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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) Getting out of your comfort zone
is a big goal for most people this year.
For most, 2023 is all about becoming their
best selves, and naturally, TikTok is a big
part of that. TikTok trends this year have
mainly been targeted at setting goals and

how to achieve them. A big goal circulat-
ing through the community is getting out

of your comfort zone, looking at what’s
around you, and starting with baby steps.

How to Make 2023 That Year

Emily Cypher, Staff April 28, 2023

Throughout the constant rise of trends and aesthetics, the popularity of each and every new item is met with a vast amount of enthusiasm and is quickly cleaned off the shelves. People have become obsessed...

(Left) Prints in French fashion are fickle. One of the hallmarks of the style is its

lack of color and patterns aside from a few exceptions, including, “toile.” Translat-
ing to “canvas,” the toile pattern features almost storybook scenes amidst a beige

background. It initially gained popularity back in the 18th century during the age

of realism when people desired art to reflect everyday life but has remained popu-
lar throughout the years. To pay homage to the print, Dior Homme’s 2022/2023 Paris

Fashion Week show included a collection based upon the toile print and offered a
modern alternative. This runway show, especially because behind it sat replicas of
Paris’s iconic monuments, proves the longevity of French fashion that makes it so

alluring. The same Breton shirt Audrey Hepburn once wore is as trendy as the gar-
ments on the Paris Fashion Week runways. Model photo courtesy of Reuters.

Say Oui to French Fashion

Delaney Bolstein, Co-Editor/Director of Media April 12, 2023

French fashion has been a source of inspiration and fascination for Americans for decades. From the iconic pink Chanel suit Jackie Kennedy wore on the day of her husband’s assassination to the neck scarves...

(Above) Arts generated by Niji·Journey, an AI an-
ime art generator designed by Mid Journey and

Spellbrush, can simulate hand-drawn works with-
in realistic backgrounds. Compared with artwork

hand-drawn by a human artist, it’s almost impossi-
ble for one’s naked eyes to distinguish the differ-
ence between such realistic brush strokes, paper

textures, and shadows cast by lighting. It raises
the question: what’s the point of spending hours
drawing, if AI could do it better within just seconds?

AI: One Step Ahead of Regulation

Tina Zhang, Staff April 11, 2023

It has been almost a century since Alan Turing introduced the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Technology nowadays has advanced to the next level. Artificial Intelligence can currently approach or reach...

(Above) Phones can be locked by Screentime. People
can set a daily amount of time per app category. Once

the time runs out, this icon pops up and the user can-
not use the app for the rest of the day. All photos by Anthony George.

Exposing the Science Behind Attention Spans

Anthony George, Staff April 10, 2023

Humans are really bad at paying attention. According to a study done by Harald Weinreich, when visiting a website most people only read 20% of the words on the page. Even goldfish are better at paying...

(Above) Here in Downtown Orlando, the Orange County Regional History Center offers a collection of multiple

exhibits that showcases Central Florida history. The history center is four floors high with each floor repre-
senting a differing time period. Visitors work their way down the center, starting with Native American culture

with artifacts from when the Spanish first made contact with them in the late 1400s and early 1500s on the

fourth floor, moving visitors closer to modern day events on the first floor. Each exhibit concisely reports sig-
nificant events and is strategically placed for visitors to gain a complete understanding. Besides information, the

center displays historic documents, pieces of art, photographs, along some with interactive displays that attract

kids and adults alike.

History Hidden in Plain Sight

Minaal Arain, Staff March 21, 2023

As technology has advanced, information can be found anywhere in a matter of seconds. However, as new content gets published, older yet significant headlines get lost in chaos, and before we know it, a...

(Above) Donavan Mitchell scored 71 points against the
Chicago Bulls. Mitchell was traded to Cleveland this
season from the Utah Jazz. This is the 11th time that
an NBA player has scored above 70 points (as of 2023).
Photo courtesy of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Evolution of Offense Pushes Defense Off the Court

Anthony George, Staff February 24, 2023

NBA fans have loved the game of basketball for as long as they can remember. Rising stars challenge the rules and boundaries of the offensive game, pushing for new techniques and combinations to be created....

(Above) Brandy Melville has opened a total of 97 stores since their founding. Inside, a shopper will find clothes all in one size. There have even been cases in which the door to the store is so small that some people even need to squeeze through. This design choice immediately alienates people and makes them feel like they don’t belong. Photo courtesy of Tim Aten.

Small For All Damages Body Image

Gates Valines, Staff February 23, 2023

Brandy Melville is canceled! Due to their one-size policy and racist and sexist allegations occurring since 2020, Brandy Melville has been on thin ice. The brand has lost customers, and employees, and...

(Right) In order to
get good reviews,
once an item is
purchased, it is

important to pack-
age the item in

a pleasing way. I
wrap the item in
tissue paper, add
a, “Thank your for
your purchase!”
sticker, and use
a colorful poly
mailer. Once that
is complete, the
last stop is the
post office, and
then the item
is shipped off.
Screenshot by
Rebecca Reif.

Don’t Love It, Just List It

Rebecca Reif, Editor in Chief February 3, 2023

Thrifting is a rather trendy hobby amongst many. However, the reselling side of this activity is often overlooked. In reality, there is just as much of a market for reselling thrifted items as there is...

(Above) Many
city officials
were left
after the wake
of Hurricane
Ian. The City
of Winter Park
focused its
main efforts
on busy roads,
such as Park
Avenue. Heavy
machinery, like
front loaders,
were sent to
aid in debris
removal. Trash
collection slows
after storms,
as landfills
reach capacity.
Photo by Sarah

Hurricane Ian Floods In

Kailey Calvo and Sarah Finfrock November 4, 2022

Hurricane Ian has quickly become one of the most destructive hurricanes in Florida’s history. Floridians are accustomed to these scary times, as during hurricane season annually Floridians stock up on...

When you walk into Buc-ee’s, the brisket hits you first. The smell, at times nauseating, lingers with you
even after leaving. As for the taste, the overall consensus of my family was that it left something to
be desired. The meat was dry, overly seasoned, and not worth the hype. Buc-ee’s also sells, “Beaver
chips” which are kettle cooked potato chips. They have a similar thick texture to Chipotle’s tortilla chips

except smokier, and made up for the brisket.

All Hail the Texan Beaver

Delaney Bolstein, Co-Editor/Director of Media November 1, 2022

A cornerstone of American culture is road trips. Stretching interstates that lead to winding mountain roads offer the scenery. Arguments about the last McDonald’s fry and bathroom pleas offer the dialogue...

(Above) All poster entries were on display in the li-
brary for a full week. These 10 posters were a concen-
tration of the online branding class’s students’ efforts.

Mrs. Cindy Wray was proud of the final showcase of
banned book posters and disclosed her plan about
making this contest annual. “We’ll do it again next year turned out great,” exclaimed Mrs. Wray.
Another expected upcoming event is the book week
celebration in January. There, a famous writer will
speak. Photo by Tina Zhang.

Banned Books Week Unites LHP

Tina Zhang, Staff October 25, 2022

Banned books and censorship have existed for as long as books have been in print. In response to this injustice, every year during the last week of September, the Calkins Library holds a Banned Book Week...

(Left) Juicy Couture velour tracksuits definitely defined the 2000s fashion era. Everybody who
was somebody was seen wearing Juicy Couture out running errands, or even for a walk in the
park. 2000s star Mariah Carey was seen wearing Juicy Couture, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner
took a modern twist on the 2000s trend. Photos courtesy of and GSI Media (left
to right).

In With the Old Y2K Style

Delaney Bolstein and Kailey Calvo September 28, 2022

Anyone who survived the 2000s may be concerned, or even excited, about the decade’s fashion returning, but its resurgence is part of a bigger trend: fashion cycles returning. It is important to define...

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