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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

My Unfinished Face, Merium Qureshi, Grade 10, Embroidery.

By Any Other Name Showcases Another Season of Art

Amanda Wiboon, Co-editor and Director of Media May 11, 2022

By Any Other Name, award-winning Upper School literary magazine, released its spring publication after the success of Arts in April. Ranked First Place in the nation amongst private schools of the same...

(Above) Prior to their performance, Zeal Patel and Santiago Calderon practice their presentation about Kendrick Lamar. Santiago explains, “Highlighting modern artists is important to see into the future, and that is exactly what we plan to do.” From initiating discussions regarding the life that African Americans face in Compton to providing evidence of black excellence in society today, they memorize their speeches before presenting in the Harriett Coleman Center For the Arts.

Poetry Pops Up Throughout Campus

Santiago Calderon and Zeal Patel, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editor May 6, 2022

You’re sitting in English class, reading a poem. Some of you are somewhat engaged, but many of you may be off snoozing. But, to Dr. Brenda Walton and Mrs. Tracy Bessire, that’s not what poetry is about....

Prom Poem Proposal Grabs Attention of Lauren Kurtz

Prom Poem Proposal Grabs Attention of Lauren Kurtz

Gabriel Alexander, Freelance Writer April 20, 2022

The Butter-Cup: Drunken stars you hide the darkest fears, And upon those you form your love-embalmed constellations,   May star-cast be just a drop of water, Soaked upon my eyes like...

(Above) Without the criticism our world constantly experiences on social media, our generation could start to be more open and accepting of our sense of self-expression. Our differences are what makes us who we are and makes us what we want to be.

Look Up

Arely Rubio, Staff April 7, 2022

Technology is a loaded word, compacted with cell phones, computers, TVs, cars, streaming, and more. What if we split it up? The word, “Tech” is world-renowned as simply an abbreviation of the word...

Rom-Com Rambling

Rom-Com Rambling

Arely Rubio, Staff April 6, 2022

Being given the parameter of well... no parameter... is harder than one would think. I’m sure that if I had a clear vision of what this article would contain, I would have finished this article before...

(Above) Phil Dalhausser and his former volleyball partner, Todd Rogers, won gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. This would make his name as a Gold Medal Olympian, making history in the beaches around the world.

Olympian Carries the Torch for Florida

Arely Rubio, Staff April 5, 2022

Phil Dalhausser, A.K.A. “The Thin Beast” has been all around the volleyball from his first Olympics in Beijing to the most recent in Tokyo, which is his last. Usually, people end their careers with...

(Above) A participant from the Special Olympics of Florida is throwing shot put, a track and field event that involves tossing a heavy spherical ball as far as possible. Women “put” an eight-pound ball, while men “put” a 15-pound ball. Volunteers assist in recording distances, congratulating participants, and providing medals.

Special Olympics Sparks Opportunities For All

Zeal Patel, Co-editor April 4, 2022

Most children follow a set path starting with childhood sports, whether it’s basketball, baseball, or even football. From continuing to make friends and develop physical skills to learning...

(Above) Kiera Moore and Delaney Bolstein, both age ten, bake cookies during the summer before sixth grade. Kiera sports a neon green tank while Delaney wears a shirt with a hipster cat. They represent the uniqueness of tween fashion while doing what most tweens today would not imagine staying off their phones.

Tweens Are The New Teens

Delaney Bolstein, Staff April 1, 2022

Marked by newfound interests and celebrity crushes, the tween years are the transition period from childhood to teenhood. Tweens navigate through various levels of independence as they start drifting...

(Above) For Coach Scott Schenker, he is honored to help everyone grow as an athlete as they continue to achieve their goals. He explained, “They are family, and there is nothing more rewarding than that.”

Varsity Softball Hits Off a New Season

Alexandra Caballero, Copy Editor March 31, 2022

As the spring season quickly approaches, the Varsity Softball team is already one step ahead. Starting as early as January 2022 with tryouts, the Varsity Softball team at Lake Highland Preparatory...

(Above) If you could only order one thing from the menu at Sugar Dough Bakehouse, I would recommend the Strawberry Croissant. It was essentially a croissant filled with a cream filling and fresh strawberries. The light and sweet texture of the filling was unlike any other. Although expensive, the fresh and fluffy dough of the croissant was well worth it.

Bakehouse Introduces Global Flavors

Arya Sant, Staff March 30, 2022

On Corrine Drive, visitors can find Sugar Dough Bakehouse, a bakery which specializes in pastries. The Asian-inspired flavors, combined with the French style dough, truly made eating at...

A comparison of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 2042’s tanks demonstrate the clearly
defined differences between the two photos. Many people have seen and shown that the tanks feel less powerful
than Battlefield 4’s tanks. They seem to have less health and loss of some of the abilites. Power over armor is not
a good dynamic. It should be more of focus than power to make it work properly.

Battlefield 2042 Disappointing Fans

Zane Rimes, Staff March 29, 2022

When it comes to video games, players usually want to experience what has been shown in the trailers of the featured game. Battlefield 2042, released on November 12, 2021, has been one of the largest failures...

(Left) Pointe Orlando recently underwent a $32 million redevelopment which included a new corridor nicknamed “The Link,” which connects visitors from the I-Drive entrance to the back of

the complex. A new modern seating area also caters to guests who want to explore the variety of new restaurants and socialize.

Exciting Entertainment Revives I-Drive

Luis Roldan Cuba, Co-Editor March 28, 2022

In Orlando, there’s no shortage of entertainment options, especially considering that the city has long held the title as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. But with the swift impact of the...

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