Look Up

(Above) Without the criticism our world constantly experiences on social media, our generation could start to be more open and accepting of our sense of self-expression. Our differences are what makes us who we are and makes us what we want to be.

Photo courtesy of WPP.

(Above) Without the criticism our world constantly experiences on social media, our generation could start to be more open and accepting of our sense of self-expression. Our differences are what makes us who we are and makes us what we want to be.

Arely Rubio, Staff

(Above) Taking even small periods of time without technology can make anyone more conscious of the beauty that surrounds them. (Photo courtesy of People.)

Technology is a loaded word, compacted with cell phones, computers, TVs, cars, streaming, and more. What if we split it up? The word, “Tech” is world-renowned as simply an abbreviation of the word technology, but to me, see it as the root of all of our problems. The root of “ology” is a subject of study; a branch of knowledge. Recently I’ve seen these two terms come to mean the same thing since cell phones have become a body part rather than an accessory. Our branch of knowledge is now limited to what technology can serve us. Lately, it seems as though we are serving technology. Whether or not we have made it a habit to gravitate towards pieces of metal or if the metal grows legs and follows us around, technology has woven its way into becoming the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. This leaves us with no choice but to come to terms with our wired friends, even if it means losing a few screws of our own on the way. Once we reach halftime between the constant battle of technology, we are left with a sore neck and stinging eyes. Although technology seems like it has rewired us in a permanent way, believe it or not, people still manage to notice the little things. Whether that be the type of flowers that started growing in their garden or the constellations that light up the sky after a long day, we still admire the beauties that we were born with. If I could wish upon one of the shooting stars that caught my eye while trying to find the Big Dipper, I would hope that no one loses touch with the hidden treasures of Earth. Although I’m sure your go-to Instagram filter is worthwhile, I’ll bet you a trip around the sea that doesn’t compare to what is outside your window.

A lot of problems arise when you simply open a free app on your phone. From gaining distraction from the real world, to trying to fill impossible standards that social media presents, the minds of people are anything but put together nowadays. The impossible standards that come with social media take more of a toll on us than we may realize. Our eyes latch onto the picture-perfect body, the picture-perfect mind, and the picture-perfect life. We sometimes forget that what is portrayed on social media isn’t what reality truly is. Reality can easily contain sweets to eat, homework to stress over, and a couch to relax on for the day, and letting this into your routine shouldn’t make you feel guilty about all of the things you aren’t doing. Now don’t get me wrong. We should not be making this an everyday occurrence, but when we do, we should fully enjoy it. While sitting on the couch watching your favorite reality TV show, or screaming at your favorite sports team sounds very appealing, celebrating your body can increase your happiness more than we realize.

Personally, I would much rather experience the world through my eyes and not through my fingertips. The array of apps we can choose from is nothing compared to the opportunities that approach us when we look up. From local experiences like concerts at the Amway Center, sports games, paddling through the springs, and bioluminescent kayaking to worldwide cultivating sceneries like the Grand Canyon, The Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, and even the Mamma Mia set look-alike at Santorini, Greece! There is much to appreciate. Given that I am a high school student with little to no money, the local ones seem to be more realistic than a helicopter ride above the Grand Canyon.

I am definitely a culprit in the scheme of technology, but I try my hardest not to get my wires tangled between Snapchats, texts, and posts that distract me from the world around me. It’s 2021, and most days I wish I could go back in time to when people actually lived in the present, instead of diving their heads into their handheld universes. From what I gathered, this wish won’t be turning into reality, but what is possible is learning to live with technology and not make technology the reason why we live. Either way, technology isn’t going anywhere, and if it does, I think everyone, including myself, would realize how helpful it was in our everyday lives. So from one human that looks for the Big Dipper to the next, we must learn to live with the technology at our fingertips. When it comes down to it, always pick hidden treasures, even when it’s up against our beloved Instagram filters.