Lake Highland Football: Espirit de Corps

Tina Zhang, Staff

Last year, the LHP football team conquered a great summit, possibly the greatest one in their high school sport career: the State Champion Champs 2022. Carrying on the honor, the players returned to the gridiron at 5:30 A.M. Early mornings during Florida’s rainy season are dark and chilling, but the players were fully armed and warmed up. With the trainers in attendance, a regular, intense three hour morning practice began daily. Mr. Ben Bullock, the Varsity Head Coach, directed the practice along with four other coaches, and explained, “We have performed well considering it is the beginning of the season. We are looking for improvement each week.”

At Lake Highland, student-athletes are provided with a valued, life-changing sports program and asked to commit to their classes and sports career. Coach Bullock explained that the uniqueness of LHP football team is, “Our player’s commitment to the program. They are asked to meet high expectations in the classroom, in the community, and in the field.” Mrs. Alba Wilcox, whose grandson is the new blood of the football team this year, gave an insightful interpretation about how sports makes
one’s life better. “You become very disciplined; that’s a great life skill.”

Behind the cohesive team, there are a lot of individual personalities that light up the field. A big theme in LHP’s football team is pride. To each player, this sport means something different to him, and it shows through how each person plays on the field.

Question: What is your favorite part in playing football?

Jase “Boogie” Bailey, grade 11: The adrenaline I get before a football game because it helps me stay on my “A” game.

Cam McClendon, grade 11: Being able to bond with my teammates and create memories.

J.R. Galt, grade 11: Tackling people and winning.

Question: What made you become a football player?

Boogie: I became a football player because my brothers played football, and I don’t want to go to a boring job.

Cam: I started because, at a very young age, I understood the benefits that it could give me. Those same bene-
fits are currently being granted to me today. It’s a life-changing game.

J.R.: I became a football player because I always loved the sport, and I am very physical.

Question: What kind of support do you think the Fan Zone gives you?

Boogie: The pre-game fan zone gives me a lot of support. It makes me feel like I’m fighting for my school and what
we stand for.
Cam: I think it will bring the whole Lake Highland community out. It would give the players an extra boost because everyone they know is there.

Question: What would you do if someone told you that you can’t play football anymore, and why?

J.R.: I keep training and becoming a better athlete because it’s what I love to do.

Photo by Tina Zhang.
Photo by Tina Zhang.
Photo by Tina Zhang.
Photo by Tina Zhang.
Photo by Tina Zhang.
Photo by Tina Zhang.
Photo by Tina Zhang.