Discovering Arts at LHPS


(Above) At the Homecoming pep rally, David Copperfield’s Project Magic astounded the audience in their circus themed costumes as a tribute to the shows in Las Vegas. Shown are Tina Zhang, grade 12; Aishwarya Vangala, grade 11; Ava Sharon, grade 11; Karisma Kohn, grade 11, and Carolyn Rogers, grade 11, on tissu—more commonly known in the dance world as aerial silks— in a performance directed by Ms. Ginger Bryant. Incredibly, before taking the class, more than half the cast had never touched a magic trick before, and yet their performance was ready after 26 days of 45-minute practices. All photos by Serena Young.

Serena Young, Co-Editor/Director of Advertising

LHP offers many opportunities for students to express their artistic talents from music to writing, visual arts, photography, and ceramics. If one were to observe American school culture, there seems to an unbalanced emphasis on sports and subjects such as STEM. LHP stands out from the crowd by highlighting the entire world of art which remains untouched for many. So, to the students and artists who shine brightly on their own, here is a stage for them to steal the spotlight.

(Above) Jayden and Jeremaih Libema, grade 11, work on their fairy houses in Ceramics I taught by Mrs. Allie Dunaway. In this 2-3 week project, they use stoneware clay, low fire, and a colored and glazed finish resulting in a finished product which they get to take home at the end. Students have learned various other techniques in ceramics such as coilpots, candles,
slabboxes, and succulent holders.
(Above) Mr. Jonah Hardy shows Natasha Ottinger, grade 10, a 3D custom
clay model created by a previous student in the now unavailable 3D
sculpt class. The model had been the product of a one week semester
exam project for students to research, design, and create a model using
Sculpey (an air dry clay). Mr. Hardy shares, “Students enjoy the aspect
of being able to be creative and do what they think is interesting and
fun to do.”
(Above) Natasha Ottinger, grade 10, and Brianna Yoskin, grade 10, critique each other’s work on animating a 3D character on the program Maya. In Mr. Jonah Hardy’s 3D animation class, they had already drawn out a storyboard with key frames indicating where the character should be at certain points. It results in a walking, falling, and facially expressive ant at the end of this two week project.
(Below, Left to Right) AP Art students ZiQin Chiodi, grade 11; Sophia
LeBlanc, grade 12; Faith Graham, grade 11; Meryl Canine, grade 11, and
Leo Naylor, grade 11, work on their pieces in Mrs. Kathleen Forster’s
class. They are currently working on their AP Art portfolio, a sustained
investigation which includes a 15 page submission of their work flow,
journal, research, and selected work. As always, the class radiates a
sense of calm with pencils scratching on high-quality paper.
(Above) Yumi Okuda, grade 12, sings, “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” by Billie Holiday in a performance directed by Mr. Fray Peralta. It was a Wednesday, when Band, Chorus, and Strings (not depicted) came together in an effort to share their love of music to the student body. This incredible performance, organized by Mr. Chris Greening, took place in the Calkins Library.
(Above) Vivian Vogel, grade 10, captures milk drips with a flash in Photography II with Ms. Kathryn Tucker. In the liquid art technique unit,
the classroom lights are off, and students use pipettes to capture differ-
ent liquids in action: water, bubbles, milk, zanthum gum, and colored milk
into water. Next, they will be working on portraits, long exposure, and
green screens. All photos by Serena Young.
(Above) The combined LHP dance team of Middle School and Upper School varsity led by co-captians Alison Rench, grade 11, and Allison Raymond, grade 11, performed a choreographed dance by Ms. Renne Korte. After a round of tryouts to reach this final team, they learned the performance in about 12 practices, an hour long each. They are currently working
on a competition routine.
(Above) Under the direction of Ms. Sybil McKinzy, sponsor of National Spanish Honors Society (NSHS), and Serena Young, grade 11, president of the Culinary Club, the two groups worked together for Hispanic Heritage Month to produce a menu of dishes for students to assemble themselves. The dishes included were no-heat dishes such as Pico De Gallo made with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro; Mangonada made with mango, chili sauce, and lime juice; Elotes made with grilled corn coated in mayonaise, chile powder, and sour cream; and Tostadas, a crunchy tortilla.