of the club and upcoming community service opportunities at food drives and pantry organizations. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Lauren Oliva. (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Lauren Oliva.)