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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) Ms. Gallagher stays very busy as our Student Activities Coordinator, Volleyball Coach, and Graduation Coordinator. Without her, many things at our school would not be possible. Ms.
Gallagher has been working at LHP for 10 years and is also an LHP alumnus.

The Hidden Treasures of LHP

Sofia Cohen, Copy Editor April 24, 2024

Undoubtedly, it is a blessing to be a part of Lake Highland Preparatory School. With its top education, amazing athletic teams and programs, amazing classes, supportive staff, and beautiful open campus,...

(Above) When coming up with unique dishes did you take any inspiration from existing dishes and put any unique spins to them that make them special to Bosphorous? “They’re all traditional Turkish dishes. The culture is very diverse in Turkey as is the cuisine–we have our own recipes, but they are all heavily influenced by tradition.” The appetizer dishes ordered along with Turkish Coffee adding on to the mood. The coffee itself is an experience as it is the definition of a traditional Turkish coffee.

Turkish Cuisine Delights

Zane Rimes, Director of Advertisement April 19, 2024

An authentic taste for delicious meals is hands down reserved for Bosphorous in Winter Garden, Florida. The unique tastes there have people left wanting more. Bosphorous is an enjoyable and delicious place...

(Above) The Regal Movie Theater in Oviedo Mall is a local staple whenever the latest movies drop, especially during the summer season when locals need a break from the scorching hot sun. Before COVID-19, the theater was mildly busy, and ever since the end of the pandemic, the theater has not regained that popularity. The best time to go to the Regal Movie Theater in Oviedo Mall is Tuesdays since that is when they have the best deals on ticket prices and popcorn. Shoppers can pair their day with a movie and snack to enhance their experience at Oviedo Mall. In the past, the Oviedo Mall has offered rental space on Sundays for local church groups such as the Palmwood Church. Growing up around the Oviedo Mall my entire life has given me more than a decade to form my opinion on the movie theater. Although the theater has not gotten many updates, it remains to have great service, great snacks, great drinks, comfortable seats, the movies we are excited to see, and good memories are always made.

Failing Mall Has More Than Shopping

Savannah Fondo, Staff April 18, 2024

The Oviedo Mall is a local mall that has been around since the 90s. Despite its longevity, it never gained popularity like the bigger malls in Orlando. Over the years, Oviedo Mall has changed drastically,...

(Above) Sitting down at the beautiful La Piazza del Villaggio Ristorante there is an incredible view of the mountains and buildings all around. This Italian restaurant is located in Telluride, Colorado. Inside there is a variety of well-made Italian foods where it is so clear that they put so much effort into every dish. The food is so good that it tastes like it’s from Italy. The servers and the staff are all so welcoming and kind it makes guests want to come back. It is open from lunch to dinner and is an easy place if you need a place to eat during a long day of skiing. Above the restaurant there is a gondola which brings residents and visitors into town, shops, and so much more.

What Can Happen in a Week

Twice-Told Tale Staff April 10, 2024

Students look forward to many events throughout the year, but Spring Break is one of the most anticipated times of the year. In preparation for this time of year, the staff members of Lake Highland Preparatory...

(Above) Dads line up at a Calusa camp-out to engage in a potato sack race. This race is part of the field game tradition, which also includes an egg toss, tug-of-war, and hula hooping. It isn’t just Calusa dads in this photo; dads from all tribes in the Eola Federation were welcome in this cold January race.

Campers Mature as Dads Make Friends

Sofia Tenghoff, Staff April 8, 2024

Lake Highland is well known for activities like debate, football, ASPIRE, and much more. However, what’s less recognized is its Calusa Camping program. Calusa Camping is one of the “tribes” of father-daughter...

Fresh Market Outshines Supermarkets

Yara Koteish, Staff April 3, 2024

Grocery shopping is a weekly errand that everyone runs, whether they are getting ingredients for a delicious meal or snacks that satisfy a certain craving. People go shopping for produce and goods mainly...

(Above) Larson has been passionate about riding horses since she rode for the first time on a Western saddle, but she quickly switched to an English one. Now, she competes in her events with her beloved horse, New Look. One of her events is hunters, which is a course of jumps where the horse is judged on its actions. A common assumption is that this places most of the work on the horse, instead of the rider. However, all equestrian events require a lot of practice between the horse and the rider so they can establish a bond of trust, as well as learn each other’s body language for competitions. On top of that, equestrians have to balance practices with school and family time creating a busy schedule.

Life in the Saddle

Sofia Cohen, Copy Editor March 22, 2024

One of the many amazing things about Lake Highland Preparatory School is the wide variety of athletes on the campus. From soccer and basketball players to archers and bowlers, LHPS seems to have it all....

(Above) When asked about playing in the World Cup, Coach Christie said that, “To be part of the team was an incredibly proud moment. We overachieved and went undefeated.” He adds that, “To experience that with some of the people [he] was closest with made it even more special and as amazing as it was on the field,” but that he’ll, “Always remember the fun and games that were had off the field even more fondly.”

World Cup Brings World Class Coaching

Elizabeth Rudd, Staff March 21, 2024

Soccer has been a part of Coach Jeremy Christie’s career almost as long as he’s been alive. When he was just three years old he started playing with his older brother’s team. From there, he traveled...

(Above) LHP’s Junior Varsity team poses for a pre-performance photo at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. Haley Fazekas, the captain of the team, is in the center. The team is about to compete in the Junior section of the competition, and they have been practicing their routine for several months. Last year, their dance was choreographed by professional choreographers in a five-hour rehearsal over Thanksgiving break. This year, they practiced for their competition at the Studio Synergy. A panel of judges will score them based on various criteria such as technique, choreography, and costumes. With this level of rehearsal, the final product was outstanding.

Five, Six, Seven, Eight…

Sofia Tenghoff, Staff March 14, 2024

Lake Highland’s dance team is one of the fastest-growing and most drastically improving areas of Lake Highland’s many different student activities. The team is known for performing in the Weng Gymnasium...

(Above) Lukas Nursery offers thousands of different plants, flowers, and much more. The colorful flowers will brighten not only your day, but they will brighten your garden as well.

Unlocking Orlando’s “Secret Garden”

Savannah Fondo, Staff February 23, 2024

Florida residents do not experience all four seasons; that is why for Northerners, it is the optimal vacation destination for a tropical getaway. Since Florida is always hot, even during Christmas, there...

(Above) At 28 years old, the famous Jennifer Lopez got her big break. She landed a role as Selena in the Selena movie. This movie won JLO her first award; she received a Best Actress award at the Golden Globe Awards. Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, contacted the director of the movie, Gregory Nava, to make a movie about Selena’s life.

Younger Audiences Discover Queen of Tejano

Sofia Cohen, Copy Editor February 22, 2024

A world without Selena Quintanilla is a world without taste. Often called the “Queen of Tejano,” her career began at the young age of eight. Since she was just a little girl, Quintanilla started winning...

(Above) Conan Bickford has many big responsibilities as a part of the LHP security team. A lot of these jobs often go over-looked by students because they are things that normally would not cross our minds. One of these responsibilites is to ensure that all safety signs stay up. Bikers and walkers often knock down the “No Tresspassing” signs around campus. Mr. Bickford must ensure that these signs stay put to make sure every Lake Highland student and staff member is safe.

A Day in the Life of the LHP Security Team

Savannah Fondo and Gates Valines October 27, 2023

At 4:00 A.M. every morning, most students are snoozing away. As they’re sleeping, little do they know, Mr. Conan Bickford is awake and already on campus opening up the school grounds. While everyone...

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