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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) Prior to their performance, Zeal Patel and Santiago Calderon practice their presentation about Kendrick Lamar. Santiago explains, “Highlighting modern artists is important to see into the future, and that is exactly what we plan to do.” From initiating discussions regarding the life that African Americans face in Compton to providing evidence of black excellence in society today, they memorize their speeches before presenting in the Harriett Coleman Center For the Arts.

Poetry Pops Up Throughout Campus

Santiago Calderon and Zeal Patel, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editor May 6, 2022

You’re sitting in English class, reading a poem. Some of you are somewhat engaged, but many of you may be off snoozing. But, to Dr. Brenda Walton and Mrs. Tracy Bessire, that’s not what poetry is about....

Rom-Com Rambling

Rom-Com Rambling

Arely Rubio, Staff April 6, 2022

Being given the parameter of well... no parameter... is harder than one would think. I’m sure that if I had a clear vision of what this article would contain, I would have finished this article before...

(Above) If you could only order one thing from the menu at Sugar Dough Bakehouse, I would recommend the Strawberry Croissant. It was essentially a croissant filled with a cream filling and fresh strawberries. The light and sweet texture of the filling was unlike any other. Although expensive, the fresh and fluffy dough of the croissant was well worth it.

Bakehouse Introduces Global Flavors

Arya Sant, Staff March 30, 2022

On Corrine Drive, visitors can find Sugar Dough Bakehouse, a bakery which specializes in pastries. The Asian-inspired flavors, combined with the French style dough, truly made eating at...

(Above) The help of volunteers is at the forefront of what keeps Habitat for Humanity alive. In Florida, many high school students help out in order to meet their Bright Futures requirements of 100 community service hours for free college tuition to a Florida university. There are also people who seek to better themselves by volunteering, or families and friends who desire to bond on a common good. Many businesses organize employee builds, volunteer events, and fundraisers in order to bolster company culture. The volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity are endless. While the most common is working on job sites, there is also a demand for resale employees, corporate volunteers, and fundraiser organizers.

New Habitats Offer Fresh Starts

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Advertising March 25, 2022

Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) is a charitable organization dedicated to giving people a fresh start with a new home, for a cheap price. As the largest not-for-profit builder in the world, Habitat...

(Above) At Magnolia Square, the famous clock in Downtown Sanford serves as a landmark for this area. The clock dates back to the early 1900s and was originally purchased for the  First National Bank No. 1. This clock has been through four location changes, and was also interacted with during the Second World War by locals.

Historic District Showcases Modern Content

Rebecca Reif, Director of Photography March 23, 2022

Throughout the past ten years, Downtown Sanford has transitioned from a primarily historic area to a revitalized town, with various unique shops, restaurants, and activities. Downtown...

(Above) A Florida man captures an eight foot alligator that took a swim in Parkland, Florida. The gator was then transferred to The Everglades National Park.

Florida Man Reviews Florida Men

Zane Rimes, Staff March 17, 2022

We all love stories about the well-known “Florida Man.” It is the meme phenomenon in which outlandish Florida news headlines become jokes for other states. Listening to those two words, everyone has...

Sculptor Paul Day sculpted A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor, which was added to the campus recently in 2021. Day adorned the back of the sculpture with puppets from Mr. Roger’s show Mister Roger’s Neighborhood to illustrate how much Mr. Rogers valued creativity and imagination. As Rollins’ most famous alum, Fred Rogers discovered his passion for music composition while at Rollins, learning the importance of fostering relationships through creating a personalized learning environment. For the next five decades, Mr. Rogers took what he learned and became a cultural icon, teaching lessons of kindness, responsibility, and service to the community to millions of children around the world through his show.

Rollins College Preserves Legacies

Alexandra Caballero, Copy Editor March 15, 2022

While Rollins College may be seen as a private liberal arts college located in the heart of Winter Park, there is much more to discover at the college than meets the eye. Established in November of 1885,...

(Above) Twenty Pho Hour has a wide variety of offerings on their menu, consisting of appetizers, fresh summer rolls, stir fry noodles, pho bowls, signature bowls, build your own bowls, drinks, and desserts.  While the menu is mainly focused on pho, other pan-Asian options are available. The most favored seem to be boba teas and refreshers and any type of pho with Twenty Pho Hour’s specialty sauce: 24 sauce. Twenty-four sauce showcases sweet, spicy, and savory flavors, which makes it the perfect pair with many of the dishes.

2D Restaurant Brings 3D Flavor

Rebecca Reif, Director of Photography March 11, 2022

Twenty Pho Hour, America’s first 2D noodle bar, is currently one of International Drive’s most popular fads. At 11951 B-2 International Drive, down in the heart of Orlando, this local business has...

(Above) While passing by Lake Highland’s Middle School campus, we noticed Atlantic Strings across the street. Walking in, we were mesmerized by the
beautiful instruments
lined up against the
wall. The worker told
us how much she loved
working with everyone,
from young children to
adults, to help them find
their perfect strings fit.

Amplifying the Stories of Women Workers

Arely Rubio and Arya Sant, Staff March 10, 2022

While roaming around The Mills 50 District we decided to shine a spotlight on our local businesses. Suited-up workers admire a toy microphone, never thinking their shift...

Boys & Girls Clubs Foster Equal Opportunity

Boys & Girls Clubs Foster Equal Opportunity

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Advertising March 4, 2022

For over a century and a half, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America have provided after-school programs free of charge for young people. Famous alumni, such as baseball shortstop Alexander Rodriguez,...

Members of the team admitted they were nervous about competing at Regionals this year. They attributed these fears to the setbacks in the weeks leading up to it due to COVID-19. But, with more practice came more confidence for their performance.

LHP Cheer Soars Into States

Luis Roldan Cuba, Co-Editor March 2, 2022

Aside from pep rallies and football games, it can be easy to think that Lake Highland’s cheerleading team is on a hiatus throughout the rest of the school year. But with practices from 6:15A.M. until...

(Above) Mr. Derek Daly’s work ethic and ability to
achieve goals comes from his parents. He took lessons of hard work, dedication, and passion from his parents and, “Applied them to my career and to the schools I have worked for.” This is manifesting in the Porter Family Center for Innovation and Academics, where Mr. Daly is collaborating with architects and giving input from Lake
Highland design committees.

Working Hard on a Daly Basis

Santiago Calderon, Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2022

When walking to class, have you ever wondered how Lake Highland runs so smoothly? It’s something that many of us usually take for granted. Administrators like Mr. Derek Daly, among others, put...

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