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Twice-Told Tale

(Above) The festival showcased The Hour of Darkness, LHP’s Jazz Ensemble, and the chorus. Chorus displays unique singing personalities, while the LHP Band displays their incredible use of instruments. The amount of people at the art festival illustrates both the love and the need for both performing arts and traditional art in our community.

Festivities with the Arts

Zane Rimes, Director of Advertisement November 3, 2023

This October showcased the first of this year’s arts festivals here at Lake Highland. Every year Lake Highland holds this festival to commemorate the arts and show off what the students have created...

(Above) Shailee Patel (right), grade 10, serves as the secretary of the Crafts of Service Club and Ally Safi (left) participated at the first Crafts of Service club meeting held in Mrs. Miriam Campbells room. Here, they are successfully constructing a Note of Kindness. These notes are the first of many projects to come and can be picked up by any given person in the Kind Library.

“Crafts of Service” are Acts of Service

Tessa Guerra, Staff October 9, 2023

Crafting is an activity anyone can get into and feel proud of. Not only is it amusing, but because there are endless opportunities to do what you please and to personalize a piece to any extent desired,...

(Above) I’m so grateful to watch each and every one of these girls go through a transformation. “Do you want to do it again next year?” my mom asked me. I smiled and nodded my response.

China Summer Camp Becomes A Reality

Serena Young, Director of Photography September 12, 2023

Often, we only hear about the glossy success stories after they happen. When asked about the process, hard work is almost always mentioned. But what does working hard really mean? What does the behind-the-scenes...

(Above) Second Harvest Food Bank supports over
100 partner charities. For every dollar donated,
they provide five meals for families and people with
food insecurity throughout Orlando. Their mission is
to, “Grow hope in our region by creating pathways
to nutritious food.” They also want to achieve their
vision of, “A brighter future for all by cultivating
a healthy, hunger-free community.” Not only does
Second Harvest Food Bank allow people to help their

community, but it also has its own community be-
tween the volunteers. You can volunteer at Second

Harvest Food Bank, located at 411 Mercy Drive, Or-
lando, Florida. Whether you are a returning volunteer

or are volunteering there for the first time, Second

Harvest welcomes everyone excited to help the com-
munity. Photo courtesy of Mr. Brent Pirie.

Can by Can Conquers Hunger

Taylor Hannigan, Staff April 27, 2023

Lake Highland Preparatory School offers so many great clubs that allow people to take part in their community, and one of those clubs is the LHP Feeds Orlando Club. This club was created by Melissa Demello...

(Above) The Dance Marathon Members plan a theme each

year, this year being Candy Land, and come up with cre-
ative activities that correlate with the theme. Ms. Katie

Gallagher expresses how proud she is of the group saying
that they,“Did an amazing job raising funds and coming
up with a fun way to celebrate our success.” Photo of total
2022 funds courtesy of @lhpsdm Instagram.

Dancing Donations Fight Pediatric Cancer

Eva Cooper, Staff April 19, 2023

Every year, Lake Highland Preparatory School students work alongside faculty members and college students from The University of Central Florida in order to raise funds to support Children’s Miracle...

(Above) Mr. Jim Varley, who works at Lockheed Martin and is a Hazmat men-
tor, is an expert in design processes and has been paramount to the success of

Hazmat Robotics. He assists (left to right) Julia Nicholson, grade 12; Raheema
Naseeruddin, grade 12; and Garrett Thorn, grade 10, prior to going to States. All

photos by Anthony George.

Hazmat Wins its Spot at States

Anthony George, Staff April 18, 2023

Hazmat Robotics has advanced to the State Championship for the 8th year in a row. This year, the team made it to semifinals, placing 4th out of 60 amazing teams. Robots stack cones on poles of different...

(Above) Students William Beamer, Payton Tapp, Alexandra Leary,

Grayson Lee, Iraj Kalia, all grade 11, craft shiny lanterns out of re-
cycled materials to, “Not only add to the celebratory atmosphere of

the Chinese New Year, but also serve as a practical reminder of the
importance of environmental conservation,” says Beamer. They started
by using cut up water bottles as the base, then wrapped cardboard
around them to create the spherical shape of the traditional Chinese

lanterns. Photo courtesy of William Beamer.

Lantern Project Shines Light on Recycling

Eva Cooper, Staff March 20, 2023

Nowadays, global warming and pollution are prominent issues in society. Lake Highland’s Chinese business students recognized this and wanted to make a difference in their community. Therefore, they developed...

(Above) Kori Theisen, Class of 2022, volunteers at FC Highland by helping coach games and running training
sessions for young soccer players. Volunteers at FC Highland, like Kori, are not just training not just the next
generation of soccer players, but also the next generation of people. Photo courtesy of Kelly Moore, Class of 2022.

Community Service Doesn’t Stop With Diploma

Taylor Hannigan, Staff February 22, 2023

Lake Highland Preparatory School is a place that not only prepares students for college and provides a great education, but it also teaches students how to give back to their community. Lake Highland has...

 Caption 1 (group photo): (Above) The first FCA luncheon attracted many students from all grade levels. They gathered to hear a testimony from teacher, Mr. J.R. Solis, and to learn about the future of FCA on campus. Photo courtesy of Henry Builder.

Christian Athletes’ Venue to Connect

Eva Cooper, Staff February 7, 2023

FCA, also known as Fellowship of Christian Athletes, serves as a place where Lake Highland’s Christian student athletes can join together to strengthen not only their bond with Christ, but with each...

(Above) Social media is a big part of getting the word out about
a new organization or club. For NEHS, all of their communications
go through Instagram, where Serena Young, grade 11, is in charge.

She describes her job as, “I’ll post deadlines, updates, and fun En-
glish-related facts on there.” Other ways to promote peer reviewing

and NEHS have been through posters, and the Juniors that Mrs.
Tracy Fordham teaches. All photos courtesy of Instagram, @lhps.nehs.

Graphic courtesy of Instagram, @lhps_nehs.

English Honors Society Donates Talents

Rebecca Reif, Editor in Chief October 28, 2022

Lake Highland has an ongoing list of honors societies, with National English Honors Society (NEHS) being the newest edition. The pre-existing honors societies consist of foreign languages, as well as the...

(Above) As opposed to returning clubs, new clubs had to attract all new members and had to be extra cheerful and informative for all potential recruits. Space Club officers shared smiles during the fair, welcoming all interested in space to join! Photo courtesy of Lake Highland Space Club.

New Clubs Bring New Service Opportunities

Kailey Calvo, Co-Editor October 24, 2022

Clubs are one of the most dynamic and fun parts of a school day at Lake Highland. Currently, there are 78 clubs that have been whittled down from over 90. At the beginning of the year, all clubs, new and...

(Above) There are several department headquarters on LHP’s campus, like the College and Career
Center and the Upper School Office. There are also several headquarters, for behind the scenes

departments like Campus Safety and Transportation, as well as the Business Office and Human Re-
sources all of which are off campus. In the Campus Safety and Transportation HQ, all shipments get

inspected, and there are many different supplies within the headquarters for anything Highlanders

may need to keep us safe. Photo by Kailey Calvo.

Enhancements Modernize Campus Safety

Kailey Calvo, Co-Editor October 18, 2022

Lake Highland is an exceptionally safe school, but some may not know the background behind said safety. One may wonder, “Who is working both behind the scenes and on the front lines directing traffic,...

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