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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

 Caption 1 (group photo): (Above) The first FCA luncheon attracted many students from all grade levels. They gathered to hear a testimony from teacher, Mr. J.R. Solis, and to learn about the future of FCA on campus. Photo courtesy of Henry Builder.

Christian Athletes’ Venue to Connect

Eva Cooper, Staff February 7, 2023

FCA, also known as Fellowship of Christian Athletes, serves as a place where Lake Highland’s Christian student athletes can join together to strengthen not only their bond with Christ, but with each...

(Above) After being separated into groups of 50 students in a, “Family group,” students formed their own, “Home groups” as a sharing hub during each exercise. Serena Young, grade 11, especially enjoyed the contest to see which home group could come up with the most obscure simiarites. Photo courtesy of a SDLC student participant.

Students Dive into Diversity

Serena Young, Co-Editor/ Director of Advertising February 6, 2023

When DEI, Diversity Equity Inclusion, is mentioned, most people’s minds jump to skin color and gender. But when LHP sent out an email for high school students to apply to be student representatives for...

(Right) In order to
get good reviews,
once an item is
purchased, it is

important to pack-
age the item in

a pleasing way. I
wrap the item in
tissue paper, add
a, “Thank your for
your purchase!”
sticker, and use
a colorful poly
mailer. Once that
is complete, the
last stop is the
post office, and
then the item
is shipped off.
Screenshot by
Rebecca Reif.

Don’t Love It, Just List It

Rebecca Reif, Editor in Chief February 3, 2023

Thrifting is a rather trendy hobby amongst many. However, the reselling side of this activity is often overlooked. In reality, there is just as much of a market for reselling thrifted items as there is...

(Above) The property of Shalom Orlando is also the site of The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida. The organization aims to combat anti-Semitism through history on prejudice and bigotry toward Jewish people. Kanye West has stated his support for Nick Fuentes, who has perpetuated a conspiracy theory denying the Holocaust, saying it was fabricated to advance Jewish interests. Denying an event that took the lives of countless Jewish people just perpetuates the hateful beliefs that first laid the groundwork for Hitler’s reign. Photo by Sarah Finfrock.

Silence is Compliance

Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor/ Director of Photography February 2, 2023

In the wake of anti-Semitic comments from American rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, the silence is deafening. In public and on social media, I still see people listening to Ye’s music and promoting...

Ski World

Ski World

January 25, 2023

(Above) As I was apprehensive to start training in hip-hop, my studio and
team (shown above), helped me build up the courage to learn skills, as well
as perform on stage. The support that my studio shows while being onstage
is huge, with loud cheering and yelling. Also, other studios chime in with
this same encouragement, making dancing on stage and competing less nerve
wracking. After the first competition, I never doubted my ability in hip-hop,
and I continue to perform multiple pieces in that style. Photo courtesy of

Tremaine Dance.

Peer Pressure With Positive Outcomes

Rebecca Reif, Editor in Chief November 9, 2022

The first idea that comes to one’s mind when peer pressure is mentioned is a negative connotation; something like poor decisions will be made, or risky and dangerous actions will be taken. There are...

(Above, left to right) Natalie Newman, grade 10; Taylor Johnson, grade 11; and Maria Evans, grade 11; turn the corner
as they continue to try and push themselves to gain their team a high placement for this invitational. They have been

practicing since the beginning of the summer to compete. Photo courtesy of Bob Gall.

Girls Run the Show

Brady Conlin, Staff November 8, 2022

Cross country is a very tough and grueling sport to do. There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into running competitively. Participants have to have the mindset and mentality to go through...

(Above) The Seafood Siu Mai was significantly larger than anything we had ever seen before. The insides were filled with twice as much meat as those in most restaurants and grocery stores. The abalone on top was an appreciated rarity in most dim sum restaurants.

A Pro-Chef Rates Restaurant’s Authenticity

Serena Young, Director of Advertising November 7, 2022

When someone asks for Chinese takeout, it conjures up images of oily lo mein, sticky sweet orange chicken, and over-sauced broccoli, all slopped into a standard white takeout box from Panda Express. Orange...

(Above) Many
city officials
were left
after the wake
of Hurricane
Ian. The City
of Winter Park
focused its
main efforts
on busy roads,
such as Park
Avenue. Heavy
machinery, like
front loaders,
were sent to
aid in debris
removal. Trash
collection slows
after storms,
as landfills
reach capacity.
Photo by Sarah

Hurricane Ian Floods In

Kailey Calvo and Sarah Finfrock, Co-Editor and Director of Photography November 4, 2022

Hurricane Ian has quickly become one of the most destructive hurricanes in Florida’s history. Floridians are accustomed to these scary times, as during hurricane season annually Floridians stock up on...

(Left) Bento Asian
Kitchen is a chain

restaurant serv-
ing Asian-style

bowls and sushi.
They offer online
ordering so Seniors
can pre-order their
meals and have
more time to eat.
As Bento is farther
from school, there
is less time to wait
in line to order and
wait to be served,
so Seniors must
order ahead. All photos by Sarah Finfrock.

The Senior Special: Lunch on the Go

Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor November 3, 2022

Every other Monday, Seniors at Lake Highland enjoy the privilege of eating lunch off campus with their friends. The 75-minute lunch period, gained with the addition of block scheduling in 2020, allows...

Cleo Richard-
son, grade 10, Aniston

Goldstein, grade 12, and
Alexandra Caballero, Class
of 2022, all share the
same passion for archery.
Alexandra shared how she
found her niche through
joining the archery
team: “I joined the team
during my Sophmore year,
and everyone was very
supportive. It was fun
to watch how I improved
throughout my time on
the team.” Alexandra
now serves as an active

mentor to the underclass-
men on the team, and

continues to push them to
do their best while still
learning about new ways

to improve their strate-
gies on a daily basis. In

fact, Cleo and Aniston have
learned a great deal from
Alexandra’s experience,
which have helped them in
fixing their mistakes and
forming new bonds in the
process. Photo by Arya

Sant. (Above) Graph-
ic courtesy of Clipart

On Target to Win

Louis Roldan and Arya Sant, Co-Editor and Staff November 2, 2022

Among the 17 sports and 57 teams Lake Highland offers, archery has to be one of the most unique. It is no secret that our ar- chery program has been no stranger to success, as they have repeatedly competed...

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