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Denizens of “Chicago” Find a New Home

Minaal Arain
(Above) Right before hitting the stage, the cast of Chicago formed a circle in the middle of the theatre. They participated in group activities, sang and danced, that not only warmed up their vocal cords, but also pepped each other up, and let all of their nerves out. Different cast members took turns going into the center of the circle and leading the group, like “Follow the Leader.” Sophia-Bella Carrasquillo, class of 2023, is pictured doing an iconic Chicago pose, getting into the feel of Velma Kelly, while her castmates repeat it back to her.

Chicago—an iconic American jazz musical—surrounds Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, entertainers in Chicago, Illinois, who were accused of murder during the roaring 1920s. Known for its catchy songs and dance numbers, intricate choreography, and scandalous plot, the musical explores the ideas of celebrity and corruption in the American justice system. Lake Highland Preparatory School’s Arts Department took on the production of Chicago for their spring 2023 performance, incorporating their jazz band, dance team, thespian troupe, and David Copperfield’s Project Magic. With months of hard work and preparation in areas such as stage-craft, costume design, and countless after-school rehearsals, LHP’s talented artists hit the big stage from March 29 to April 1, 2023, in the Harriett Coleman Center for the Arts. After creating a captivating performance last spring, students are anticipating this year’s fall musical, The Addams Family, School Edition.

(Above) Ms. Andia Kolakowski, head costume designer for Chicago, worked hard behind the scenes, creating the perfect look for the production. She worked closely with the director and choreographer, making sure that every costume fit each character and the story. Ms. Kolakowski also collaborated with the actors, taking their measurements and making sure that they felt comfortable and confident in their costumes. She said, “I loved working with the feathers and tulle for the costume of Matron Mama Morton.” Seeing her vision come to life on stage was the most rewarding feeling. (Minaal Arain)
(Above) The spotlight shines on the piano, an integral part of the musical’s production. This instrument set the mood of Chicago, from the opening notes of “All that Jazz” to the melody of “Finale.” But the piano is much more than just an instrument or prop on stage. In the 1920s, the piano was the centerpiece of many jazz clubs where people like the main characters gathered at night to escape their problems and enjoy some entertainment. It is a symbol of the dark and lively world of the Roaring Twenties, where flappers, corruption, and murder were commonplace. The piano can be seen as a character in its own right, a reminder of the flashy era that inspired this musical. (Minaal Arain)
(Above) The Chicago cast raised their jazz hands in the rehearsal of the song “Me and My Baby.” The HCCA was filled with energy and excitement as the cast sang and danced their way through the number. The hand choreography was complex, but the cast made it look effortless as they moved in perfect unison. The red and blue lights on stage brought the number to life, highlighting the actors’ every move. (Alyssa Wiboon)
(Above) Along with the dazzling costumes, hair and make-up helped bring the glamour of the 1920s back to the stage. During the last week of rehearsal, this meant earlier call times for cast members to set their hair, apply their make-up, and get dressed. Along with endless rehearsals and putting on an amazing performance, the cast did their own hair and make-up. Pictured to the left is murder mistress actress Ashley Robinson, grade 11, creating the famous wavy bob look. To the right, Briley Coleman who plays Mama Morton, class of 2023, finishes off her eye makeup as she gets ready for one of the final dress rehearsals. Many students anticipate getting ready for the fall production of The Addams Family, School Edition. (Minaal Arain)
(Above) Months of planning and preparation went into putting this famous jazz musical together. Mrs. Holly Harris, director of the show, went over plans before each rehearsal to ensure things ran smoothly and that the show came together perfectly. She worked with many other creatives to successfully showcase the incredible talent of Lake Highland’s performing arts students and staff, as they worked to bring Roxie Hart’s and Velma Kelly’s sensationally captivating story to the big stage. (Minaal Arain)
(Above) Also featured in Lake Highland’s performance of Chicago was David Copperfield’s Project Magic. The magic group amplified the drama and added to the allurement of the show during multiple scenes. From the impressively flexible contortionists to illusions of cutting people in thirds, Project Magic truly brought something special to the show, leaving audiences in awe of their performance. (Minaal Arain)
(Above) Shortly after Lake Highland’s final Chicago performance, the Broadway cast came to Orlando on April 23, 2023. (Minaal Arain)
(Above) After months of planning and weeks of rehearsals the cast, creative team, jazz band, Project Magic, and stage crew produced five incredible performances of Roxie and Velma’s scandalous affairs for the Lake Highland community. Successfully ending each show with a tremendous amount of talent and hard work, along with much love from the audience, the cast took their bows as their time in Chicago during the 1920s came to an end. (Alyssa Wiboon)
(Above) During the cue-to-cue rehearsal, the cast worked with the stage crew to finalize the lighting and sound for each scene, setting the tone of the show. They worked tirelessly with the cast to perfect each moment and transition between key scenes. The stage crew was also responsible for building all the beautiful sets depicting the urban city of Chicago. The community cannot wait to see what they create for The Addams Family, School Edition. (Alyssa Wiboon)
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