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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) Mr Garth Parke said, “Whatever mood you’re in, you can showcase it with a different form of shoe. It reflects my passion for working with students because there are always those little things about each student that make them unique. You can appreciate the
little things that make a sneaker unique, and I take the same appreciation to every student individually.”

From Heel to Toe

Elizabeth Rudd, Staff April 26, 2024

When stepping onto Lake Highland’s campus, it is evident that the school values unity among the students and staff members. However, despite having to adhere to regularly enforced uniform policy, there...

(Above) The Courtyard is a place for people to shop and relax.

Traveling Near and Far

Yara Koteish, Staff April 22, 2024

Spring Break is around the corner, and vacations are the first thing on people’s minds. Whether it’s a drive to the beach, a trip across the country, or a flight to the other side of the world, people...

(Above) Tessa Guera, grade 11, is spending time on Snapchat instead of getting ahead on her schoolwork. She admits she has a difficult time managing her school work, because she is frequently on her cellular device. Recently, she has tried turning off her notifications to have a smaller chance of picking it up. This tactic has worked effectively.

Saving Screenagers

Mary Collins, Staff April 16, 2024

The generation of the future: a group of hard working individuals who find a different perspective on topics about which they are passionate, and dedi- cated. Gen-Z most definitely has an amazing array...

(Above) Terms like “Humanely Raised” or “Simply Made” might be the most pointless. The USDA will allow of the label “Humanely Raised” to completely be defined by the producer. This process essentially authorizes this phrase for any chicken company that wants to use it.  Terms like “Simple” or “Simply Made” hold zero value as well. This term does not have to be checked or verified by the USDA at all, making it just another insignificant word that gets slapped on packaging for the illusion of health.

The Deception Behind the Label

Tessa Guerra, Staff April 2, 2024

Chicken is the most popular and consumed meat in America by far. This is due to poultry being relatively cheap to raise, ergo cheap to buy, compared to other meats like beef and pork. In the United States,...

(Above) Diego Dominguez, grade 11, reflects on fashion from the Weber Street corner as he states, “Honestly I just do it for fun.” Even though fashion is more of a hobby than a career choice, his unique outfit design  shows off the Sambas, watch, and the bag as well. Some people might even wonder if Dominguez is a fashion designer or aspires to become one.

Fast Fashion Doesn’t Tailor to Men’s Needs

Zane Rimes, Director of Advertisement March 20, 2024

When it comes to male fashion, it may seem like the best thing to wear could be jeans, a nice shirt, and maybe a cover-up jacket. Even though in certain circumstances some types of clothing options may...

(Above) It is said that, while gold is valuable, jade is priceless. Jade bangles were popularized by Yang Guifei, a beloved concubine from the Tang Dynasty, who believed her jade bangles accentuated the graceful curves of her wrists. Some believe that wearing jade over an extended period of time helps promote blood circulation due to the gentle weight and swinging motion of the jewelry. While choosing which wrist to wear the jade bracelet is mostly up to preference, some would recommend the left wrist due to its proximity to the heart. Jade bangles, besides being naturally beautiful, are thought to have many emotional and spiritual benefits. The cool weight of it brings one’s mind to focus on the tranquility of the stone on the skin and creates a peaceful state of mind. It is also believed to attract good fortune to the wearer. Strenuous labor to craft this exquisite gem is part of a long and prized traditional culture. The gemstone’s symbolism of virtue, purity, and eternity is something that is cherished in Chinese tradition. As such, receiving jade as an engagement ring has been gaining more and more popularity.

Jade: From Myth to Mineral

Serena Young, Director of Photography March 8, 2024

An object has no inherent value until one is projected upon it. Take, for instance, jade. In reality, jade is just a mineral. It’s a mineral that comes in all types of colors ranging from green to yellow,...

(Above) The second blind date with Aishwarya Vangala, grade 12, went well. It started off with cookies being brought in by Delaney Bolstein, grade 12, which acted as an icebreaker. It started with the first question, “What’s your favorite dinosaur?” both a humorous and an amazing opener. The date went on for about ten minutes diving into what Aishwarya does outside of school and her favorite activities. She gave key advice by saying how there has to be good communication. You both should understand what you do and dont like, whether that comes to courses or to your personal life. Communication is key, as its important to understand what the other person expects from you and what you can expect from them.

Cupid Fires a Shot

Zane Rimes, Director of Advertisement March 4, 2024

Regarding the dating scheme, it seems people may fear in such a digital age where we barely have face-to-face contact. Maybe when it comes to making the first move, little things like having good communication...

(Above) Step into the new year with boots, a definite “In” for this list. From ankle huggers to knee highs, they are redefining footwear fashion. This trend is suitable for every season, with styles perfect for both summer and winter, which proves to be a wardrobe must-have. They’re a bold piece to add to any going-out outfit. Everyone’s strutting in boots. Visit your local mall and hop on this timeless trend!

Calling the Shots on This Year’s Fashion

Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media February 9, 2024

Out with the old and in with the new! As the 2023 chapter closes, social media platforms, especially TikTok, were overrun with predictions of fashion trends for the new year ahead. Instead of making traditional...

(Above) Stanleys currently retail at a price of $40 to $50, but because of the limited range of water bottles partnered with Starbucks, people are reselling the water bottles at a massive rate. People are integrating more and more accessories to add to a Stanley. Accessories include straw toppers, stickers, and even snack trays.

“Stanley” Takes Over the Market

Emily Cypher, Copy Editor February 7, 2024

The Stanley cup has been a strong force for nearly 100 years. However, with its recent rise in popularity, especially among young women across the U.S., many wonder where the company has been and why they...

By Any Other Name Wins Superior From NCTE

By Any Other Name Wins Superior From NCTE

January 25, 2024

By Any Other Name, Student Magazine at Lake Highland Preparatory School, Wins SUPERIOR for Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines (REALM) Contest January, 16 (Orlando, Florida)—By...

(Above) JB’s Fish Camp is named after Captain John A. Bollman III, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2015. It is popular among many visitors as it is located on the canal, showcasing various forms of wildlife. Manatees, dolphins, and turtles frequent the areas surrounding JB’s dock. Along with the great views, JB’s is the perfect place to get a refreshing drink and a delicious meal after a long beach day.

Discovering Hidden Gems in New Smyrna

Eva Cooper and Taylor Hannigan October 31, 2023

As any school break approaches each year, people often find themselves wanting to go to the beach for warm weather and the cool ocean. Most go to New Smyrna Beach for the famous white sand and blue water,...

(Above) The writers strike sent warning bells throughout the entertainment community as writers wanted to delete A.I. and instead saying Yes to writers and literature.

Fast Forward or Rewind Through Time

Emily Cypher, Historian October 30, 2023

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) was established in 1933 and has helped guide all forms of media through new obstacles and questions that have arisen. As of recent, roughly 9,000 writers went on strike...

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