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Twice-Told Tale

Unlocking Orlando’s “Secret Garden”

Savannah Fondo
(Above) Lukas Nursery offers thousands of different plants, flowers, and much more. The colorful flowers will brighten not only your day, but they will brighten your garden as well.

Florida residents do not experience all four seasons; that is why for Northerners, it is the optimal vacation destination for a tropical getaway. Since Florida is always hot, even during Christmas, there is not a long period of winter, which means now is the time to start preparing for spring. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, you should also add some pretty flowers, plants, and landscaping. to make spring that much prettier. I like to call Lukas Nursery, “Orlando’s Secret Garden” because it has everything and anything you could want in your garden. 

There is everything a gardener would want such as plants, herbs, bonsai trees, shade plants, and so much more. Not only do they have anything a gardener could ever want to plant in their garden, but they have all the supplies and tools needed to maintain them, such as pots, soil, fertilizer, decorations, seeds, tools, and guides. If you are new at gardening, don’t worry! The workers are very resourceful and will help you with any questions you may have about gardening. To add to the magical experience, Lukas Nursery has a beautiful “Butterfly Encounter” where you can see different kinds of butterflies. There is a room dedicated to being able to pick up and hold a butterfly on your finger with juice! They also have different types of plants you would not typically see such as cacao, and they have many different types of birds. Even if you do not want to take on the responsibility of starting a garden, just walking around Lukas Nursery will brighten your day with its beauty. 

To find out further information on what they offer, check out their website called If you have dreams for your backyard but do not know where to start, Lukas Nursery will take care of everything for you. They will help you design, deliver, and install your backyard paradise. They offer different types of sod and other things to go along with lawn care such as plugs, plugging tools, fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and more. They offer thousands of different plants ranging from typical and native to exotic. They have annuals, pet-friendly, trees, fruits and edibles, Florida native plants, butterfly plants, vines, groundcovers, indoor plants, and more. On their website under the “Plants” section, there are some resourceful videos such as, “How to Plant a Plant.” They offer many different pots which range from colorful to terra cotta. 

If you are having issues in your garden, you can take a sample of your plants to Lukas Nursery to get them checked out. If problems persist and you cannot make it to Lukas Nursery, they have some online identifications to help you figure it out. On the website, there is a personal help robot to help gardeners with whatever questions they may have! Start your garden today and make spring a little prettier! 

(Above) The center farmhouse-style check-out area is the center of Lukas Nursery. Inside is where all the soils, fertilizers, garden ing tools, seeds, and much more can be found. There are also many employees stationed inside ready to take care of your needs. Ask them about the plants they offer or about the flowers that will not wither. The Lukas Nursery care center is also located inside this area, where you can take a damaged or diseased plant to be analyzed at to find a solution. Outside this indoor area, is where all the pots and outside decor can be found. Hundreds of different pots for your plants ranging from colorful to terracotta will brighten outdoor or indoor space so much more. (Savannah Fondo)
(Above) For the gardeners that want to take on a new challenge or just try something new, the edible selection is great. Lukas Nursery has many different edible plants and seeds! They have corn, different types of peppers, squash, radishes, potatoes, peas, and any other desired edible plants. (Savannah Fondo)
(Above) Inside the Butterfly Encounter, there is a small room called the Butterfly Refueling Station where they have butterflies that guests can pick up on their fingers! By applying juice to a finger, visitors can pick up a butterfly. Seeing the wings up close is very fascinating. (Savannah Fondo)
(Left) The Butterfly Encounter is a beautiful room with butterflies, birds, and lots of plants. Just stepping inside cures anxiety as guests are surrounded by a glimpse of nature. There are flowers all around the space where visitors can find chrysalises hanging on plants and butterflies on the flowers and just flying about the room. There are birds that fly freely around the room. Visitors will find them in unexpected places as some are on the doors and in back corners of plants. There are different types of exotic plants in the room, and the one that fascinated me the most was the Cacao plant, since I am a huge fan of chocolate. The fountain in the center of the space made a soothing water sound to further one’s relaxation as visitors walked the room. The Butterfly Encounter truly is a must see at Lukas Nursery. (Savannah Fondo)
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Savannah Fondo is a Sophomore  at Lake Highland Preparatory School where she has been in attendance since the 6th grade. Savannah is not involved in many activities, but she likes to try new things all the time. Savannah looks after her community by picking up trash locally to conserve her environment. Savannah likes to bake and cook and has learned a lot from her mom over the years. Savannah joined newspaper to get some more writing opportunities and to explore new topics to cover. Savannah is so excited for the new year and what this new semester of newspaper class brings!

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