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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) Conan Bickford has many big responsibilities as a part of the LHP security team. A lot of these jobs often go over-looked by students because they are things that normally would not cross our minds. One of these responsibilites is to ensure that all safety signs stay up. Bikers and walkers often knock down the “No Tresspassing” signs around campus. Mr. Bickford must ensure that these signs stay put to make sure every Lake Highland student and staff member is safe.

A Day in the Life of the LHP Security Team

Savannah Fondo and Gates Valines October 27, 2023

At 4:00 A.M. every morning, most students are snoozing away. As they’re sleeping, little do they know, Mr. Conan Bickford is awake and already on campus opening up the school grounds. While everyone...

(Above) So much work was put into publishing this book. Endless hours of writing any time and in any place all paid off when Isabella Delbakhsh received her first copy of Freedom Speaks in the mail. Publishing her own book, let alone becoming an Amazon Best Seller, was no easy feat and a remarkable achievement. Let this be an inspiration to make a difference and leave a positive mark on the world around you as well. After all, Delbakhsh is proof that people of any age can advocate for change.

New LHP Author Writes a Woman’s Truth

Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media October 20, 2023

Can you imagine being 17 and an Amazon Best Seller? It is an extraordinary achievement, one that Isabella Delbakhsh, grade 12, has recently accomplished when she debuted her first novel, Freedom Speaks:...

(Above) Currently, only Universal Studios hosts Halloween Horror Nights. However, there are plans set in the future for Islands of Adventure to possibly also host the event. This new change could add more scare zones, haunted houses, and shows for guests to enjoy. But for now, only Universal Studios lights up the night with its spooky decorations that are sure to give guests a fright before even entering.

Never Go Alone

Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media October 13, 2023

It’s that time of the year again. While most young children look forward to trick-or-treating to celebrate Halloween, teenagers and adults look forward to the ultimate spooky experience. Universal Orlando...

(Above) Mr. Parke was a chaperone for the 6th grade Washington D.C. trip when he snapped this selfie in front of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. “I’m a huge quotes guy,” Mr. Parke says as he pulls up his favorite from MLK quote and reads it aloud: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

New Dean Doubles Duties

Serena Young, Director of Photography October 12, 2023

Everyone, no matter who you are, knows Mr. Garth Parke. This is his fourth year at LHP, and he’s already known as a man with a big spirit and a big heart. From the very first Unity meeting, he had the...

(Above) Right here on the LHPS campus, eerie feelings have emerged when students and staff have walked alone in Highland House, where students come to attend classes in the traditional and digital arts. Highland House was originally a family home, built in the late 1940s or early 1950s. After Orlando Junior College purchased the land, it was used as offices but, “Retained a ‘house’ layout,” states Dr. Brenda Walton. She also said that by the 1970s, the land became a part of Lake Highland with various purposes, including hosting home economics, science, and yearbook classes as well as a space for faculty to host holiday parties. By the 2000s, it became the arts building. However, with a long history comes troublesome events, including the deaths of many people around the property. Ms. Ginger Bryant, states that although she doesn’t believe in ghosts, she has, “Seen things in that building that [she is] not able to explain with any sort of scientific backing.” Other administrators and students have relayed similar sentiments, stating that they feel some sort of presence or negative energy when passing by the building.

Where to Unearth Haunted History

Minaal Arain, Co-Editor September 29, 2023

As the summer heat is beginning to cool down, and the autumn wind begins to pick up, people across the country are preparing for the scariest time of the year. Aside from the tricks (and treats) and frighteningly...

(Above) As wind rates increase, so does the risk of tornadoes. The U.S. has experienced 1,028 confired tornadoes in 2023 reports the Center of Disaster 
Philanthropy. Copyright-free photo by Nikolas Noonan.

Turn Down the Dial on Global Warming

Minaal Arain, Co-Editor September 21, 2023

We have all heard about it. The weather is changing every minute. Winters are colder, summers are hotter, and natural disasters are stronger. It’s raining in California, snowing in Texas, and wildfires...

(Above) Dr. Brenda Walton (right) and Ms. Tara Bork (left) have seen the Calkins Library undergo major renovations over time. The two have worked at Lake Highland for several decades and are life-long friends. The posters in the background entail scenes from shared passions and adventures.

The History Behind the Historian

Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media September 18, 2023

Dr. Brenda Walton, grade 9 Freshman Seminar and AP Literature teacher, is starting her 47th year of teaching here at Lake Highland Preparatory School. She began teaching here in 1977 when she was only...

(Above) Mr. Alley, third person in from the right, overlooks the scenic landscapes that Africa is known for alongside his family. Decked out in safari gear, the hike to the top was well worth it. When reflecting on his trip, he said, “I came. I saw. I got good shots. If I go again, I’ll get different shots, but at this point it’s like, “‘I did that.’” He wishes that he could have seen African painted dogs, but comments that, “The world is a big place.”

Mr. Alley Summers on Safari

Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media September 5, 2023

Mr. Gregory Alley, AP Physics I and II teacher, decided that last summer was the perfect time to carry out a family trip to Africa that had been planned since the start of the pandemic. He had always wanted...

(Above) The traditional bagpipe, a huge symbol of Irish culture, has been played for every single Win-
ter Park St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Bagpipes are woodwind instruments with reed pipes that are sound-
ed by the pressure of wind emitted from a bag squeezed by the player’s arm. The players typically

wear kilts, belt buckles, and other accessories of the traditional Irish bagpiper. There’s no St. Patrick’s

Day without hearing the tunes of an Irish bagpipe! Photo by Alyssa Wiboon.

Let the Festivities Spring Forward

Alyssa Wiboon, Staff April 21, 2023

As the winter season comes to a close and the spring season quickly approaches, Central Florida’s festival season is already in full bloom. Coming from a native resident of Orlando, spring festivals...

(Above) The ceiling in Möge is beautiful. It sets a perfect

vibe for enjoying a delicious drink. Möge Tee was estab-
lished in 2012 in mainland China and quickly spread in

popularity worldwide. Ever since its opening, its interior
design has grown to be more unique and astonishing.

Coffee, Tea, or Möge

Gates Valines, Staff April 17, 2023

If you are a Lake Highland student looking for a fun activity after school, Möge Tee is a great place to get boba tea, and the workers are very welcoming. It is located on Mills Avenue making it very...

(Above) Not only are the drinks beautiful here, but
the decor and aesthetic is as well. Immediately to
the left, after walking in, guests will be faced with
this unique circular chair. The chair along with the
rest of the restaurant’s aeswthetic and the drinks,

will boost anyone’s mood.

No One Matches This Matcha

Savannah Fondo, Staff April 13, 2023

The area around Mills Avenue in Orlando has a lot of Asian restaurants, and one of the more popular spots for Lake Highland Preparatory School’s students is the Matcha Café Maiko. This café is on Mills...

(Above) Frank is a popular store, lo-
cated on Park Avenue in Winter Park,

frequently visited by college students,
locals, and more. The store offers
many nic-nacs and goodies as well as
some clothing. The store has a clean,
colorful interior, and offers a “That
Girl” vibe with many productive and

healthy mindset items. Visit frank- to browse wellness and

self-care items.

Exploring Aesthetic Lifestyles’ Appeal

Emily Cypher, Staff March 29, 2023

Approaching one’s aesthetic goals can be more challenging than people might think. People’s aesthetics are vastly different, and with the rising popularity of aesthetics, people are trying to get their...

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