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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

Ocean Medusa, Keira Meyers, Grade 9, Watercolor.

Spring Literary Magazine Released 2023

Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media May 16, 2023

By Any Other Name, award-winning Upper School literary magazine, released its spring publication after the success of Arts in April. Ranked First Place in the nation amongst private schools of the same...

(Above) Getting out of your comfort zone
is a big goal for most people this year.
For most, 2023 is all about becoming their
best selves, and naturally, TikTok is a big
part of that. TikTok trends this year have
mainly been targeted at setting goals and

how to achieve them. A big goal circulat-
ing through the community is getting out

of your comfort zone, looking at what’s
around you, and starting with baby steps.

How to Make 2023 That Year

Emily Cypher, Staff April 28, 2023

Throughout the constant rise of trends and aesthetics, the popularity of each and every new item is met with a vast amount of enthusiasm and is quickly cleaned off the shelves. People have become obsessed...

(Above) Second Harvest Food Bank supports over
100 partner charities. For every dollar donated,
they provide five meals for families and people with
food insecurity throughout Orlando. Their mission is
to, “Grow hope in our region by creating pathways
to nutritious food.” They also want to achieve their
vision of, “A brighter future for all by cultivating
a healthy, hunger-free community.” Not only does
Second Harvest Food Bank allow people to help their

community, but it also has its own community be-
tween the volunteers. You can volunteer at Second

Harvest Food Bank, located at 411 Mercy Drive, Or-
lando, Florida. Whether you are a returning volunteer

or are volunteering there for the first time, Second

Harvest welcomes everyone excited to help the com-
munity. Photo courtesy of Mr. Brent Pirie.

Can by Can Conquers Hunger

Taylor Hannigan, Staff April 27, 2023

Lake Highland Preparatory School offers so many great clubs that allow people to take part in their community, and one of those clubs is the LHP Feeds Orlando Club. This club was created by Melissa Demello...

(Above) Harry Styles gave his acceptance speech at the Arena in Los Angeles, California. The Arena has hosted the Grammys the most out of all the venues used for the awards show. Other venues include Madison Square Garden, in New York City, as well as the Shrine Auditorium, in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Timothy Norris of FilmMagic.

Controversial Picks Polarize Viewers

Olivia Santos, Staff April 24, 2023

On February 5, almost every music lover was turning on his or her TVs for a night full of entertainment: the Grammys. Similar to the Oscars, the Grammys is an award show dedicated to gifting musical artists...

(Above) The traditional bagpipe, a huge symbol of Irish culture, has been played for every single Win-
ter Park St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Bagpipes are woodwind instruments with reed pipes that are sound-
ed by the pressure of wind emitted from a bag squeezed by the player’s arm. The players typically

wear kilts, belt buckles, and other accessories of the traditional Irish bagpiper. There’s no St. Patrick’s

Day without hearing the tunes of an Irish bagpipe! Photo by Alyssa Wiboon.

Let the Festivities Spring Forward

Alyssa Wiboon, Staff April 21, 2023

As the winter season comes to a close and the spring season quickly approaches, Central Florida’s festival season is already in full bloom. Coming from a native resident of Orlando, spring festivals...

(Above) My grandparents from my mother’s side helped raise my brother and me until I was six and he was three. Seven years prior, they had dropped everything and flown from Shanghai, China, to take care of us. At that point, they were already in their late-sixties, but family always comes first. Photo courtesy of Mr. Samuel Young.

Benefits of Being Bilingual

Serena Young, Co-Editor/Director of Advertising April 20, 2023

Languages open up doors to new worlds of meaning. But with the rise of AI, mastering a language may seem outdated to some. People forget the difference between languages is not only word-to-word translation...

(Above) The Dance Marathon Members plan a theme each

year, this year being Candy Land, and come up with cre-
ative activities that correlate with the theme. Ms. Katie

Gallagher expresses how proud she is of the group saying
that they,“Did an amazing job raising funds and coming
up with a fun way to celebrate our success.” Photo of total
2022 funds courtesy of @lhpsdm Instagram.

Dancing Donations Fight Pediatric Cancer

Eva Cooper, Staff April 19, 2023

Every year, Lake Highland Preparatory School students work alongside faculty members and college students from The University of Central Florida in order to raise funds to support Children’s Miracle...

(Above) Mr. Jim Varley, who works at Lockheed Martin and is a Hazmat men-
tor, is an expert in design processes and has been paramount to the success of

Hazmat Robotics. He assists (left to right) Julia Nicholson, grade 12; Raheema
Naseeruddin, grade 12; and Garrett Thorn, grade 10, prior to going to States. All

photos by Anthony George.

Hazmat Wins its Spot at States

Anthony George, Staff April 18, 2023

Hazmat Robotics has advanced to the State Championship for the 8th year in a row. This year, the team made it to semifinals, placing 4th out of 60 amazing teams. Robots stack cones on poles of different...

(Above) The ceiling in Möge is beautiful. It sets a perfect

vibe for enjoying a delicious drink. Möge Tee was estab-
lished in 2012 in mainland China and quickly spread in

popularity worldwide. Ever since its opening, its interior
design has grown to be more unique and astonishing.

Coffee, Tea, or Möge

Gates Valines, Staff April 17, 2023

If you are a Lake Highland student looking for a fun activity after school, Möge Tee is a great place to get boba tea, and the workers are very welcoming. It is located on Mills Avenue making it very...

(Above) Alex Horn grade 11, looks to win the faceoff
against her opponet. After the Highlanders scored, they
always have to be prepared to win the ball. Alex waits
for the referee to blow her wistle to start the faceoff.
Alex had succesfully won this faceoff. All Photos by Hayden Roberts.

Inside the Start of a National Powerhouse

Hayden Roberts, Staff April 14, 2023

When Lake Highland Preparatory School comes to someone’s mind, one might think of a national powerhouse in academics and athletics. Dominating the educational and athletic field is one of Lake Highlands’...

(Above) Not only are the drinks beautiful here, but
the decor and aesthetic is as well. Immediately to
the left, after walking in, guests will be faced with
this unique circular chair. The chair along with the
rest of the restaurant’s aeswthetic and the drinks,

will boost anyone’s mood.

No One Matches This Matcha

Savannah Fondo, Staff April 13, 2023

The area around Mills Avenue in Orlando has a lot of Asian restaurants, and one of the more popular spots for Lake Highland Preparatory School’s students is the Matcha Café Maiko. This café is on Mills...

(Left) Prints in French fashion are fickle. One of the hallmarks of the style is its

lack of color and patterns aside from a few exceptions, including, “toile.” Translat-
ing to “canvas,” the toile pattern features almost storybook scenes amidst a beige

background. It initially gained popularity back in the 18th century during the age

of realism when people desired art to reflect everyday life but has remained popu-
lar throughout the years. To pay homage to the print, Dior Homme’s 2022/2023 Paris

Fashion Week show included a collection based upon the toile print and offered a
modern alternative. This runway show, especially because behind it sat replicas of
Paris’s iconic monuments, proves the longevity of French fashion that makes it so

alluring. The same Breton shirt Audrey Hepburn once wore is as trendy as the gar-
ments on the Paris Fashion Week runways. Model photo courtesy of Reuters.

Say Oui to French Fashion

Delaney Bolstein, Co-Editor/Director of Media April 12, 2023

French fashion has been a source of inspiration and fascination for Americans for decades. From the iconic pink Chanel suit Jackie Kennedy wore on the day of her husband’s assassination to the neck scarves...

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