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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

Like Mother, Like Daughter, Sophia Youngs, Grade 11, Oil pastels.

Spring Literary Magazine Released 2024

Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media May 3, 2024

By Any Other Name, award-winning Upper School literary magazine, released its spring publication after the success of Arts in April. Ranked First Place in the nation amongst private schools of the same...

(Above) Mr Garth Parke said, “Whatever mood you’re in, you can showcase it with a different form of shoe. It reflects my passion for working with students because there are always those little things about each student that make them unique. You can appreciate the
little things that make a sneaker unique, and I take the same appreciation to every student individually.”

From Heel to Toe

Elizabeth Rudd, Staff April 26, 2024

When stepping onto Lake Highland’s campus, it is evident that the school values unity among the students and staff members. However, despite having to adhere to regularly enforced uniform policy, there...

(Above) Ms. Gallagher stays very busy as our Student Activities Coordinator, Volleyball Coach, and Graduation Coordinator. Without her, many things at our school would not be possible. Ms.
Gallagher has been working at LHP for 10 years and is also an LHP alumnus.

The Hidden Treasures of LHP

Sofia Cohen, Copy Editor April 24, 2024

Undoubtedly, it is a blessing to be a part of Lake Highland Preparatory School. With its top education, amazing athletic teams and programs, amazing classes, supportive staff, and beautiful open campus,...

(Above) Camila De Pool Maisonet, grade 12, celebrates winning the last tournament of the season with team Puerto Rico. Camila hopes to continue her career with this team.

Lake Highland Goes Global

Hayden Roberts, Co-Editor April 23, 2024

As high school sports get more competitive, coaches are always looking to improve their team. Recently, coaches have begun to recruit international talent more frequently, bringing new aspects and advantages...

(Above) The Courtyard is a place for people to shop and relax.

Traveling Near and Far

Yara Koteish, Staff April 22, 2024

Spring Break is around the corner, and vacations are the first thing on people’s minds. Whether it’s a drive to the beach, a trip across the country, or a flight to the other side of the world, people...

(Above) When coming up with unique dishes did you take any inspiration from existing dishes and put any unique spins to them that make them special to Bosphorous? “They’re all traditional Turkish dishes. The culture is very diverse in Turkey as is the cuisine–we have our own recipes, but they are all heavily influenced by tradition.” The appetizer dishes ordered along with Turkish Coffee adding on to the mood. The coffee itself is an experience as it is the definition of a traditional Turkish coffee.

Turkish Cuisine Delights

Zane Rimes, Director of Advertisement April 19, 2024

An authentic taste for delicious meals is hands down reserved for Bosphorous in Winter Garden, Florida. The unique tastes there have people left wanting more. Bosphorous is an enjoyable and delicious place...

(Above) The Regal Movie Theater in Oviedo Mall is a local staple whenever the latest movies drop, especially during the summer season when locals need a break from the scorching hot sun. Before COVID-19, the theater was mildly busy, and ever since the end of the pandemic, the theater has not regained that popularity. The best time to go to the Regal Movie Theater in Oviedo Mall is Tuesdays since that is when they have the best deals on ticket prices and popcorn. Shoppers can pair their day with a movie and snack to enhance their experience at Oviedo Mall. In the past, the Oviedo Mall has offered rental space on Sundays for local church groups such as the Palmwood Church. Growing up around the Oviedo Mall my entire life has given me more than a decade to form my opinion on the movie theater. Although the theater has not gotten many updates, it remains to have great service, great snacks, great drinks, comfortable seats, the movies we are excited to see, and good memories are always made.

Failing Mall Has More Than Shopping

Savannah Fondo, Staff April 18, 2024

The Oviedo Mall is a local mall that has been around since the 90s. Despite its longevity, it never gained popularity like the bigger malls in Orlando. Over the years, Oviedo Mall has changed drastically,...

(Above) As I was driving into Orlando for the first time, I came through Altamonte Springs. My initial thought was that it was a fantastic example of an edge or satellite city, a whole new city center popping up orbiting Downtown Orlando, explained Mr. Nathan Johnston. Viewers from out of state immediately noticed the skyscraper in the middle of a suburb. Why did they decide on that location?

I4 Eyesore

Julius Olavarria, Staff April 17, 2024

The Majesty Building, commonly nicknamed the “I-4 Eyesore,” sits just past Maitland in Uptown Altamonte Springs, visible to thousands of commuters each day. For this marvel of 307 feet, with a promised...

(Above) Tessa Guera, grade 11, is spending time on Snapchat instead of getting ahead on her schoolwork. She admits she has a difficult time managing her school work, because she is frequently on her cellular device. Recently, she has tried turning off her notifications to have a smaller chance of picking it up. This tactic has worked effectively.

Saving Screenagers

Mary Collins, Staff April 16, 2024

The generation of the future: a group of hard working individuals who find a different perspective on topics about which they are passionate, and dedi- cated. Gen-Z most definitely has an amazing array...

(Above) This equipment helps doctors quickly diagnose and treat animals. also mentions that the medical teams perform over 600 wellness checks per year and had many successful surgeries which included placing an artifical eye in a fish.

Ignorance Threatens Animal Welfare

Minaal Arain, Co-Editor April 15, 2024

Growing up, many of us experienced the awe of giraffes stretching their necks up or lions lazing on a rock, right before our eyes and only minutes away from home. However, in recent years, concerns for...

(Above) As simple as it may seem, the origination of the name “pho” is actually more complicated and uncertain than most may think. It is debated that the name actually stems from French vocabulary, as “feu” in French means fire, and this word is used in the name of a French beef stew called “pot-au-feu.” As well as Pho, this is also a dish consisting of broth, beef, and vegetables. Seeing as the French colonized Vietnam starting in the late 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, the theory isn’t completely unbelievable. Other people argue that the name “pho” came from the name of a different brothy dish that Cantonese street vendors sold in Vietnam called “nguu nhục phấn,” which means, “Beef with rice noodles.” It is thought that the name became more and more shortened and simplified over time, at one point turning in to “phấn”, and eventually resulting in the simple name of “pho.”

Homecooked on the Menu

Tessa Guerra, Staff April 12, 2024

Orlando, Florida, offers a variety of different types of cuisine. The Asian food scene is notable and very prominent in Downtown Orlando. The street of Colonial Drive alone offers many tasty options ranging...

(Above) Before every game players participate in warm-up to prepare, but they are not the only ones getting ready. The managers are also hard at work preparing in every way. Manager Mehr Ohri, grade 10, who has only just become a basketball manager this year, says, “My favorite part of being a manager for the basketball team is getting to sit on the bench and watch the home games, especially the ones that we win.” Mehr along with her fellow managers help the players throughout the game by handing out water as well.

Managers are the Secret to Success

Emily Cypher, Copy Editor April 11, 2024

At the highest level of any sport, whether it’s the National Basketball Association (NBA) or the National Hockey League (NHL), sports managers are the secret to success. Managers are acknowledged in...

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