Ancient Yoga Practices Take Modern Form

Rebecca Reif

(Above) Goat yoga is popular through various social media platforms, which Alaska Farms take part in. They have an Instagram account,, as well as a Facebook page. Various guest experiences are illustrated through these platforms, and individuals also enjoy posting their encounters on their own social media. For Alaska Farms, social media is used as a form of advertisement, giving both new and old customers a small glimpse of what their experience may entail. It also shows their values as people and as a business, and it most importantly allows people to stay connected with Alaska Farms, and vice-versa.

Sarah Finfrock and Rebecca Reif, Co-Editor and Director of Photography

Although yoga has been around for over 5,000 years, many new forms of yoga have been popping up around the United States due to its rising popularity. Goat yoga is when yogis practice while interacting with live mini goats throughout the session. The trend peaked around 2018-2019, but there are still many studios across America dedicated to the practice. Another yoga trend, pilates, has become favored by millennials. Club Pilates is the most successful chain, which is based in San Diego. Trendy yoga classes have taken grip of America’s younger generations, but any type of yoga can have multiple physical and mental health benefits. According to Harvard Health Publishing, yoga can improve symptoms of PTSD and elevate one’s mood. As additional variations of yoga travel to Orlando, the culture surrounding yoga becomes more appealing to an audience with diversified interests.

(Above) Alaska Farms was established in 2018, with their goat yoga sessions being introduced around a
year and a half ago. They are a family owned farm which ensures that their animals are cared
for and lovable, and making Alaska Farms family operated as well. Another main reason that
being family-owned is important to the farm is because they want to make sure that their
animals are kid friendly, which helps the business side of the farm for goat yoga and other
events. Besides goat yoga bringing in this farm its popularity, it is also home to the Orange
County Sheriff’s Department Mounted Patrol Units. (Rebecca Reif)
(Above) Pilates utilizes a variety of apparatus (the technical equipment) including Total Resistance
Exercise (TRX), a resistance training system, the Exo-Chair, a stool-like chair with a pedal that
increases balance originally designed by Joseph Pilates, Bosu Balls, a balancing machine that is
half a flat surface and half the surface of an exercise ball, grip socks, and foam rollers. All the
equipment focuses on increasing stability and mobility by using body weight and gravity, which
applies less stress on the muscles and joints than traditional gym workouts. (Sarah Finfrock)
(Above) Alaska Farms provides goat yoga sessions three times a week, on Wednesdays, Saturdays,
and Sundays. They are open year round for all customers to experience goat yoga. Alaska
Farms hosts birthday parties and other special events, which can either be through goat yoga or
Alaska Farm’s other animals, such as their horses. As part of Alaska Farm’s mission, they want
to be able to make an individual’s experience memorable with their animals, which holding
events partially fulfills. Alaska Farms sells several types of merchandise, including hand-made
soaps and candles from their staff, shirts, hats, beanies, hand sanitizer, water bottles, honey,
and most unique to them, goat milk lotion. (Rebecca Reif)
(Above) Alaska Farms has four different instructors for their goat yoga sessions, with all of them having
different feelings and beliefs of how yoga interacts with the body and mind. These mindsets
include yoga being about the journey within, connecting deeply with oneself and others,
self-discovery, and strengthening and developing flexibility to the body and mind. The true
purpose of goat yoga and yoga having interaction with animals is to form a feeling of relaxation
and peace, whilst also having a different experience than just a regular yoga class.
(Rebecca Reif.)
(Above) Lasting 30 to 35 minutes long, the goat yoga classes include an introduction to the farm,
stretching along with basic yoga poses, time after yoga to take any pictures a customer would
like, and a tour of the rest of their farm. Alaska Farms is rather flexible when it comes to the
sessions, inviting anyone to participate, whether they just want to interact with the baby goats,
actually stretch and partake in yoga, or do a combination of both. (Rebecca Reif)
(Above) Club Pilates offers a variety of classes for members. Class levels range from 1, 1,5, 2, and 2.5.
Moving up requires approval from instructors and mastery of specific techniques. There are also
different style classes such as Cardio Sculpt, Center + Balance, and Suspend. Although Pilates is
designed for injury rehabilitation and prevention, improper form can lead to back, neck, and
spinal injuries. Instructors are trained to constantly correct bad form, especially in beginner
classes. (Sarah Finfrock)