In With the Old Y2K Style


Photos courtesy of and GSI Media (left to right).

(Left) Juicy Couture velour tracksuits definitely defined the 2000s fashion era. Everybody who was somebody was seen wearing Juicy Couture out running errands, or even for a walk in the park. 2000s star Mariah Carey was seen wearing Juicy Couture, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner took a modern twist on the 2000s trend. Photos courtesy of and GSI Media (left to right).

Delaney Bolstein and Kailey Calvo, Co-Editor

Anyone who survived the 2000s may be concerned, or even excited, about the decade’s fashion returning, but its resurgence is part of a bigger trend: fashion cycles returning. It is important to define what a trend is, so we can better understand why they are coming back. defines a trend as, “How something changes over time.” This plays into fashion because every 20 or so years, the fashion of the past comes back and becomes adopted by today’s youth. This was observed in the 2010s with the revival of mom jeans and scrunchies, and can be tracked back as far as observed fashion has been recorded. Brands use the 20-year rule to capitalize on nostalgia, use elements of old designs, and rework them to enhance today’s fashion.

(Aboe) Crochet fashion has seen a resurgence in the 2020s, with crochet accessories becoming integral in all closets. Mrs. Erica Bolstein, LHP faculty member commented on this trend saying, “I’m really into the crochet fashion trend right now…I love how it mixes both a bohemian and
current feel.” Photos courtesy of Getty Images and
Photos courtesy of Getty Images and Mr. Bobby Rachpoot (left to right).
LOS ANGELES – MARCH 6: Actress Halle Berry arrives at the premiere of Twentieth Century Fox’s “Robots” at the Village Theater on March 6, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) (Kevin Winter)
(Right) The hallmark of early 2000s fashion is low-rise jeans. Over the past two years or so there were only whispers of its return. People looked at low rise with disdain, but it too has had a resurgence within this decade. Mrs. Stacy Efstathiou, LHP social studies instructor, commented on low rise coming back saying, “No low rise. Anything but low rise,” and she has consistently referred to the style as the “low rise jeans of doom.” Photos courtesy of Getty Images and Mr. Bobby Rachpoot (left to right).  (Photos courtesy of Getty Images and Mr. Bobby Rachpoot (left to right). )
(Above) Miniskirts are definitely some of the cutest 2000s fashion trends, and have aged extremely well (unlike low-rise jeans). Miniskirts, when paired with a cute top and colorful accessories, are perfect for a hot summer day. Photos courtesy of and (left to right). (Photos courtesy of and (left to right).)

(Left) To an untrained eye, baguette bags may not look very functional. However, Mrs. Hiam Leonard, LHP French teacher doesn’t agree. She explained, “I truly do like them. They can fit everything like your keys, wallet, and sunglasses. They are perfect for a small person like me.” Photos courtesy of Mr. Fredrick M. Brown and Ms. Caroline Vazzana (left to right). (Photos courtesy of Mr. Fredrick M. Brown and Ms. Caroline Vazzana (left to right).)

(Left) Today, Instagram creators like Kylie Jenner spread fashion trends, but in the 2000s, young people mimicked the iconic celebrity red carpet looks. Mr. Rafael Cruz, LHP Spanish teacher, shared his love for Christina Aguilera, “Her wild style was some of the best fashion from the 2000s.” Photo courtesy of Getty Images and (left to right). (Photo courtesy of Getty Images and (left to right).)

Unfortunately, similar to fashion, body types go into trend as well. The early 2000s featured trends that were skin-tight and revealing. Teenage icons, such as Christina Agulera and Kate Moss, all fit into the prevailing body standard of super-skinny. Popular shows like America’s Next Top Model brutally shamed anyone remotely plus-sized. Fashion is about the clothes, not the body. Low-rise jeans can be worn no matter what size an individual is. Miniskirts look good on everyone, and the “it” girls come in trends just like fashion. Fortunately, this toxic mindset is being changed slowly but surely, as more and more brands are including more size-inclusive styles and garments in their catalogs. It is becoming more widely accepted that not everyone is a size 0, and all bodies and people should be able to find clothes within their individual styles easily. Clothes are made to fit all shoppers. People are not made to fit into clothes.