New Dining Experiences on the Menu


Photo by Kailey Calvo.

(Left) LHP has com- pletely redesigned the Tartan Cafe, with more open seating to accomodate more students. Mrs. Lauren Oliva, LHP’s Social Studies Department Chair, commented on the new look, “The design of the new cafeteria blows me away! I love the chairs, tables, and booths, and I think all the Highlander decoration is a great addition.” Photo by Kailey Calvo.

Kailey Calvo, Co-Editor

A recurring theme for Lake Highland this year seems to be innovation, as the new Captial Projects, the new unnamed Arts District and Multisport Athletic Facility, and Porter Family Center for Innovation and Academics, are currently being developed to enhance an already exceptional school. To add to this, LHP students are now dining in a brand new Tartan Cafe. The Tartan Cafe had a complete renovation with new booth and table seating. Along with this fresh look is a new food service provider, FLIK. LHP shared information about the provider, “FLIK Independent School Dining provides fresh, nutritious, satisfying meals to 265 private and independent day and boarding schools nationwide, throughout 34 states, including 20 in the state of Florida.” While these two new developments are definitely adjustments that students and faculty will become accustomed to, ultimately, these shifts are for the best and cultivate a healthy future for LHP students.

(Above) With a staff of new and familiar faces, Lake Highland’s Tartan Cafe
truly has resurfaced for a whole new look. The hot sandwich stations are cleaned up at the end of the lunch period of over two hours. This station
is a new addition to the Lake Highland services and provides a varied selection for diners if they do not want the hot entrée item. Highlanders are
allowed two sides and a dessert with the meal plan, and can also pay
directly with their student id or credit card for a faster checkout experience. Although lunch time has been a bustling scene in the Tartan Cafe, the
incredible efforts of the Dining Services team is making this
transition as smooth as possible. Photo by Kailey Calvo. (Photo by Kailey Calvo.)
(Above) Although some may want more than one hot entree option, FLIK
and LHP are listening to feedback and adapting their menu and choices.
The newest change is the addition of new grill choices daily. LHP provided a statement regarding the change, “we will be making immediate changes to the daily menus entrée options. Beginning Monday, August 22, we will add a specialty grilled item….” LHP will continue providing vegetarian options and
a sandwich option (hot subs, paninis, etc.). Photo by Kailey Calvo. (Photo by Kailey Calvo.)
(Above) Not only were there changes with the seating, but innovative
features like the salad bar, grill, and yogurt bar help facilitate nu-
tritious meals for all diners. Also, the Tartan Cafe is equipped with a
new Starbucks coffee machine, where students, teachers, and faculty
can purchase coffee during specific hours. All of these improvements
help Highlanders be fueled by healthy food choices. Photo by Kailey Calvo. (Photo by Kailey Calvo.)

(Above) FLIK provides customized support to students and faculty members with dietary restrictions and allergies. According to FLIK, they work with
dietitians, “Regarding training, operation management, and communication
to ensure safety [for all].” Photo by Kailey Calvo. (Photo by Kailey Calvo. )