Rollins College Preserves Legacies


Alex Caballero

Sculptor Paul Day sculpted A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor, which was added to the campus recently in 2021. Day adorned the back of the sculpture with puppets from Mr. Roger’s show Mister Roger’s Neighborhood to illustrate how much Mr. Rogers valued creativity and imagination. As Rollins’ most famous alum, Fred Rogers discovered his passion for music composition while at Rollins, learning the importance of fostering relationships through creating a personalized learning environment. For the next five decades, Mr. Rogers took what he learned and became a cultural icon, teaching lessons of kindness, responsibility, and service to the community to millions of children around the world through his show.

Alexandra Caballero, Copy Editor

While Rollins College may be seen as a private liberal arts college located in the heart of Winter Park, there is much more to discover at the college than meets the eye. Established in November of 1885, Rollins College prides itself on being,“Now the oldest recognized college” in the state of Florida according to their website. With decades of history hidden within the very foundations of the campus, Rollins College serves as a historical treasure, a place where a piece of history can be found around every corner. From the recently sculpted Mr. Roger’s statue, A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor, to the historic Annie Russell Theatre, the Rollins campus is a place where people can educate themselves on history from all over the world. Specifically, Rollins’ Walk of Fame highlights historical figures and places whose legacies may have gone unnoticed. Rollins College serves as an archive of new and old, where everyone can celebrate the historical feats of past and present.

Inside the Alfond Inn that is owned by Rollins features Cloud Cities – Nebulous Threshold, a glass installation that hangs under the glass dome of its conservatory. Argentine artist Tomas Saraceno designed the installation to function under the natural environment, reacting to the strength and position of the sun. Saraceno’s work is part of Rollin’s contemporary art collection in which its purpose is to prompt scientific and creative thinking. (Alexandra Caballero)
Near Carnegie Hall, one of the older residential halls at Rollins, displays another work of art as part of Rollins’ permanent art collection. This sculpture, made of painted aluminum, was designed by artist Jane Manus, whose body of work is characterized by an extensive portfolio of welded and painted aluminum forms. Entirely abstract, Girls’ Night Out references when women would spend time together. (Alexandra Caballero)
The Annie Russell Theatre is the longest standing theatre in Central Florida, with a performance season every year since 1932. With the theatre being named after actress and teacher Annie Russell, Russell dedicated her life to enhancing the dramatic arts program at Rollins. The “Annie” is nationally recognized for its architecture and its role in education and the performing arts. (Alexandra Caballero)
Alexandra Caballero