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(Above) The fan project that has dominated the Eras’ Tour has been trading friendship bracelets, which is inspired by the lyric, “So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it” from the song, “You’re On Your Own Kid” on Swift’s newest album, Midnights. Fans, such as Kathryn Hudson, grade 11, and Isa Tapia Arocho, grade 11, pictured here, traded before and after the show (or in a McDonald’s
like the transaction I saw prior to the doors opening). Another thing that was featured on most fans’ hands was the number 13. This comes from Swift’s affinity for the number as she was born on December 13. In an interview with MTV back in 2009, Taylor Swift explained why she always draws the number on her hand before a show, noting, “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first #1 song had a 13-second intro.”

“Sparks Fly” at the Eras Tour

Delaney Bolstein, Editor-in-Chief September 11, 2023

If there is one person I have a parasocial relationship with, it’s Taylor Swift. The guitar-strumming, ballad-belting singer who first rose into prominence at the age of 16 after releasing her self-titled...

Ocean Medusa, Keira Meyers, Grade 9, Watercolor.

Spring Literary Magazine Released 2023

Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media May 16, 2023

By Any Other Name, award-winning Upper School literary magazine, released its spring publication after the success of Arts in April. Ranked First Place in the nation amongst private schools of the same...

(Above) Harry Styles gave his acceptance speech at the Arena in Los Angeles, California. The Arena has hosted the Grammys the most out of all the venues used for the awards show. Other venues include Madison Square Garden, in New York City, as well as the Shrine Auditorium, in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Timothy Norris of FilmMagic.

Controversial Picks Polarize Viewers

Olivia Santos, Staff April 24, 2023

On February 5, almost every music lover was turning on his or her TVs for a night full of entertainment: the Grammys. Similar to the Oscars, the Grammys is an award show dedicated to gifting musical artists...

(Above) The Karate Kid was one of the most successful films of 1984, grossing $130 million at the box office. It won several accolades. It received, An Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and Young Artist Awards, according to IMDb. According to, three interesting facts regarding this film are as follows: Pat Morita was initially turned down for the role of Mr. Miyagi; Daniel Larusso was originally Daniel Webber; and Johnny Lawrence was Donald Rice. A well-known line from this film is, “Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance. Everything be better.” According to some sources, stars Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita were not close during the films filming but grew close later on, while Ralph Macchio and William Zabkaare are still very good friends today. Many fans praised this film for being Ahead of its time, and it is still popular today. Many fans also enjoyed the show Cobra Kai, which saw many of the stars reconnect. Graphic courtesy of Movies Anywhere.

Back in the 80s

Hiba Bilal, Staff March 15, 2023

Many films from the 1980s have remained popular for a long time and have a long history. Back to the Future, Karate Kid, and many other movies have been popular for decades. It is because of these movies...

(Above) The Orlando true crime case of Casey Anthony shook locals after discovering the
events of the crime. The documentary is described by IMDb as, “Casey Anthony: An American
Murder Mystery meets with the family at the center of it all, the Anthonys, to hear their
first-hand account of the tragic details surrounding the death of their granddaughter, Caylee.
We’ll reveal the details surrounding the troubled investigation and explore new revelations in
the case that outraged the nation.” Photo courtesy of Red Huber-Pool/Getty Images.

Why are People so Interested in True Crime?

Savannah Fondo, Staff February 8, 2023

True crime is a genre that is beloved by many. Often people find movies, shows, or documentaries far more interesting when they are based on a real story. It could be presumed that someone wouldn’t want...

(Above) Aly and AJ opened the concert with their
hypnotic folk voices and playful guitar strings. The two
sisters had an empathetic connection with each other
that radiated far beyond the stage. They certainly had
the crowd cheering, especially for fans who know them
from the Disney Channel airing their shows. All photos

by Serena Young.

Ben Platt Has a New Platform

Delaney Bolstein and Serena Young, Co-Editor/Director of Media and Director of Advertising October 31, 2022

Grammy, Emmy, and Tony award-winning artist, Ben Platt, hit the road after the release of his sophomore album, Reverie, a year ago. Reverie, as an album, encapsulates Platt’s blooming love life in his...

(Above) Brad Pitt is an interesting actor mainly
because of the things he performs and makes. He
is a truly talented actor that always brings a smile
to many people’s faces, and he’s always doing so
much for the community. He’s also the founder of a
renowned charity named Make it Right Foundation
that has aided more than five million dollars worth
in damage costs with aiding the 9th ward district in

New Orleans. He started the cause in 2007 accord-
ing to According to that

same site, he built over 150 enviromentally friendly
houses to rebuild families and give them places to
call home. talking to news outlets, Look To The Stars,
he has said, “We’ve got to push to get these levees
taken care of in the correct fashion.” He is such an
interesting actor, and he needs to do more films and
overall needs to keep doing what he has done best: acting. Photo courtesy of

Brad Pitt Rises From The Pits

Zane Rimes, Director of Advertising October 17, 2022

Brad Pitt is a renowned actor in The Lost City, Bullet Train, and Ad Astra. Many of these movies are considered his magnum opus and are some of the best works he is involved/worked on. Brad Pitt started...

(Left) Situated just outside Atlanta, the Coca Cola Roxy, holding just 3,600 people became a
place filled with teenage girls screaming about exes and heartbreak. The five minute walk to the
theatre from my hotel went past the Atlanta Braves’ Stadium, and the game-day chants greatly
contrasted the giggles from concert goers. And honestly, I felt a little bit judged by the macho
ment with their loaded hot dogs and foaming beer. Photo by Delaney Bolstein.

A Little Bit Sour

Delaney Bolstein, Co-Editor October 3, 2022

After the release of her debut album, Sour, a speech at the White House, a Disney documentary, and three Grammys, Olivia Rodrigo kicked off her first world tour. Small venues made up the majority of her...

 (Above) Disney and Universal have always been rivals, but when it comes to the guest, visitors just want the most enjoyable experience. Zane Rimes, grade 10, explained, “When I got to do the seven-night stay at Disney after my battle with cancer, we had a special room at Disney, and I got to cut to the front of the lines at any ride at all of the parks. This was in 2013.” Graphic courtesy of

A World or Universe of Possibilities

Emily Cypher, Staff September 15, 2022

Universal Studios and Walt Disney World are two of the most well-known amusement parks. Many people from all walks of life travel to each of these destinations in order to make lasting memories. The majority...

My Unfinished Face, Merium Qureshi, Grade 10, Embroidery.

By Any Other Name Showcases Another Season of Art

Amanda Wiboon, Co-editor and Director of Media May 11, 2022

By Any Other Name, award-winning Upper School literary magazine, released its spring publication after the success of Arts in April. Ranked First Place in the nation amongst private schools of the same...

(Left) Pointe Orlando recently underwent a $32 million redevelopment which included a new corridor nicknamed “The Link,” which connects visitors from the I-Drive entrance to the back of

the complex. A new modern seating area also caters to guests who want to explore the variety of new restaurants and socialize.

Exciting Entertainment Revives I-Drive

Luis Roldan Cuba, Co-Editor March 28, 2022

In Orlando, there’s no shortage of entertainment options, especially considering that the city has long held the title as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. But with the swift impact of the...

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