Twice-Told Tale

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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) Camila De Pool Maisonet, grade 12, celebrates winning the last tournament of the season with team Puerto Rico. Camila hopes to continue her career with this team.

Lake Highland Goes Global

Hayden Roberts, Co-Editor April 23, 2024

As high school sports get more competitive, coaches are always looking to improve their team. Recently, coaches have begun to recruit international talent more frequently, bringing new aspects and advantages...

(Above) Before every game players participate in warm-up to prepare, but they are not the only ones getting ready. The managers are also hard at work preparing in every way. Manager Mehr Ohri, grade 10, who has only just become a basketball manager this year, says, “My favorite part of being a manager for the basketball team is getting to sit on the bench and watch the home games, especially the ones that we win.” Mehr along with her fellow managers help the players throughout the game by handing out water as well.

Managers are the Secret to Success

Emily Cypher, Copy Editor April 11, 2024

At the highest level of any sport, whether it’s the National Basketball Association (NBA) or the National Hockey League (NHL), sports managers are the secret to success. Managers are acknowledged in...

(Above)  The boys get ready for their game with their pre-game chant. The boys will huddle up after high-fiving their opponents at the net. They use this cheer to prepare the mindset for the game.

Constant Growth Spikes for Team

Hayden Roberts, Co-Editor March 12, 2024

Lake Highland’s athletic program is one of the best in the country, constantly striving to improve and dominate competition in all sports, from football to boys’ volleyball. Many programs have been...

(Above) The many athletes like to take photos after each event for memories and to help calm them down before they know the final results. The swimmers had great scores in States with relay, breaststroke, and freestyle.

Swim and Dive Makes a Splash

Hayden Roberts, Co-Editor February 29, 2024

Sunshine State aquatic sports always strive to perform at the top level. Lake Highland’s swim and dive team is no exception, performing as one of the best in the state and the country. The team is constantly...

(Above) The girls Varsity Bowling team likes to take lots of photos so they can look back and remember the fun times they had with their friends. It is important to have a great team chemistry to help the team improve and make friends during the season.

Varsity Bowling Strikes Out Competition

Hayden Roberts, Co-Editor November 7, 2023

Lake Highland is known as the “School of Opportunity,” providing many academic and athletic programs that will meet students’ interests. Despite the relatively new addition to LHPS, the Varsity Bowling...

(Above)  The football team reflects on the game against Orangewood Christian Academy. The post-game speech consists of the highs and lows of the game. It is important to remember on the game to help them know what they will work on in practice, and what to look for when watching a game or practice film next. Coach Bullock tells the xteam what he saw in the game, making sure to spotlight the plays of the game and impact players. Also during the speech, Coach Bullock makes sure to mentally prepare the team for the next game. Coach Bullock always ends every speech on a high note., to keep his players’ energy up.

Bullock Coaches Highlanders to a “Three-Peat”

Hayden Roberts, Co-Editor October 18, 2023

When elite high school athletic programs come to mind, it is guaranteed that Lake Highland will be at the top of the list. Lake Highland Preparatory School is home to star athletes across various sports....

(Above) Every Wednesday and Tuesday the LHPS cheer team meets at 6:15 A.M. This helps create, structure in students’ schedules.

Cheer Goes Fullout

Emily Cypher, Historian October 3, 2023

When Coach Megan Maerkl was asked about how the Lake Highland Cheer Team is taking steps towards their upcoming 2024 season, she responded by saying, “Every practice, we condition, jump, and stunt in...

(Above, left to right) Part of the Lake Highland Varsity Girls’ Cross Country team: Sadie D’Andrea, Kate Buckley, Frances Yong, Serena Young, Sofia Tenghoff, Simoni Kyriakou, Emma Larson, Kolbe Madden, and Annabella Tomasic. They are about to begin their race at the Cecil Field Classic in Jacksonville, Florida. Behind them are the tents of the other cross country teams at the meet. The Varsity race began at 6:15, and the Elite race began at 7:15.

Cross Country Sets the Pace

Sofia Tenghoff, Staff September 26, 2023

This fall, LHP’s Cross Country team is getting ready for a great and perhaps unusual season. Practices started on July 31, 2023, giving runners nearly a month to prepare for the first meet on August...

(Above) Alex Horn grade 11, looks to win the faceoff
against her opponet. After the Highlanders scored, they
always have to be prepared to win the ball. Alex waits
for the referee to blow her wistle to start the faceoff.
Alex had succesfully won this faceoff. All Photos by Hayden Roberts.

Inside the Start of a National Powerhouse

Hayden Roberts, Staff April 14, 2023

When Lake Highland Preparatory School comes to someone’s mind, one might think of a national powerhouse in academics and athletics. Dominating the educational and athletic field is one of Lake Highlands’...

(Above) The 2022 District Tournament shows how the
teams work very hard at competitions. Brackets can be
very long, but it is all worth it in the end goal for taking
home the District trophy.

Varsity Tennis Aces the Season

Zane Rimes, Director of Archives March 31, 2023

This upcoming spring marks the 53rd consecutive year of the Lake Highland Tennis Team. With the many questions about the upcoming season, people wonder, who is the biggest team rival? How do tryouts work?...

(Above) Landon Towns, grade 10, practices a game-like
situation, throwing the ball from his shortstop position
to first base. This is a very important skill to practice
because the shortstop must always be ready to help his team get an out.

Swinging for the Fences and Goals

Hayden Roberts, Staff March 30, 2023

Lake Highland Preparatory School holds many high standards for education, extracurriculars, and sports, for both fall and spring. A popular sport better known as “America’s Pastime” is baseball:...

(Above) Coach Ben Fratrick discusses the team’s game plan during a timeout. The team had

been hustling and working hard on the court, putting all of their stamina, training, and con-
ditioning to the test. The timeout also helps the players get a minute of rest and keep their

heads in the game. Even though the timeout only lasts a minute, the players enjoy a well

deserved break. All photos by Tina Zhang

High Hoops, Even Higher Hopes

Hayden Roberts, Staff March 7, 2023

Lake Highland sports are well known for championships and producing great players and leaders. One of the best teams that represent this goal is the Lake Highland basketball team. Lake Highland basketball...

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