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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) Chef Jose Tavarez and Ms. Carmen Ortiz work together to make delicious pepperoni pizzas for Friday’s lunch. At FLIK, all the meals rotate in five-week cycles, and each day of the week has a theme: Monday is comfort food, Tuesday is Latin American food, Wednesday is Italian food, Thursday is Asian food, and Friday is pizza.
FLIK: Going Behind the Kitchen
Serena Young, Director of Photography • September 22, 2023
(Above) As wind rates increase, so does the risk of tornadoes. The U.S. has experienced 1,028 confired tornadoes in 2023 reports the Center of Disaster 
Philanthropy. Copyright-free photo by Nikolas Noonan.
Turn Down the Dial on Global Warming
Minaal Arain, Co-Editor • September 21, 2023
Embrace the Beauty of Being Cruelty-Free
Delaney Bolstein, Editor-in-Chief • September 15, 2023
Benefits of Being Bilingual
Serena Young, Co-Editor/Director of Advertising • April 20, 2023
Fake Fur Solves the Real Issue
Delaney Bolstein, Co-Editor/Director of Media • March 10, 2023
Silence is Compliance
Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor/ Director of Photography • February 2, 2023
Peer Pressure With Positive Outcomes
Rebecca Reif, Editor in Chief • November 9, 2022
Discovering Arts at LHPS
Serena Young, Co-Editor/Director of Advertising • March 22, 2023
(Above) As wind rates increase, so does the risk of tornadoes. The U.S. has experienced 1,028 confired tornadoes in 2023 reports the Center of Disaster 
Philanthropy. Copyright-free photo by Nikolas Noonan.
Turn Down the Dial on Global Warming
Minaal Arain, Co-Editor • September 21, 2023

We have all heard about it. The weather is changing every minute. Winters are colder, summers are hotter, and natural disasters are stronger....

(Above) Dr. Brenda Walton (right) and Ms. Tara Bork (left) have seen the Calkins Library undergo major renovations over time. The two have worked at Lake Highland for several decades and are life-long friends. The posters in the background entail scenes from shared passions and adventures.
The History Behind the Historian
Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media • September 18, 2023

Dr. Brenda Walton, grade 9 Freshman Seminar and AP Literature teacher, is starting her 47th year of teaching here at Lake Highland Preparatory...

(Above) Mr. Alley, third person in from the right, overlooks the scenic landscapes that Africa is known for alongside his family. Decked out in safari gear, the hike to the top was well worth it. When reflecting on his trip, he said, “I came. I saw. I got good shots. If I go again, I’ll get different shots, but at this point it’s like, “‘I did that.’” He wishes that he could have seen African painted dogs, but comments that, “The world is a big place.”
Mr. Alley Summers on Safari
Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media • September 5, 2023

Mr. Gregory Alley, AP Physics I and II teacher, decided that last summer was the perfect time to carry out a family trip to Africa that had been...

(Above) The fan project that has dominated the Eras’ Tour has been trading friendship bracelets, which is inspired by the lyric, “So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it” from the song, “You’re On Your Own Kid” on Swift’s newest album, Midnights. Fans, such as Kathryn Hudson, grade 11, and Isa Tapia Arocho, grade 11, pictured here, traded before and after the show (or in a McDonald’s
like the transaction I saw prior to the doors opening). Another thing that was featured on most fans’ hands was the number 13. This comes from Swift’s affinity for the number as she was born on December 13. In an interview with MTV back in 2009, Taylor Swift explained why she always draws the number on her hand before a show, noting, “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first #1 song had a 13-second intro.”
"Sparks Fly" at the Eras Tour
Delaney Bolstein, Editor-in-Chief • September 11, 2023

If there is one person I have a parasocial relationship with, it’s Taylor Swift. The guitar-strumming, ballad-belting singer who first rose...

Ocean Medusa, Keira Meyers, Grade 9, Watercolor.
Spring Literary Magazine Released 2023
Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media • May 16, 2023
(Above) The Karate Kid was one of the most successful films of 1984, grossing $130 million at the box office. It won several accolades. It received, An Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and Young Artist Awards, according to IMDb. According to, three interesting facts regarding this film are as follows: Pat Morita was initially turned down for the role of Mr. Miyagi; Daniel Larusso was originally Daniel Webber; and Johnny Lawrence was Donald Rice. A well-known line from this film is, “Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance. Everything be better.” According to some sources, stars Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita were not close during the films filming but grew close later on, while Ralph Macchio and William Zabkaare are still very good friends today. Many fans praised this film for being Ahead of its time, and it is still popular today. Many fans also enjoyed the show Cobra Kai, which saw many of the stars reconnect. Graphic courtesy of Movies Anywhere.
Back in the 80s
Hiba Bilal, Staff • March 15, 2023
(Above) Alex Horn grade 11, looks to win the faceoff
against her opponet. After the Highlanders scored, they
always have to be prepared to win the ball. Alex waits
for the referee to blow her wistle to start the faceoff.
Alex had succesfully won this faceoff. All Photos by Hayden Roberts.
Inside the Start of a National Powerhouse
Hayden Roberts, Staff • April 14, 2023

When Lake Highland Preparatory School comes to someone’s mind, one might think of a national powerhouse in academics and athletics. Dominating...

(Above) The 2022 District Tournament shows how the
teams work very hard at competitions. Brackets can be
very long, but it is all worth it in the end goal for taking
home the District trophy.
Varsity Tennis Aces the Season
Zane Rimes, Director of Archives • March 31, 2023

This upcoming spring marks the 53rd consecutive year of the Lake Highland Tennis Team. With the many questions about the upcoming season, people...

(Above) Landon Towns, grade 10, practices a game-like
situation, throwing the ball from his shortstop position
to first base. This is a very important skill to practice
because the shortstop must always be ready to help his team get an out.
Swinging for the Fences and Goals
Hayden Roberts, Staff • March 30, 2023

Lake Highland Preparatory School holds many high standards for education, extracurriculars, and sports, for both fall and spring. A popular sport...

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