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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

Zane Rimes

Zane Rimes, Director of Archives

Zane Rimes is currently attending Lake Highland Preparatory school as a 10th grader, a Sophomore. He started attending Lake Highland Preparatory school in 7th grade. He is involved with Boy Scouts and is on Lake Highland's Wrestling team. Zane is a very big advocate on cancer research since he is a pediatric cancer survivor. He continues to serve advocacy for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Currently he is very passionate about hanging out with friends, building Legos and various other buildable miniatures. He is very passionate about writing and enjoys being with newspaper. Zane finished his Lego typewriter set and moved on and built his own computer out of computer parts from scratch. Now he is tackling the assembly his Lego world map!

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Looking at the Last Twelve Months in Ukraine

Looking at the Last Twelve Months in Ukraine

Zane Rimes, Director of Archives
February 9, 2023
(Above) Even though Destiny 2 has become a hardcore
type game where players need DLCS to progress, there
is no doubt about how well Bungie does when they make
skyboxes or landscapes. All screenshots by Zane Rimes.

The Crash of an Industry

Zane Rimes, Director of Advertising
October 27, 2022
(Above) Brad Pitt is an interesting actor mainly
because of the things he performs and makes. He
is a truly talented actor that always brings a smile
to many people’s faces, and he’s always doing so
much for the community. He’s also the founder of a
renowned charity named Make it Right Foundation
that has aided more than five million dollars worth
in damage costs with aiding the 9th ward district in

New Orleans. He started the cause in 2007 accord-
ing to According to that

same site, he built over 150 enviromentally friendly
houses to rebuild families and give them places to
call home. talking to news outlets, Look To The Stars,
he has said, “We’ve got to push to get these levees
taken care of in the correct fashion.” He is such an
interesting actor, and he needs to do more films and
overall needs to keep doing what he has done best: acting. Photo courtesy of

Brad Pitt Rises From The Pits

Zane Rimes, Director of Advertising
October 17, 2022
(Above) Many old and new friends are seen at the walk, and Zane, age 9, hangs out with a good friend at the event in 2016. All photos courtesy of Mrs. Maranda Arnold.

St. Jude Kicks off Walk With a Run

Zane Rimes, Director of Archives
September 14, 2022
By Zane Rimes

The Four Year Struggle

Zane Rimes, Staff
February 22, 2022
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