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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) Alex Horn grade 11, looks to win the faceoff
against her opponet. After the Highlanders scored, they
always have to be prepared to win the ball. Alex waits
for the referee to blow her wistle to start the faceoff.
Alex had succesfully won this faceoff. All Photos by Hayden Roberts.

Inside the Start of a National Powerhouse

Hayden Roberts, Staff April 14, 2023

When Lake Highland Preparatory School comes to someone’s mind, one might think of a national powerhouse in academics and athletics. Dominating the educational and athletic field is one of Lake Highlands’...

(Above) The 2022 District Tournament shows how the
teams work very hard at competitions. Brackets can be
very long, but it is all worth it in the end goal for taking
home the District trophy.

Varsity Tennis Aces the Season

Zane Rimes, Director of Archives March 31, 2023

This upcoming spring marks the 53rd consecutive year of the Lake Highland Tennis Team. With the many questions about the upcoming season, people wonder, who is the biggest team rival? How do tryouts work?...

(Above) Landon Towns, grade 10, practices a game-like
situation, throwing the ball from his shortstop position
to first base. This is a very important skill to practice
because the shortstop must always be ready to help his team get an out.

Swinging for the Fences and Goals

Hayden Roberts, Staff March 30, 2023

Lake Highland Preparatory School holds many high standards for education, extracurriculars, and sports, for both fall and spring. A popular sport better known as “America’s Pastime” is baseball:...

(Above) Coach Ben Fratrick discusses the team’s game plan during a timeout. The team had

been hustling and working hard on the court, putting all of their stamina, training, and con-
ditioning to the test. The timeout also helps the players get a minute of rest and keep their

heads in the game. Even though the timeout only lasts a minute, the players enjoy a well

deserved break. All photos by Tina Zhang

High Hoops, Even Higher Hopes

Hayden Roberts, Staff March 7, 2023

Lake Highland sports are well known for championships and producing great players and leaders. One of the best teams that represent this goal is the Lake Highland basketball team. Lake Highland basketball...

(Above, left to right) Natalie Newman, grade 10; Taylor Johnson, grade 11; and Maria Evans, grade 11; turn the corner
as they continue to try and push themselves to gain their team a high placement for this invitational. They have been

practicing since the beginning of the summer to compete. Photo courtesy of Bob Gall.

Girls Run the Show

Brady Conlin, Staff November 8, 2022

Cross country is a very tough and grueling sport to do. There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into running competitively. Participants have to have the mindset and mentality to go through...

Lake Highland Football: Espirit de Corps

Lake Highland Football: Espirit de Corps

Tina Zhang, Staff October 11, 2022

Last year, the LHP football team conquered a great summit, possibly the greatest one in their high school sport career: the State Champion Champs 2022. Carrying on the honor, the players returned to the...

(Above) Coach Mike Palazzo (left) and Coach Donny Simpson (right) matside during a
huge finals match at the Doc Buchanan tournament in California. The Doc Buchanan is
one of the biggest and most important tournaments in the country. Photo courtesy of

Revealing the Untold Tales of LHP Wrestling

Brady Conlin, Staff September 26, 2022

A lot of people throughout the Lake Highland campus always ask: what makes the champion LHP wrestling team what it is? As a member myself, I would say a lot of hard work and dedication. Every wrestler...

(Above) Phil Dalhausser and his former volleyball partner, Todd Rogers, won gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. This would make his name as a Gold Medal Olympian, making history in the beaches around the world.

Olympian Carries the Torch for Florida

Arely Rubio, Staff April 5, 2022

Phil Dalhausser, A.K.A. “The Thin Beast” has been all around the volleyball from his first Olympics in Beijing to the most recent in Tokyo, which is his last. Usually, people end their careers with...

(Above) A participant from the Special Olympics of Florida is throwing shot put, a track and field event that involves tossing a heavy spherical ball as far as possible. Women “put” an eight-pound ball, while men “put” a 15-pound ball. Volunteers assist in recording distances, congratulating participants, and providing medals.

Special Olympics Sparks Opportunities For All

Zeal Patel, Co-editor April 4, 2022

Most children follow a set path starting with childhood sports, whether it’s basketball, baseball, or even football. From continuing to make friends and develop physical skills to learning...

(Above) For Coach Scott Schenker, he is honored to help everyone grow as an athlete as they continue to achieve their goals. He explained, “They are family, and there is nothing more rewarding than that.”

Varsity Softball Hits Off a New Season

Alexandra Caballero, Copy Editor March 31, 2022

As the spring season quickly approaches, the Varsity Softball team is already one step ahead. Starting as early as January 2022 with tryouts, the Varsity Softball team at Lake Highland Preparatory...

Above) The finish line ended up being much less glorious than I thought. The two hour finish time on the watch was not something I took pride in, as I did not did I want to think about it. Some of the cheers from fellow runners felt like they were more out of pity than admiration, but, nonetheless, stopping every 10 minutes to meet characters (from a six foot distance) was worth the slight feeling of defeat.

Running the Distance

Delaney Bolstein, Staff March 9, 2022

  I began running because, quite honestly, I never stuck with any other sports. I have never been competitive, nor have I had the discipline to pursue dance, so running just became...

Members of the team admitted they were nervous about competing at Regionals this year. They attributed these fears to the setbacks in the weeks leading up to it due to COVID-19. But, with more practice came more confidence for their performance.

LHP Cheer Soars Into States

Luis Roldan Cuba, Co-Editor March 2, 2022

Aside from pep rallies and football games, it can be easy to think that Lake Highland’s cheerleading team is on a hiatus throughout the rest of the school year. But with practices from 6:15A.M. until...

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