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Twice-Told Tale

Emily Cypher

Emily Cypher, Copy Editor

Emily Cypher, grade 10, is the Copy Editor of Lake Highland Preparatory School’s, Upper School newspaper, the Twice-Told Tale. She found her passion for Newspaper from the iconic show Gilmore Girls, which aired in the 2000s. After reading more books than anyone could count, her passion for writing grew even bigger, as she is currently exploring creative writing as well. The staff and the opportunities that come with being part of the paper are what she enjoys most about being a member of the Twice-Told Tale staff. Emily continues exploring new passions with writing and beyond. Outside of school, she plays volleyball at Game Point Volleyball Club as a libero. Her commitment to the sport helps her time management skills grow along with her ability to be flexible. Emily loves to travel and visits New York as much as she can, and she is excited to push herself to learn new things.

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(Above) Outside of academics, LHP takes pride in its athletic programs. At Lake Highland, there is a team ready for new athletes at every age and level. This semester, basketball and soccer are currently in season, with tennis, lacrosse, baseball, and softball starting in the spring. Not only have many new athletes joined these programs, but some have new coaches too.

[Photo] Starting a New Semester

Minaal Arain, Co-Editor
February 28, 2024
(Above) Small businesses help the communities they surround, but the city of Orlando can also help small businesses. Entrepreneurs of locally owned businesses can apply to the Business Assistance Program (BAP) which will help with costs such as relocation fees. Specifically, the grant matches the small business in fees giving an even split. The BAP targets businesses that strive to produce thriving businesses and in turn, helps by matching costs up to $20,000, illustrating just one way the economy encourages the creation of small businesses. By doing so, this conveys that consumers should support their favorite locally-owned shop too.

Find a Place Tailored to You

Emily Cypher, Historian
November 1, 2023
(Above) From high in the sky, travelers are able to see all across the city. Though most likely only recognize famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building, and Freedom Tower, the bright shining lights are simply a ghastly sight to see. Though these shining lights aren’t just any random buildings, they represent many neighborhoods yet to be explored and visited that local New Yorkers call home. As mentioned before, Chelsea is one of those prominent neighborhoods. With an amazing community, excellent shopping center, entertaining markets, and mouth-wateringly good food, Chelsea is a great place to spend time. The Chelsea community would best be described as creative, originally made from factories, and now modern-day living spaces, Chelsea’s character is artistically unmatched. The neighborhood’s most popular shopping district is Chelsea’s Market located on Ninth Avenue and West 16th Street. The building stands tall made from classic brick with its large sign standing tall for all to see. Throughout the market, people will find restaurants, bakeries, clothing stores, and much more.

Sleepless City Shines

Emily Cypher, Historian
October 26, 2023
(Above) Sometimes it’s fun to stand out with a solo costume. High school students from Lake Highland Preparatory School were asked what their opinion was on dressing up as a musical artist. Liam Szubinski, grade 10, said, “I think dressing up as their vibe is better. Also you need accessories...,” he continues to say how he might choose to dress. Although some people don’t like the idea of dressing up as a music artist at all. Gates Valines, grade 10, said, “No I don’t like the idea of dressing up as your favorite music artist for Halloween because that’s odd.”

Costumes Raise the Night

Emily Cypher, Historian
October 17, 2023
(Above) Every Wednesday and Tuesday the LHPS cheer team meets at 6:15 A.M. This helps create, structure in students’ schedules.

Cheer Goes Fullout

Emily Cypher, Historian
October 3, 2023
(Above) H&M has become a place to find fashionable pieces at a reasonable price, and this season’s no different. This year Cherry Red has become a prominent color in Fall fashion, and H&M received the message. Along with the normal Fall muted colors red has popped up again, and again. The store is offering a wide variety of Fall fashions and offers Cherry Red while also sticking to the classics. The classic of Fall include jeans, sweaters, so more sweaters, and a whole lot of...did it mention sweaters? H&M is offering sweaters in all colors from muted browns to the favorite deep cherry red of the season. The store has taken the 2023 Fall season trends and has used them well. With so many options though to choose from, there is the question of “What should I and shouldn’t I buy?” That’s a very reasonable question and one with a very quick and easy answer. The skill needed people need to know is what they like, and take the Fall trends and mold them with their own style. Thats the best way to wear Fall fashion. H&M has an extensive selection of clothes but there are other places to look for more Fall fashion.

Cherry Red Takes Over Fall Fashion

Emily Cypher, Copy Editor
September 25, 2023
(Above) Coming home to a room smelling exactly like pumpkin spice is all a day needs to be absolutely perfect. Bath and Body Works offers countless seasonal scents of candles, shower gels, and lotions. One way to fully be embraced by Fall is to capture every experience through all five senses including smell. Candles not only fill the room with delicious seasonal scents but always set a cozy ambiance perfect for reading, doing homework, or simply a cozy night in. Fall is the season to romanticize life and to capitalize on looking at things differently. It makes mundane tasks all the more enjoyable, and Fall is no different. That’s why simply having the smell of freshly baked
cinnamon rolls, pumpkin spice, or coffee is such a game-changer to the average day. With candles, it’s possible to experience places through smell, and while traveling or going out for coffee is something everyone loves to enjoy, there’s not always time in the day or money to spend. Candles transport people to places and just make everything better, they are so aesthetically Fall that it’s impossible not to be effected by their smell!

Getting a Sense of Fall

Emily Cypher, Copy Editor
September 14, 2023
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