Fall Into These Seasonal Experiences


Emily Cypher, Staff

Fall is a beloved season throughout the U.S. People often find small, affordable ways to immerse themselves in the fall spirit, from
changing their coffee order, to watching the most seasonal TV shows and movies! Festive coffee orders included a refreshing chai tea latte, pumpkin spice latte, and many more tasteful options! Popularnseasonal TV shows during the fall are all always enjoyable to watch to get you ready for the season. Some popular autumn TV shows include Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries, and many more amazing shows. Besides having a festive drink or watching a seasonal TV show, there are many other ways to immerse yourself into the season. If the full fall experience is something truly desired then a fall festival is the perfect answer. Southern Hill Farms Fall Festival is an excellent way to get into the season. The festival offers many amenities, including a pumpkin patch. Even though living in Florida can limit people’s fall options with the unseasonal weather climate and year-round summer feel, here are some ways to spice up everyone’s fall season!

(Above) Anthropologie gathers its creativity from five main styles: boho-chic, soft and delicate, easy-cool, elegant classic, and modern sporty. This gives the store a wide variety of clothing options. The store not only sells clothes but is also widely known for its amazing scented candles. With the many luxury treasures found in the store, prices add up. However, Anthropologie has many discount opportunities. The store offers a clearance section in-store as well as free shipping for orders over $50.00, and an up to 60% discount section online. All photos by Emily Cypher. Graphics courtesy of Canva. (All photos by Emily Cypher. Graphics courtesy of Canva.)

(Above) Trader Joe’s is known for its many eccentric food items and the low prices they offer. Trader Joe’s food is notoriously tasty with some of the most raved about products being Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Tri-Color Spaghetti, and the Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar beverages. Trader Joe’s also offers seasonal specific items and fall items, such as Caramel Apple Mochi and Pumpkin Spice Hummus, which are constantly fan favorites. The store truly gives a wide variety of items for customers to choose from to expand shoppers’ fall spirit.

(Above) Craft & Common is quaint, delicious, and one of Orlando’s hidden gems. The coffee shop currently has only one location, at 47 East Robinson Street, Suite 100, Orlando. The café thrives on its cohesive environment and the customer’s enjoyment while offering a playlist available to listen to on Spotify. The Craft & Common official website presents the menu favorites at the shop including avocado toast, The Wild Child (an espresso and milk drink with a variety of flavors), a vegan breakfast sandwich, and many more mouthwatering treats. Besides the enjoyment of food and drinks, the coffee shop also offers merchandise that ranges from cups to stickers and t-shirts.