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Twice-Told Tale

The Hidden Treasures of LHP

(Above) Ms. Gallagher stays very busy as our Student Activities Coordinator, Volleyball Coach, and Graduation Coordinator. Without her, many things at our school would not be possible. Ms. Gallagher has been working at LHP for 10 years and is also an LHP alumnus.

Undoubtedly, it is a blessing to be a part of Lake Highland Preparatory School. With its top education, amazing athletic teams and programs, amazing classes, supportive staff, and beautiful open campus, LHPS is an amazing place to spend your high school career. However, hours and hours of hard work have to be spent making LHPS the wonderful school it is. There are many contributors that make this school possible, including our amazing teachers, students, board members, front desk operators, janitors, and many more. Yet there are many things that LHPS has to offer that most people overlook. These elements include our amazing campus safety, fundraising efforts, and fun activities for students which are all amazing advantages to being a part of the LHPS community. It is only fair to give credit to the wonderful faces who make all this possible behind the scenes. 

All of the amazing things that LHP offers come with a price. That is why we have our lovely Mrs. Susan Clayton. Mrs. Clayton is our Vice President of Advancement and has been working at LHP for 27 years. Her role as a part of the LHP family is to raise money for all of our expenses. Her typical work day includes attending, planning, and presenting at meetings and returning phone calls and emails. Most importantly, Mrs. Clayton informs parents, alumni, employees, donors, volunteers, and outside groups about HP’s mission and strategic priorities along with how we can accomplish these goals. Her day includes visits to classes and time outside her office where she leads campus tours. She also attends student events which include athletic games and performances by the arts. 

However, many people are surprised about how, in Mrs. Clayton’s own words, “Inspiring and fun” her job is. Mrs. Clayton’s favorite part of her job is, “Developing relationships with inspiring, generous people who share a love for LHP and a belief in our profound mission to create citizens with strong intellect, character, and compassion who will serve, lead, and excel in our world.” Thanks to Mrs. Clayton, we got the wonderful opportunity to enjoy our new Porter Center for Innovation and Academics

Another hard-working staff member who makes LHP as amazing as it is is Ms. Katie Gallagher, who is also an LHP alumnus. Ms. Gallagher has been working for LHP for 10 years and is our Student Activities Coordinator, Volleyball Coach, and Graduation Coordinator. Her work day is a very full one. Ms. Gallagher teaches two leadership classes. When she is not teaching, she is working on different events that are upcoming (including paperwork for the events), sending out emails, and preparing for classes. 

When asked what would surprise people the most about her job, Ms. Gallagher said, “How busy my day-to-day is. I am constantly emailing, preparing for projects, or organizing projects. My hours range daily and based on events, but I enjoy all the different aspects of my job.” Ms. Gallagher says that her favorite part of her job is, “Working with the faculty and staff from all levels and departments. With all the different events and programs, I engage with all areas of the school, and I enjoy building relationships and getting to know my peers.” With that said, she also loves, “Getting to know 80% of a person.” Ms. Gallagher explains that, “A person only shows 20% of who they are to you on a normal day. I enjoy learning that 80% and seeing students differently than maybe their peers and teachers do daily, especially when it comes to mentoring. Seeing athletes, and students in the arts, get down and play with a five year old and build relationships with them is super a cool experience.”

Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the hard-working staff that put so much effort into making this amazing school into what it is. This is especially significant as our students have access to so many resources that are blessings, and most of these advantages are overlooked. It’s surprising how many people and how much work it takes to make a school run, let alone one of the best schools in Orlando. For this reason, be sure to thank a hidden staff member who keeps LHP going even while being out of sight. 

(Above) LHPS is lucky enough to have a Vice President of Advancement, who is Mrs. Clayton. Mrs. Clayton is what made our wonderful Porter Center for Innovation and Academics possible. She helps raise money for any expenses the school has. Mrs. Clayton has been working at LHP for 27 years. (Lakhischan)
(Above) Mrs. Jennifer Bray is the Transportation Manager. A normal day of work includes receiving packages, checking them, and then delivering them across campus. Somedays she receives over 200 packages. Mrs. Bray has worked at Lake Highland for six years. She enjoys delivering the packages across campus because she gets to see what goes on in the classrooms. She loves noticing how excited the little kids get when she drops off books. (Lakhischan)
(Above) Mrs. Jennifer D’Andrea is yet another overlooked treasure of LHP. Mrs. D’Andrea is our Associate Director of Curriculum and Instructions. Mrs. D’Andrea is oftentimes in meetings with parents, students, and faculty. As well as planning future curricular programs. She also observes classes when she can, interviews teaching candidates, and tracks teacher development and certification. She has been in the field of education but at LHP for 8 years. Mrs. D’Andrea loves seeing growth in both students and faculty. (Lakhischan)
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