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(Above) As human beings, we are often captivated by the beauty of colors and shapes. Walking into Galactic G Skateshop on Orange Ave, a visitor can be met with an explosion of loud graphics, polished boards, and funky designs. Delaney Bolstein, grade 12, pauses to take a quick snapshot of the almost-ornamental display. Undeniably, theres a vibe to this small shop that cant be found in large commercial stores. Its the reachable feeling much like listening in on the two skaters behind the racks fussing over what color wheels would look most ice on their boards.

Ivanhoe: From Pineapples to Present

Twice-Told Tale Staff and Minaal Arain February 21, 2024

Ivanhoe Village has been around since the early 1900s, where it was mostly known for being a big part of the pineapple industry. With the background of pineapple crops, there are many small shops based...

(Above) During David Copperfield’s Project Magic’s haunted house, many of the magicians had the joy of surprising younger children. Specifically Ibrahim Naseeruddin, grade 11, deserved an Oscar for his amazing scaring performance. Project Magic knocked it out of the ballpark with the Halloween Carnival with the way they made people laugh and smile to everyone. Others also had the oppourtinity of making 3rd and 6th graders alike exit the building while screaming having the times of their lives.

Seniors Say “BOO!”

Alyssa Wiboon and Zane Rimes February 5, 2024

October 2023 marked the annual Lake Highland Halloween Carnival. The carnival is a fun festivity in which Seniors participate to bring joy to the Lower School children. The festivities lasted from 8:15...

By Any Other Name Wins Superior From NCTE

By Any Other Name Wins Superior From NCTE

January 25, 2024

By Any Other Name, Student Magazine at Lake Highland Preparatory School, Wins SUPERIOR for Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines (REALM) Contest January, 16 (Orlando, Florida)—By...

(Above) From high in the sky, travelers are able to see all across the city. Though most likely only recognize famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building, and Freedom Tower, the bright shining lights are simply a ghastly sight to see. Though these shining lights aren’t just any random buildings, they represent many neighborhoods yet to be explored and visited that local New Yorkers call home. As mentioned before, Chelsea is one of those prominent neighborhoods. With an amazing community, excellent shopping center, entertaining markets, and mouth-wateringly good food, Chelsea is a great place to spend time. The Chelsea community would best be described as creative, originally made from factories, and now modern-day living spaces, Chelsea’s character is artistically unmatched. The neighborhood’s most popular shopping district is Chelsea’s Market located on Ninth Avenue and West 16th Street. The building stands tall made from classic brick with its large sign standing tall for all to see. Throughout the market, people will find restaurants, bakeries, clothing stores, and much more.

Sleepless City Shines

Emily Cypher, Historian October 26, 2023

New York City is known across the world by many names. The names vary from “The Big Apple,” “The Empire State,” “The City That Never Sleeps,” and many more. People know New York for its famous...

(Above) In Autumn, Wekiwa Spring’s wildflowers flourish. The dry ground found on the latter end of the White Trail loop provides the perfect soil for composites, or flowers in the daisy family. These yellow buds also support the migrating butterfly and moth populations, especially Polyphemus moths. The purple flowers, dense gayfeather, however, are native to the summer-time and die in the fall and winter months. This cycling of plants keeps Wekiwa Spring’s soil fertile and provides necter for pollinators. Two years ago Lake County Parks and Trails and the Florida Wildflower Foundation teamed together to develop pollinator habitat Wekiwa-Ocala Greenway. By planting small trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and, most importantly, milkweed, they hope to raise the bee population which has seen a dramatic decline in the past years due to the increase use of pesticides in nature.

Native Wildlife Also Attracts Locals

Delaney Bolstein, Editor-in-Chief October 24, 2023

Past the magic of Disney, the thrill of Universal, and the chaos of I-Drive, is the often overlooked Wekiwa Springs State Park. The park was originally used for cypress logging, but due to the protection...

(Above) The founding of Belle Glade is rooted in the richness of its fertile ground. The city’s official slogan, “Her Soil is Her Future,” nods to the Earth’s gift to the Glades. The Glades Area (including Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay) earned the moniker of the “Winter Vegetable Capital of the United States,” during World War II. Its farms supplied canned and frozen vegetables (harvested partially by German prisoners of war) in the winter months when the rest of the country suffered from extreme freezes. Today, the focus has shifted from winter crops to sugar cane. U.S. Sugar Corporation now runs the town. Every breath you take in Belle Glade reminds you of their presence. A slightly sweet, burnt smell lingers around town, as a core aspect of the Glades’ identity. A standard practice in the industry is field burning before harvest to remove excess brush, sending large plumes of smoke into the air. Despite this, air quality remains relatively high in the populated areas of town.

One County: A World of Cultures

Sarah Finfrock and Rebecca Reif October 11, 2023

Palm Beach and Belle Glade, Florida share one similarity: their official jurisdiction of Palm Beach County, but this is the extent of their similarities. The city of Palm Beach is the wealthiest city in...

(Above) Coach Randy O’Neal works on his leg strength with the workouts Coach T gave him. Coach O’Neal
pitched in the Major Leagues from 1984-1995. He then was drafted in the 1981 MLB draft as the 15th overall pick to the Detroit Tigers. Coach O’Neal made his major league debut on September 12, 1984 in Baltimore against the Orioles, pitching a solid three scoreless inings, pitching against the retiring the reigning Iron Man at his second at bat. Coach O’Neal pitched for five teams throughout the span of his major league career including the Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, and San Francisco Giants.

Lake Highland Athletes are Fit to a “T”

Hayden Roberts, Co-Editor September 20, 2023

Lake Highland’s Athletics Department is a program of excellence. From fall to spring, sports fans can always expect to see the best athletes representing the preparatory school wearing red, white, and...

(Above) Right before hitting the stage, the cast of Chicago formed a circle in the middle of the theatre. They participated in group activities, sang and danced, that not only warmed up their vocal cords, but also pepped each other up, and let all of their nerves out. Different cast members took turns going into the center of the circle and leading the group, like “Follow the Leader.” Sophia-Bella Carrasquillo, class of 2023, is pictured doing an iconic Chicago pose, getting into the feel of Velma Kelly, while her castmates repeat it back to her.

Denizens of “Chicago” Find a New Home

Minaal Arain and Alyssa Wiboon September 19, 2023

Chicago—an iconic American jazz musical—surrounds Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, entertainers in Chicago, Illinois, who were accused of murder during the roaring 1920s. Known for its catchy songs and...

(Above) At the Homecoming pep rally, David Copperfield’s Project Magic
astounded the audience in their circus themed costumes as a tribute to the
shows in Las Vegas. Shown are Tina Zhang, grade 12; Aishwarya Vangala,
grade 11; Ava Sharon, grade 11; Karisma Kohn, grade 11, and Carolyn Rogers,
grade 11, on tissu—more commonly known in the dance world as aerial silks—
in a performance directed by Ms. Ginger Bryant. Incredibly, before taking
the class, more than half the cast had never touched a magic trick before,
and yet their performance was ready after 26 days of 45-minute practices.

All photos by Serena Young.

Discovering Arts at LHPS

Serena Young, Co-Editor/Director of Advertising March 22, 2023

LHP offers many opportunities for students to express their artistic talents from music to writing, visual arts, photography, and ceramics. If one were to observe American school culture, there seems to...

(Left) Sublime, Pink Floyd, Nirva-
na, Blink-182, ACDC, and many more

bands have been constants in rock cul-
ture. With the rise of trends in social

media, these bands are experiencing
a “different” look. Now with a total
spin-off of what used to be worn for
metalheads all have turned into pink,
sunny, and most of all preppy looks.

The preppy aesthetics latest and may-
be even most popular trend is wearing

a pink smiley face crewneck found
in Urban Outfi tters. The sweatshirt
screams preppy from a mile away, but
knowing its background would surprise
anyone. The sweatshirt originates
from the band Nirvana. Back in its
prime and even now it would describe

anything but preppy. Instead, Nirva-
na was named a grunge alternative

rock band. Their part in rock and roll
culture was great, making grunge
alternative rock popular along with
Pearl Jam. Making the connection
between what’s on the t-shirt and
what it represents is a bit jarring.
Of course, the infl uence behind the
t-shirt was the decades before and
how they are impacting fashion today.
After that, stores started rolling out
all different t-shirts that include

many of the bands previously men-
tioned. Another sweatshirt was made

from one of the most recognizable
band logos for Sublime. Many do not
recognize the logo for the band but

simply the design since it is still wide-
ly popular. As a very popular band,

the Sublime t-shirt design has shown
up on t-shirts and has been around
for decades to be recognized in many
different places. Though again not
always in this exact way.

Exposing the Band Behind the Fashion

Emily Cypher, Staff March 6, 2023

In the recent New Year, the preppy style is continuing to expand, but not without a polar opposite influence. Aesthetics have an influence over many people, whether it’s trying to become, “That Girl”...

(Above) The two plaques next to this bell are historical, each
representing the time two employees served Dante, the school
Andrea Santos went to when she was young. Photo courtesy

of Mrs. Andrea Santos.

Other Nations Model Education Alternatives

Olivia Santos, Staff March 1, 2023

Nowadays, plenty of students in America complain about how much homework they have or how many tests they are given each week. It is no secret that the American school system can be challenging with multiple...

(Above) The Fright Nights event offers
countless options for each and every
customer’s enjoyment. The Zipper is just
one example of the rides that are offered at the Fright
Nights event. The event is for everyone; and is perfect
for hanging out with friends or heading out with the
family. The activities that are offered are so fun and
exciting. The feeling around the events is very uplifting
and spooky. Even if Fright Nights isn’t for you, there are
many other events in West Palm Beach. For the holiday
seasons, some other events include Old Northwood 34th
Annual Candlelight Home Tour, Pop-Up Holiday Bazaar,
Christmas Day Holiday, 32nd Annual Holiday Craft Fair,

and more. One event, in particular, sticking to the North-
wood theme, The Winter Market in West Palm Beach is

hosted on Saturday, December 17. The event is exciting
and just one of the few events that attracts everyone.

Traveling Through West Palm Beach

Emily Cypher, Staff February 23, 2023

With magnificent beaches, family experiences, exciting shopping, and far more left to discover, West Palm Beach is a must-see location in Florida. West Palm Beach offers many events and welcomes travelers...

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