Living Your Aesthetic Life


Rebecca Reif

(Above) At Full Sail University, The Monarch Initiative is a program that focuses on the nature in one’s life, and it also promotes conservation. Relating to Instagram trends, butterfly and angel wings fill up a substantial amount of an individual’s feed. It is com- mon for the person to stand in the middle of each wing, and poses for his or her photo.

Rebecca Reif, Editor-in-Chief

While the social media platform, Instagram, can be used for activism, sharing one’s daily life through photos and videos, or informative graphics, Instagram users also focus on an aesthetic for their page. Finding the perfect spot and ideal location can be the difference between an Instagram worthy post, and one that stays in an individual’s camera roll. Features such as colorful areas, beautiful outdoor scenes, graffiti walls, monotone places, and popular tourist destinations are a few things that people idolize for that perfect post. In Central Florida, there is a large mix of well-traveled sites, including International Drive, Disney World, and Universal, as well as hidden gems all across town. When searching for the most Instagrammable spots in Central Florida, the popular finds are the main tourist attractions. However, places like Southern Hill Farms, Lake Eola, Park Avenue, and artful walls can make for a unique backdrop for the ultimate Instagram photo. 

(Above) The Wheel at ICON Park is a remarkable 400 feet tall, standing out from other photo sets. While Orlando has a large amount of tourist attractions, the Eye appeals to both locals and tourists. Whether a picture is taken inside the Eye cabin, or out in front of The Wheel, it is a memorable spot that makes an individual’s Instagram page stand out. (Rebecca Reif)
(Above) The Walt Disney Amphitheater at Lake Eola hosts plays and concerts in the heart of Downtown Orlando. On top of the live entertainment, the amphitheater also has a great appeal when it comes to taking a photo. Along with the vibrant color and rainbow pattern, the pyramid style layering of the building makes for a distinctive background of any Instagram photo. All photos by Rebecca Reif. (Rebecca Reif )
(Left) Other than the fresh produce and homemade goods sold at Southern Hill Farms, the sunflower field takes the attention of all the customers. Having an outside background that is naturally artistic is always a crowd favorite when it comes to Instagram. At Southern
Hill Farms, the sunflowers are both photographable and available for picking. (Rebecca Reif)
(Left) With the consistent theme of pink at Park Aire Apartments, at 640 North Park Avenue, this monotone look is an aesthetic pleaser. Kat Albanese, an Orlando-based singer, songwriter, and producer even shot part
of one of her song’s music videos at this destination. On top of artists, true social media influencers use this spot for fashion modeling. Combined with the overwhelming amount of pink, as well as the unique architecture, Park
Aire is one of the most popular spots in Orlando for
Instagram photos. (Rebecca Reif)