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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) When the Alabama Hotel closed, after being owned by several generations of the LaChance and Schenck family, the space was renovated from 1980-1981. During this time, the hotel transformed from guest rooms that hosted luminaries, to a 19-unit condominium. Today, the Alabama is still a condominium, and a two bedroom, two bathroom, 1,245 square foot condo runs for around $800,000. There are currently 12-units in the Alabama, where the units are all updated, and residents have shared amenities, such as a pool and lake access. Photo by Rebecca Reif.

Winter Park Hotels Embody the City’s Charms

Sarah Finfrock and Rebecca Reif, Editor-in-Chief and Director of Photography September 30, 2022

The name Winter Park embodies the motive of its foundation: a park for northerns to vacation in the winter. With an industry centered around tourism, numerous iconic hotels began popping up around the...

(Above) At Full Sail University, The Monarch Initiative is a program that focuses on
the nature in one’s life, and it also promotes conservation. Relating to Instagram trends,

butterfly and angel wings fill up a substantial amount of an individual’s feed. It is com-
mon for the person to stand in the middle of each wing, and poses for his or her photo.

Living Your Aesthetic Life

Rebecca Reif, Editor-in-Chief September 29, 2022

While the social media platform, Instagram, can be used for activism, sharing one’s daily life through photos and videos, or informative graphics, Instagram users also focus on an aesthetic for their...

(Left) Juicy Couture velour tracksuits definitely defined the 2000s fashion era. Everybody who
was somebody was seen wearing Juicy Couture out running errands, or even for a walk in the
park. 2000s star Mariah Carey was seen wearing Juicy Couture, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner
took a modern twist on the 2000s trend. Photos courtesy of and GSI Media (left
to right).

In With the Old Y2K Style

Delaney Bolstein and Kailey Calvo, Co-Editor September 28, 2022

Anyone who survived the 2000s may be concerned, or even excited, about the decade’s fashion returning, but its resurgence is part of a bigger trend: fashion cycles returning. It is important to define...

(Above) The work of Dr. Colin Campbell (right) parallels
the studies of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (left). Esselstyn
focused on the effects of meat consumption on heart
disease and diabetes. His clinical trials at the Cleveland
Clinic, where he prescribed a whole-foods plant-based

diet to patients diagnosed as seriously ill with car-
diovascular disease, had a success rate of 99.4% for

those patients not having a major cardiac event. The
two doctors collaborated on a 2011 documentary, Forks
Over Knives, which was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey
and former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Photo courtesy
of Plant Strong Podcast.

Eating for Health

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Photography September 27, 2022

A warm July breeze sweeps the streets of the Upper West Side of New York City as the rising sun paints the sky a beautiful array of orange, pink, and blue. Inside the cold, brown building of Mount Sinai...

(Above) Coach Mike Palazzo (left) and Coach Donny Simpson (right) matside during a
huge finals match at the Doc Buchanan tournament in California. The Doc Buchanan is
one of the biggest and most important tournaments in the country. Photo courtesy of

Revealing the Untold Tales of LHP Wrestling

Brady Conlin, Staff September 26, 2022

A lot of people throughout the Lake Highland campus always ask: what makes the champion LHP wrestling team what it is? As a member myself, I would say a lot of hard work and dedication. Every wrestler...

(Above) On top of the prized breakfast at The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill and Griddle House, there are many other activities offered at De Leon Springs State Park including
boat tours, swimming in the spring, scuba diving, and hiking through the trails. Before the restaurant or state park was established, sugar cane was crushed using the iconic
mill. Later on, Peter and Majorie Shwarze saw the value of this mill, and decided to open up this successful and admired location.

The Sun Sets on Breakfast

Rebecca Reif, Editor-in-Chief September 23, 2022

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill, located at 601 Ponce Deleon Boulevard in the picturesque De Leon Springs State Park, is a treasured encounter and restaurant to both Florida families and visitors. For 61 years,...

(Above) There were various actors on the audition
site. With all that greeting, hugging, and chatting,

an audition can also be a kind of reunion. Expe-
rienced actors that participated in shows before

were coming back for another year, while novices

who tried to hide their nervousness with excite-
ment were trying out for the first time. “I’m hoping

that everybody does really well, and gets what
they want, ”Avery Johnson, grade 12, a returning

actor, wished the actors good luck. “This is defi-
nitely not my first time doing this. There’s lots of

people who are though. So I’m hoping nobody is too
nervous,” she said with a gentle smile. Photo by Tina Zhang.

Auditions and “All That Jazz”

Tina Zhang, Staff September 22, 2022

On Wednesday, August 17, the vast Black Box Theater was unusually crowded and busy. When the minute hand passed 2:45 P.M., the check-in of the audition for the classic musical Chicago: Teen Edition officially...

(Left) LHP has com-
pletely redesigned

the Tartan Cafe, with
more open seating
to accomodate more
students. Mrs. Lauren
Oliva, LHP’s Social
Studies Department
Chair, commented
on the new look,
“The design of the
new cafeteria blows
me away! I love the
chairs, tables, and
booths, and I think
all the Highlander
decoration is a great
addition.” Photo by Kailey Calvo.

New Dining Experiences on the Menu

Kailey Calvo, Co-Editor September 21, 2022

A recurring theme for Lake Highland this year seems to be innovation, as the new Captial Projects, the new unnamed Arts District and Multisport Athletic Facility, and Porter Family Center for Innovation...

(Above) After graduating from Bishop Lynch High School in Dal-
las, Texas, Mr. Jim McIntyre enrolled in the University of North

Texas majoring in history with a focus on U.S. diplomacy. He
then worked in the restaurant industry for a year when he ran
into his former principal who offered him a teaching position.
After a few years of teaching, Mr. McIntyre obtained a Master’s
Degree in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University.
Photo courtesy of Lake Highland Preparatory School.

Enhancing Existing Traditions

Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor/ Director of Photography September 20, 2022

As the 10th Lake Highland President, Mr. Jim McIntyre brings more to the Lake Highland community than just his 31 years of educational experience. Mr. McIntyre also brings an enthusiasm for the whole child...

(Above) AP Art students work on their individual projects
during classtime. Their pieces count towards their end of
the year AP portfolio. Students use an array of mediums
such as markers, pastels, and pens to create their pieces.
Photo by Serena Young.

Bridging the Brain Gap

Serena Young, Director of Advertising September 16, 2022

Being a more Humanities-oriented person myself, I couldn’t wrap my head around why some of my STEM-oriented friends like STEM so much. For the purpose of this survey, Humanities will be defined as English...

(Right) Stephanie Hsu as Joy, Evelyn’s daughter, just turned her opponent into a flurry of confetti. Photo courtesy of The Telegraph.
(Photo courtesy of The Telegraph.)

Must Watch Film Soars Above Expectations

Serena Young, Director of Advertising September 16, 2022

I sat in the middle seat of an airplane with someone’s elbow jammed into my shoulder on my left and someone else’s shoulder hogging the elbow rest on my right. In a cramped international flight back...

 (Above) Disney and Universal have always been rivals, but when it comes to the guest, visitors just want the most enjoyable experience. Zane Rimes, grade 10, explained, “When I got to do the seven-night stay at Disney after my battle with cancer, we had a special room at Disney, and I got to cut to the front of the lines at any ride at all of the parks. This was in 2013.” Graphic courtesy of

A World or Universe of Possibilities

Emily Cypher, Staff September 15, 2022

Universal Studios and Walt Disney World are two of the most well-known amusement parks. Many people from all walks of life travel to each of these destinations in order to make lasting memories. The majority...

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