Teaching track by the Book


Arya Sant

Freshman students in Mrs. Miriam Campbell’s class have the opportunity to study “Romeo and Juliet,” “Lord of the Flies,” and “To Kill a Mockingbird,” amongst other texts. Mrs. Campbell is extremely passionate about teaching her students and looks forward to teaching many more in the future. Students should expect a course that will fully prepare them for the next three years of their high school experience.

Arya Sant, Staff

Lake Highland takes pride in their successful sports teams and players. Many students find their love and passion for a sport while they are young and continue playing throughout college. Track is one of the sports that has become more popular every year. The track and field program at Lake Highland has won a total of 11 district championships and six regional championships. In addition, students have won six individual state championships. Although the team consists of extremely talented individuals, it’s important to recognize that most of their success would not be possible without the guidance of their coaches. Coaches, such as Mrs. Miriam Campbell, help students find that drive that allows them to stay committed to a sport, which in turn helps them improve their overall performance. 

An enthusiastic and passionate person has stepped in to ensure the continued success of the Varsity Track Team. Mrs. Miriam Campbell, a second year English teacher at LHPS and the newest addition to Lake Highland’s varsity track team, will be working with the team as Head Coach. She brings many years of coaching and leadership experience from different areas of her life. Mrs. Campbell previously resided in El Paso, Texas, where she was Head Coach of both volleyball and track. She led her teams to various championships and was even awarded with the title of Coach of the Year for the city of El Paso. 

Coach Campbell attended Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas, where she specialized in Javelin and 400 Hurdles. She participated in various heptathlons, a competitive track and field event in which there are seven events. Beyond the track, she enjoys partaking in activities that involve reading, drawing, and walking outside. Coach Campbell moved to Jacksonville in 2012, with her husband and four children, Jordyn, Machai, Marcus, and Jailynn. Coach Campbell particularly enjoys being a part of Lake Highland’s faculty now because she admires the community and tradition. She believes it is a great place to teach and is thrilled to be a part of it. Though many students look up to her, she is also inspired by her own students, as they influence her in such positive ways that she feels motivated to be the best possible version of herself. 

Coach Campbell has been an athlete since elementary school and started volleyball and track and field at an age much younger than most. Volleyball was a sport that was very dear to her heart because it heavily relies on strategy. One of her favorite parts was the interaction with her teammates. Unlike track and field, the sport does not rely on one single person to be successful, and instead, focuses on working together as a team. By the age of 10, Coach Campbell was also participating in Junior Olympic track and field every summer. In order to be successful in track, Coach Campbell says you must have, “Inner drive and discipline.” With 17 years of coaching experience, she has seen the ups and downs of all her athletes. Although times can get difficult, Coach Campbell sees past it and focuses on all her favorite parts of coaching. In her opinion, the best part of track is that it is one of the only sports that is solely about yourself. She emphasized, “You are the person who will better yourself and has to push yourself everyday to be the best you can be.” Track runners require more self motivation and drive than most other team sport athletes, in her opinion. 

Aside from Coach Campbell’s passion for coaching, she also teaches English 9. She enjoys showing students that literature can stand the test of time and will always have a prominent role in our lives. She explained that, “Human nature can transcend generations, and it is a timeless way to teach students how to be better humans.” 

Coach Campbell started the first few years of her teaching career in music. Since then, she has taught many different courses, from 6th grade English to Advanced Placement Literature, before coming to Lake Highland. Coach Campbell sees many similarities between teaching her students in a classroom setting and coaching her athletes on the track. The coaching aspect of her personality is occasionally brought out in the classroom, which she believes makes her a better teacher. She constantly strives to pull out the best in her students to show them that they can achieve anything if they believe in themselves. 

Although Coach Campbell has only been with Lake Highland for a short period of time, it is clear that she will continue to lead students on and off the track to success. Students are encouraged to be involved in the track program by joining or showing their support at meets. It is obvious that the track program is lucky enough to be working with Coach Campbell’s leadership experience and styles in the upcoming seasons.