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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

 Caption 1 (group photo): (Above) The first FCA luncheon attracted many students from all grade levels. They gathered to hear a testimony from teacher, Mr. J.R. Solis, and to learn about the future of FCA on campus. Photo courtesy of Henry Builder.
Christian Athletes' Venue to Connect
Eva Cooper, Staff • February 7, 2023
(Above) After being separated into groups of 50 students in a, “Family group,” students formed their own, “Home groups” as a sharing hub during each exercise. Serena Young, grade 11, especially enjoyed the contest to see which home group could come up with the most obscure simiarites. Photo courtesy of a SDLC student participant.
Students Dive into Diversity
Serena Young, Co-Editor/ Director of Advertising • February 6, 2023
(Right) In order to
get good reviews,
once an item is
purchased, it is

important to pack-
age the item in

a pleasing way. I
wrap the item in
tissue paper, add
a, “Thank your for
your purchase!”
sticker, and use
a colorful poly
mailer. Once that
is complete, the
last stop is the
post office, and
then the item
is shipped off.
Screenshot by
Rebecca Reif.
Don't Love It, Just List It
Rebecca Reif, Editor in Chief • February 3, 2023
Silence is Compliance
Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor/ Director of Photography • February 2, 2023
Peer Pressure With Positive Outcomes
Rebecca Reif, Editor in Chief • November 9, 2022
Seeing Double
Rebecca Reif, Editor in Chief • October 4, 2022
The Invisible Illness
Rebecca Reif, Editor-in-Chief • September 12, 2022
Students Dive into Diversity
Serena Young, Co-Editor/ Director of Advertising • February 6, 2023
On Target to Win
Louis Roldan and Arya Sant, Co-Editor and Staff • November 2, 2022
Express Yourself From Tip to Toe
Serena Young, Director of Advertising • October 21, 2022
Getting a Business Degree at the Dinner Table
Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor/ Director of Photography • October 7, 2022
Style Up Every Season
Serena Young, Director of Advertising • October 6, 2022
(Left) Bento Asian
Kitchen is a chain

restaurant serv-
ing Asian-style

bowls and sushi.
They offer online
ordering so Seniors
can pre-order their
meals and have
more time to eat.
As Bento is farther
from school, there
is less time to wait
in line to order and
wait to be served,
so Seniors must
order ahead. All photos by Sarah Finfrock.
The Senior Special: Lunch on the Go
Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor • November 3, 2022

Every other Monday, Seniors at Lake Highland enjoy the privilege of eating lunch off campus with their friends. The 75-minute lunch period, gained...

Fall Into These Seasonal Experiences
Fall Into These Seasonal Experiences
Emily Cypher, Staff • October 20, 2022

Fall is a beloved season throughout the U.S. People often find small, affordable ways to immerse themselves in the fall spirit, from changing...

(Above) While living in Bath, England, Mr. Sharkey and his son,
Mathew, and his daughter, Rebecca, had a fun day trip to London,
England in the year 2000. Moving to Orlando, Florida, was a huge
contrast to the dreary U.K. weather. Mr. Sharkey says, “I love it

here...I love the heat and blue skies...” Photo courtesy of Mr. Sharkey.
Meet Mr. Sharkey: The True Scottsman of LHPS
Serena Young, Director of Advertising • October 19, 2022

Mr. Joseph Sharkey, the head of the LHPS World Language Department and teacher of Spanish I and II, has quite a famous accent on campus. It has...

(Above) Vigilante, Faith Graham, Grade 11, Pen and ink.
Literary Magazine, By Any Other Name, released December 2.
December 1, 2022


(Above) Aly and AJ opened the concert with their
hypnotic folk voices and playful guitar strings. The two
sisters had an empathetic connection with each other
that radiated far beyond the stage. They certainly had
the crowd cheering, especially for fans who know them
from the Disney Channel airing their shows. All photos

by Serena Young.
Ben Platt Has a New Platform
Delaney Bolstein and Serena Young, Co-Editor/Director of Media and Director of Advertising • October 31, 2022
(Above) Brad Pitt is an interesting actor mainly
because of the things he performs and makes. He
is a truly talented actor that always brings a smile
to many people’s faces, and he’s always doing so
much for the community. He’s also the founder of a
renowned charity named Make it Right Foundation
that has aided more than five million dollars worth
in damage costs with aiding the 9th ward district in

New Orleans. He started the cause in 2007 accord-
ing to According to that

same site, he built over 150 enviromentally friendly
houses to rebuild families and give them places to
call home. talking to news outlets, Look To The Stars,
he has said, “We’ve got to push to get these levees
taken care of in the correct fashion.” He is such an
interesting actor, and he needs to do more films and
overall needs to keep doing what he has done best: acting. Photo courtesy of
Brad Pitt Rises From The Pits
Zane Rimes, Director of Advertising • October 17, 2022
(Left) Situated just outside Atlanta, the Coca Cola Roxy, holding just 3,600 people became a
place filled with teenage girls screaming about exes and heartbreak. The five minute walk to the
theatre from my hotel went past the Atlanta Braves’ Stadium, and the game-day chants greatly
contrasted the giggles from concert goers. And honestly, I felt a little bit judged by the macho
ment with their loaded hot dogs and foaming beer. Photo by Delaney Bolstein.
A Little Bit Sour
Delaney Bolstein, Co-Editor • October 3, 2022
(Above, left to right) Natalie Newman, grade 10; Taylor Johnson, grade 11; and Maria Evans, grade 11; turn the corner
as they continue to try and push themselves to gain their team a high placement for this invitational. They have been

practicing since the beginning of the summer to compete. Photo courtesy of Bob Gall.
Girls Run the Show
Brady Conlin, Staff • November 8, 2022

Cross country is a very tough and grueling sport to do. There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into running competitively. Participants...

Lake Highland Football: Espirit de Corps
Lake Highland Football: Espirit de Corps
Tina Zhang, Staff • October 11, 2022

Last year, the LHP football team conquered a great summit, possibly the greatest one in their high school sport career: the State Champion Champs...

(Above) Coach Mike Palazzo (left) and Coach Donny Simpson (right) matside during a
huge finals match at the Doc Buchanan tournament in California. The Doc Buchanan is
one of the biggest and most important tournaments in the country. Photo courtesy of
Revealing the Untold Tales of LHP Wrestling
Brady Conlin, Staff • September 26, 2022

A lot of people throughout the Lake Highland campus always ask: what makes the champion LHP wrestling team what it is? As a member myself, I...