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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

From Heel to Toe

Elizabeth Rudd
(Above) Mr Garth Parke said, “Whatever mood you’re in, you can showcase it with a different form of shoe. It reflects my passion for working with students because there are always those little things about each student that make them unique. You can appreciate the little things that make a sneaker unique, and I take the same appreciation to every student individually.”

When stepping onto Lake Highland’s campus, it is evident that the school values unity among the students and staff members. However, despite having to adhere to regularly enforced uniform policy, there are still areas where the individuality of each person on campus stands out, and that is through their shoes. Each pair of shoes that staff and students wear allows them to show their style and personality. Additionally, many people argue that one way of feeling put together and ready for a school day is with the perfect shoe. With that said, here are some of the most popular shoes that illustrate the balance of unity and individuality here at LHP.

(Above) The average woman in America owns six pairs of shoes, while the average man owns seven, sourced from Footwear News. But rather than just buying shoes to wear themselves, there are also those who collect shoes. Sometimes it’s a hobby, and sometimes it can be to resell and make a profit. Shoes known for resell can be from many different time periods or from today. While it might not sound like the most entertaining thing to do for some people, the feeling of collecting shoes brings nostalgia to some collectors. When someone gets a shoe that they have wanted for many years, it can have a positive impact on their collection. The shoe doesn’t necessarily have to be a good looking shoe, but the way that a shoe from a person’s childhood can bring back amazing memories is often well worth it. (MetroCreativeConnection)
(Above) Mr. Jermey Weber talks about his interests with shoes and explains what he looks for in a good pair of shoes saying, “I have started to like shoes for comfort and style. I like when I wear shoes that match what I’m wearing, and even when shoes make colors pop with an outfit.” He talks about the shoes in the photo that are the brand On Cloud. The shoe company
started recently and got popular with all age groups. They have taken interest with people that love running and the gym. The pods at the mid-sole of the shoe are made for improving speed off the ground and for comfort. Additionally, they have a variety of colors and styles avabliable from which to choose. According to, their motto is, “To ignite the human spirit through movement,” which shows how dedicated they are to crafting comfortable shoes for both athletic
training and style. (Elizabeth Rudd)
(Above) Sophia Geraghty, grade 12, talks about how the Nike blazers are great for weight lifting because of the flat soles. Flat shoes are great for the sport because they give stability and grip the floor when at the gym. “They aren’t elevated and are basic to go with every outfit, which makes them so easy for everyday footwear,” Sophia explained. (Elizabeth Rudd)
(Above) Though Nike is a popular brand with many students, other brands have been known for their popularity such as Adidas, New Balance, and others. It is important for everyone to stay in dress code, and with these well known brands, it is easy for students to have their own sense of style while staying in the Lake Highland dress code. (Elizabeth Rudd)
(Above) When many people look for shoes, they mainly consider the style and the outside of the shoe. But what most don’t know is what the shoe company’s mission may be. Vejas are sneakers that are made in Brazil, and they are an eco-friendly company founded in 2005. They use materials such as organic cotton, natural rubber, and recycled plastics. For their soles, they use Amazonian rubber and recycled plastic bottles as well as recycled polyester. These materials are helpful for not only the environment but for the farmers harvesting in respect for the people of Peru. (Elizabeth Rudd)
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Elizabeth Rudd
Elizabeth Rudd is a 10th grade student at Lake Highland Preparatory School. She enjoys history and her Spanish class. Outside of school she plays soccer and tennis with some of her close friends. When she hangs out with her friends outside of school, she goes to the movies and to the mall. Her favorite thing to do is build Legos and watch movies with her two dogs and cat. She attends Mataponi summer camp for two months in Maine every summer. After many years of going to camp she is too old to be a camper, and will now be attending the University of Miami’s2024 summer program for law.

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