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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) As simple as it may seem, the origination of the name “pho” is actually more complicated and uncertain than most may think. It is debated that the name actually stems from French vocabulary, as “feu” in French means fire, and this word is used in the name of a French beef stew called “pot-au-feu.” As well as Pho, this is also a dish consisting of broth, beef, and vegetables. Seeing as the French colonized Vietnam starting in the late 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, the theory isn’t completely unbelievable. Other people argue that the name “pho” came from the name of a different brothy dish that Cantonese street vendors sold in Vietnam called “nguu nhục phấn,” which means, “Beef with rice noodles.” It is thought that the name became more and more shortened and simplified over time, at one point turning in to “phấn”, and eventually resulting in the simple name of “pho.”

Homecooked on the Menu

Tessa Guerra, Staff April 12, 2024

Orlando, Florida, offers a variety of different types of cuisine. The Asian food scene is notable and very prominent in Downtown Orlando. The street of Colonial Drive alone offers many tasty options ranging...

(Above) The owners of Winter Garden’s Spice and Tea, Mr. Bill Files and Mrs. Linda Files, love how family-oriented the franchise is. Mrs. Files comments, “Within Bill and I’s stores, three out of our four children work there. Our oldest daughter is the director of franchise operations for the whole company. All graphics courtesy of Canva.

One Stop Spice Shop

Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media March 7, 2024

Good food isn’t good without its array of spices. Spicing up just about any homecooked meal elevates food to the next level. With just over 90 locations all over the U.S., and 18 locations in Florida,...

(Above) The atmosphere inside AVA was very loud, unlike other fancy restaurants. The people seemed to be enjoying the vibe of the restaurant and were dressed in formal attire.

High End Mediterranean Dazzles

Yara Koteish, Director of Archives March 1, 2024

AVA MediterrAegean is a fine-dining, Mediterranean restaurant located on Park Avenue in Winter Park. AVA is a fairly new restaurant that opened to the public on February 4th, 2022, making it almost two...

(Above) Most of the scenes in Wonka were shot at Warner Bros. Studios or in the United Kingdom. The opening shot of Willy Wonka sailing into town was filmed in Lyme Regis, Dorset, a place inspired by Meryl Streep’s 1981 romance, The French Lieutenant’s Woman. However, to get the non-descript European city scenes, production had to build the sets from scratch. Head production designer, Nathan Crowley noted, “You conclude that you kind of want to build your own place because you’re trying to achieve, as I call it, ‘Roald Dahl realism,’ which is fantasy but on all his terms.”

“Wonka” Leaves Audiences Craving More

Delaney Bolstein, Editor-in-Chief February 8, 2024

Hollywood has done it again. Wonka is next in a long stream of films such as Elvis and The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes that check off all the buzzwords guaranteed to get studios...

(Above) The beautiful waterways of Venice provide breathtaking views. However, the city of Venice is no stranger to crime and death. While the waterways are beautiful, they contain a rich and rather haunted history. Whether it is polluted waters or the dead bodies of cursed citizens, the waters of the city of Venice are a history waiting to be explored.

Poirot Returns to the Silver Screen

Hayden Roberts, Co-Editor November 6, 2023

The best kinds of stories are those that have been told twice, on paper and on screen. While not every author has this opportunity, those who do get it can turn readers into viewers who can watch their...

(Above) Small businesses help the communities they surround, but the city of Orlando can also help small businesses. Entrepreneurs of locally owned businesses can apply to the Business Assistance Program (BAP) which will help with costs such as relocation fees. Specifically, the grant matches the small business in fees giving an even split. The BAP targets businesses that strive to produce thriving businesses and in turn, helps by matching costs up to $20,000, illustrating just one way the economy encourages the creation of small businesses. By doing so, this conveys that consumers should support their favorite locally-owned shop too.

Find a Place Tailored to You

Emily Cypher, Historian November 1, 2023

Orlando needs more small business support! The city has a great variety of stores in the local community. Places such as Park Avenue offer small businesses the opportunity to flourish and because of that,...

(Above) The ambience of Kung Fu Kitchen set the tone for a wonderful meal. Although the place is small, it filled up extremely quickly.

“Kung Fu” Delivers a Punch

Serena Young, Director of Photography October 23, 2023

While scrolling through my social feed, I saw a reel of a woman praising the newly opened Chinese restaurant in Orlando called Kung Fu Kitchen. It’s a branch of the acclaimed one-star Michelin main restaurant...

(Above) The Black Tonkotsu Ramen features three eggs, four pieces of pork belly, and delicous handmade ramen. The taste is both a bold yet smooth mixture combined with the essence of the pork belly which melts in your mouth. The eggs, which are a sweet and smooth taste with the yolk, add salty taste for texture on the egg itself. Many of the ramen choices offer options to include different toppings or more flavorful ingredients like black garlic or spicy mayo.

“Domu” Serves up Second “Michelin Star”

Zane Rimes, Director of Advertisement October 16, 2023

The restaurant Domu, at East End Market in Orlando, has the ambiance of an amazing fever dream of culinary wonders, from the smell of their delicious ramen to their wonderful side dishes. This doesn’t...

(Above) Serena Young, grade 12, adjusts the volume of her earbuds as she picks the episodes for her car ride the next morning. Sometimes her morning routine is rushed, so it’s better to have a playlist prepared beforehand.

Maximize Carrides with Podcasts

Serena Young, Director of Photography October 6, 2023

There are only 24 hours a day. Yet, when broken down, how many of those hours are actually productive? Take away the time spent sleeping, eating, and getting ready to do things, and you’re left with...

(Above) Austin Butler appeared in costumes reminiscent of what Elvis Presley wore while singing, dancing, and performing. reports, “It is clear from the comparison videos that Austin Butler made a dynamic and convincing Elvis Presley.” Photos courtesy of The Music Man and Kruse GWS Auctions.

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Takes the Silver Screen

Hiba Bilal, Staff September 28, 2023

There have been several stories of fans' initial interactions with Elvis Presley. Several people considered him to be the greatest singer and performer of all time. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, his...

(Above) Chef Jose Tavarez and Ms. Carmen Ortiz work together to make delicious pepperoni pizzas for Friday’s lunch. At FLIK, all the meals rotate in five-week cycles, and each day of the week has a theme: Monday is comfort food, Tuesday is Latin American food, Wednesday is Italian food, Thursday is Asian food, and Friday is pizza.

FLIK: Going Behind the Kitchen

Serena Young, Director of Photography September 22, 2023

In the fall of 2022, Lake Highland welcomed a new food vendor to the campus: FLIK. They boast a fresh, nutritious, and fun new approach to dining. After being given a tour of the kitchen and meeting the...

(Above) A Costa Rican waterfall rushing into a beautiful blue body of water is one of many features other than volcanos such as the Turrialba, the Poás, and the Arenal. Lush rainforests includes Manuel Antonio, Corcovado, and National Park. The country also offers hundreds of waterfalls through-
out the varios landscapes. Some of the most famous waterfalls are called La Paz, Fortuna, Volio, and Rio
Celeste. Some waterfalls in Costa Rica can be up to 600 feet tall! With so many waterfalls to be admired, it is absolutely worth visiting at least once when visting in Costa Rica.

Personalizing Globalization

Tessa Guerra, Staff September 12, 2023

Traveling is a powerful privilege because it can make you realize your norm is only YOUR norm. Being immersed in a different way of living forces you to take into consideration the things you’re used...

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