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Wisdom From the Class of 2024

Tessa Guerra
(Above, left to right) Amelia Lipscomb, grade 12, and Regan McCall, grade 12, love spending time in the Student Union on the first floor of the Rex Building. They better understand the details of the videos assigned to them by discussing it with each other. Talking with peers was another recommendation by Seniors, as it helps both people better understand the topic at hand.

Navigating high school during the first couple of years is complicated, especially when there is no mentor to help guide you. Things like what you should and shouldn’t do, what is recommended or not recommended, and what is needed and what is not, can be very unclear for a Freshman or Sophomore who is just getting used to a new chapter in life. From not knowing what classes to take to not knowing how to handle a larger workload, being an underclassman can quickly become very overwhelming.

Therefore, since Seniors have already been through most of the painful high school years, they are the best people to ask for advice. Seniors have valuable information that they wish was shared with them when they were Freshmen. It is hard, though, for an underclassman to approach and interact with Seniors about this as the class of 2024 is the oldest in the school and very well may seem intimidating. However, after speaking with the members of the Class of 2024, some of the underclassmen’s most common questions have been answered.

Eager to know what to look forward to, one of the most asked questions was, “What classes do you recommend for future Seniors?” Four out of six Seniors recommended taking A.P. Psychology with Mr. Rudy Chihak. Ava Sharon, grade 12, described it as her, “Fav[orite] class ever.” A.P. Psychology, a Senior-only class, is commonly described as a very intriguing class with a reasonable workload, which is why it is so popular among Seniors. Many of the Seniors mentioned other various A.P. classes as well, including  A.P. Environmental Science and A.P. Human Geography. Emily Li, grade 12, suggested to, “Take as many A.P.s as possible without being overwhelmed,” because A.P.s hold many benefits, such as helping one’s G.P.A., impressing colleges, and mentally challenging students to best utilize their skills.

When asked about what habits students should try to instill early on, everyone agreed that it is essential to build various study habits such as time management and essay writing. Carolyn Rogers, grade 12, adds to, “Never procrastinate (especially on applications).” Practicing and instilling effective study habits early on is very beneficial for a student, as it prepares them for academic success. One study habit that is recommended is to give yourself timed breaks between studying/working. This practice keeps the mind attentive and sharp and helps prevent any potential discouragement that arises from working too long.

In addition to building effective study habits, many of the Seniors also stressed the importance of having a healthy and consistent sleep schedule, as well as not letting homework get in the way of rest. Ava Sharon advises to, “Go to bed; it will save you. If you’re still stressed, wake up early and study then instead.” Ava is very right as sleep is very crucial for kids, especially high schoolers. This is because sleep allows our developing bodies to grow and function to their maximum potential. Disrupted or inconsistent sleep patterns can have many consequences, including fatigue, lack of focus, and the inability to regulate emotions. Getting eight to ten hours of sleep as a high schooler is recommended to keep learners stable and refreshed.

When asked what the worst advice they had ever received was, many responses included something related to procrastination. Aishwarya Vangala said the advice that hurt her the most was when people told her, “You have time; you don’t have to work hard yet,” when she was in grade 10. In reality, every year of high school counts, and you should work hard each year to get the best results you can.

When asked what they would do differently if they were to restart their year, half of the Seniors said they would start college applications earlier. Carolyn Rogers says she would, “Have more meetings with my college counselor before applications start.” Lake Highland’s college and career counselors are more than available and ready to help you prepare for later high school years, as well as college. From helping you pick a schedule that is balanced and unique to you to aiding you with activities you are passionate about, the counseling department is always happy to help students succeed in their goals.

While it is normal to be scared or intimidated by the upperclassmen, simply talking with Seniors who have already gone through the thick of it can be very relieving and helpful. High school is a time when everything can feel crucial to your future. Therefore, remembering that there are people who just went through the process and are here to guide you, as well as the fact that time passes quickly, is important. This allows you to take in the small moments while setting yourself up for success, not only in high school, but for years to come.

(Above) Larry Nguyen, grade 11, is seen here taking a nap after a long day of intense lacrosse workouts in the morning, and a rigorous school schedule afterward. Because Larry has to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, he makes sure to prioritize his afternoon naps and stick to his early bedtime. Without this sleep, Larry would not be able to perform to the best ability in his academic and athletic life. (Tessa Guerra)
(Above) A.P. Psychology, taught by Mr. Rudy Chihak, was a fan favorite among Seniors. While this is certainly a highly recommended class, Seniors also emphasized taking classes that are not only interesting, but also push them beyond their limits. By doing this, students set themselves up for success in the college process, as well as take something of value to them after the school year or the semester. One way to accomplish this is slowly build up the amount of Honors and A.P. courses you take throughout high school. This allows students to show continuous progression into higher levels without getting overwhelmed. Additionally, speaking with the school and college counselors, as well as their teachers frequently can also help students find classes that are fit for them. (Tessa Guerra)
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