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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) On top of the prized breakfast at The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill and Griddle House, there are many other activities offered at De Leon Springs State Park including
boat tours, swimming in the spring, scuba diving, and hiking through the trails. Before the restaurant or state park was established, sugar cane was crushed using the iconic
mill. Later on, Peter and Majorie Shwarze saw the value of this mill, and decided to open up this successful and admired location.

The Sun Sets on Breakfast

Rebecca Reif, Editor-in-Chief September 23, 2022

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill, located at 601 Ponce Deleon Boulevard in the picturesque De Leon Springs State Park, is a treasured encounter and restaurant to both Florida families and visitors. For 61 years,...

(Right) Stephanie Hsu as Joy, Evelyn’s daughter, just turned her opponent into a flurry of confetti. Photo courtesy of The Telegraph.
(Photo courtesy of The Telegraph.)

Must Watch Film Soars Above Expectations

Serena Young, Director of Advertising September 16, 2022

I sat in the middle seat of an airplane with someone’s elbow jammed into my shoulder on my left and someone else’s shoulder hogging the elbow rest on my right. In a cramped international flight back...

(Above) If you could only order one thing from the menu at Sugar Dough Bakehouse, I would recommend the Strawberry Croissant. It was essentially a croissant filled with a cream filling and fresh strawberries. The light and sweet texture of the filling was unlike any other. Although expensive, the fresh and fluffy dough of the croissant was well worth it.

Bakehouse Introduces Global Flavors

Arya Sant, Staff March 30, 2022

On Corrine Drive, visitors can find Sugar Dough Bakehouse, a bakery which specializes in pastries. The Asian-inspired flavors, combined with the French style dough, truly made eating at...

A comparison of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 2042’s tanks demonstrate the clearly
defined differences between the two photos. Many people have seen and shown that the tanks feel less powerful
than Battlefield 4’s tanks. They seem to have less health and loss of some of the abilites. Power over armor is not
a good dynamic. It should be more of focus than power to make it work properly.

Battlefield 2042 Disappointing Fans

Zane Rimes, Staff March 29, 2022

When it comes to video games, players usually want to experience what has been shown in the trailers of the featured game. Battlefield 2042, released on November 12, 2021, has been one of the largest failures...

(Above) Twenty Pho Hour has a wide variety of offerings on their menu, consisting of appetizers, fresh summer rolls, stir fry noodles, pho bowls, signature bowls, build your own bowls, drinks, and desserts.  While the menu is mainly focused on pho, other pan-Asian options are available. The most favored seem to be boba teas and refreshers and any type of pho with Twenty Pho Hour’s specialty sauce: 24 sauce. Twenty-four sauce showcases sweet, spicy, and savory flavors, which makes it the perfect pair with many of the dishes.

2D Restaurant Brings 3D Flavor

Rebecca Reif, Director of Photography March 11, 2022

Twenty Pho Hour, America’s first 2D noodle bar, is currently one of International Drive’s most popular fads. At 11951 B-2 International Drive, down in the heart of Orlando, this local business has...

(Above) Ideas for the film Nomadland began in 2018 when Chloé Zhao, Peter Spears, and Frances McDormand met in McDormand’s apartment to discuss the film. During that discussion, it was evident that Zhao should take the position of director of the film. They heavily took inspiration from Jessica Bruder’s book Nomadland which focused on similar themes of community and freedom.

Oscars Spotlight Top Films in the Industry

Alexandra Caballero, Copy Editor March 8, 2022

In 2022, the Oscars, also commonly known as the Academy Awards, will be joining together for their 94th year of the award ceremony. The globally recognized awards ceremony seeks to highlight artistic...

(Above) Many of the acai restaurants utilize plants and nature to jazz up their settings. Purple Ocean presents tropical plants around their silver camper. An Instagram worthy greenwall spans
the interior of Create Your Nature. SoHo provides a hanging plant
wall with both real plants and fake plants. As acai is an organic, vegan health food it typically attracts a more nature-friendly crowd, which the designs model.

Best Bowls Revealed

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Advertising February 11, 2022

The acai berry (aa-saa-ee) has a long and rich history in the Amazon rainforest before being marketed across the Western world in the form of a frozen blended bowl. The berries were originally...

(Above) Today, the younger generation looks for trends that are simple, yet catchy. Many people attempted the famous “Feta Pasta Recipe” from the 30-second tutorials on TikTok. This was a popular trend in 2021 because it’s an easy-to-learn idea that many people can apply to their own lives.

TikTok Rewinds 2021

Amanda Wiboon, Co-editor and Director of Media February 10, 2022

TikTok is an app many people continue to enjoy. It’s a place where anyone can discover, create, and share content for free. In fact, in 2021 alone, over one billion people around the world came to TikTok...

 One of the reasons why Converse have had a surge in popularity is because of their
extensive list of collaborations. Their collab with luxury brand, Comme Des Garcons, combines
playfulness with a retro feel. After Travis Scott was seen wearing them in 2021, the Comme Des
Garcons Converse saw a massive wave of demand.

Chucks Relive Their Golden Age

Delaney Bolstein, Staff February 8, 2022

From basketball players to the runways of New York Fashion Week, Converse sneakers are a cult classic among generations. Founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, Converse sought...

(Above) There was a large number of protests mainly across Europe in the lead up to the COP26 summit. But, there were at least some positive outcomes after years of demanding action. For example, the former governor of the Bank of England has unified 450 organizations to shift their activity to zero-carbon investments.

Don’t Look Up Gives Us Reason To

Santiago Calderon, Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2022

You’re at the ballot box. Picture it. A sea of black text on a sheet of white paper recording your major decision—your vote. When you think of what candidate to vote for, I’m sure there’s...

(Above) Guests can choose between fruit smoothies or agua frescas on Fruta Mix’s drink menu. All agua frescas are served with ice and real fruit juices inside and all smoothies are topped with strawberries and/or mangos before serving.

Fruta Mix Serves Authenticity

Amanda Wiboon, Co-editor and Director of Media January 14, 2022

In Winter Garden, Fruta Mix Mexican Kitchen is a local Mexican restaurant that serves much more than what your local Chipotle has to offer. Since 2019, their menu is loaded with a wide...

Claire Boucher, more commonly known as the experimental musician Grimes, arrived at the Met Gala in Iris van Herpen’s custom “Bene Gesserit” gown, which took more than 900 hours of construction. Each metallic swoosh and inch of fabric was first hand-cast from liquid silicone before being meticulously placed in between 26 layers of hand-sewn and dyed silk. The futuristic and other-worldly feeling radiating off of this outfit is meant to reference the 1965 science-fiction novel by Frank Herbert, Dune, which is currently being transformed into a movie adaptation. Collaborating with the staff on the Dune production, Grimes also wore the original metallic mask from the film as well as accompanying the look with a real metallic sword that was inspired by a western European sword from around the 1400s. Lastly, Grimes completed the look with metal elven ears, hand-crafted by Lillian Shalom.

Met Gala Makes a Statement

Alexandra Caballero, Co-Editor January 3, 2022

On September 13, celebrities and internet personalities alike joined together for the 2021 Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Hosted by big personalities such as Timothée Chalamet,...

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