Bakehouse Introduces Global Flavors


Photo by Arya Sant.

(Above) If you could only order one thing from the menu at Sugar Dough Bakehouse, I would recommend the Strawberry Croissant. It was essentially a croissant filled with a cream filling and fresh strawberries. The light and sweet texture of the filling was unlike any other. Although expensive, the fresh and fluffy dough of the croissant was well worth it.

Arya Sant, Staff

(Above) The three different teas that had been decided on were the Fruit Tea, Lychee Tea, and Mango Tea. The one that stood out from the rest was the Fruit Tea because it had fruit inclusions that were added. If you are someone who enjoys sweet flavors in their drinks, it is recommended to request sweetener at Sugar Dough Bakehouse. I was not expecting to see Lychee Tea on the menu, as it isn’t quite common. However the flavors took me back to being in fed the fruit in India. (Photo by Arya Sant. )
(Above) The Strawberry Cruffin was a mix between a crois- sant and a muffin, but shaped as a muffin. The inside was filled with a creme similar to the Strawberry Croissant, and the outside had a sugary texture and flavor. The texture was perfect as it was flaky, yet easy to pull apart. It came in a mini cup allowing us to easily transport it home. (Photo by Arya Sant. )
(Above) As I entered Sugar Dough Bakehouse, I was immediately welcomed by the smell of fresh cookies. It seemed familiar and almost reminded me of my childhood. As we browsed the selection of pastries and bever- ages with my mom and brother, we ultimately decided on seven different options: Chocolate Nutella Craffle, Strawberry Croissant, Strawberry Nutella Cruffin, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Lychee, Mango, and Fruit Tea. The pricing of Sugar Dough Bakehouse is slightly expensive in comparison to others, so it is recommended to pay them a visit during special occasions. (Photo by Arya Sant.)
(Above) The display of Sugar Dough Bakehouse was unique, as they had desserts and pastries displayed on a brown paper behind glass. As each pastry was bought, it would be grabbed from the display and immediately replaced with another. Although it was nice to see what I was purchasing, the display also added to the overall aesthetic and experience. (Photo by Arya Sant.)

On Corrine Drive, visitors can find Sugar Dough Bakehouse, a bakery which specializes in pastries. The Asian-inspired flavors, combined with the French style dough, truly made eating at Sugar Dough Bakehouse a unique experience. The kind staff and modern scene created a calm, yet inviting setting. As someone who isn’t fond of large crowded places, I enjoyed my experience at this quaint bakehouse. Personally, I would recommend visitors to order a strawberry croissant with fruit tea, as they compliment each other nicely.