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Serena Young

Serena Young, Director of Advertising

Serena Young is the Director of Advertising of Lake Highland Preparatory School's Upper School newspaper Twice-Told Tale, a publication ranked first in the nation by American Scholastic Press Association. Additionally, she has been featured in publications such as Girl UpThe Center for Fiction, and The Bubblah. She is the President-elect of her school’s inaugural branch of the National English Honors Society. Young is also the Co-founder of Athena Sisterhood, a community of over 1.3k women, and was a teen speaker at the Global Youth Mindset Summit. Young has traveled to 30+ countries and volunteered over 1,000+ hours of community service. She started her personal development journey at the age of seven and has previously attended Tony Robbins's Unleash your Power Within, Global Youth Leadership, Business MasteryLeadership Academy, and Date With Destiny. When not taking a good nap, Young enjoys gourmet food, watching award winning movies, and spending quality time with family and friends.

All content by Serena Young
(Above) At the Homecoming pep rally, David Copperfield’s Project Magic
astounded the audience in their circus themed costumes as a tribute to the
shows in Las Vegas. Shown are Tina Zhang, grade 12; Aishwarya Vangala,
grade 11; Ava Sharon, grade 11; Karisma Kohn, grade 11, and Carolyn Rogers,
grade 11, on tissu—more commonly known in the dance world as aerial silks—
in a performance directed by Ms. Ginger Bryant. Incredibly, before taking
the class, more than half the cast had never touched a magic trick before,
and yet their performance was ready after 26 days of 45-minute practices.

All photos by Serena Young.

Discovering Arts at LHPS

Serena Young, Co-Editor/Director of Advertising
March 22, 2023
(Above) After being separated into groups of 50 students in a, “Family group,” students formed their own, “Home groups” as a sharing hub during each exercise. Serena Young, grade 11, especially enjoyed the contest to see which home group could come up with the most obscure simiarites. Photo courtesy of a SDLC student participant.

Students Dive into Diversity

Serena Young, Co-Editor/ Director of Advertising
February 6, 2023
(Above) The Seafood Siu Mai was significantly larger than anything we had ever seen before. The insides were filled with twice as much meat as those in most restaurants and grocery stores. The abalone on top was an appreciated rarity in most dim sum restaurants.

A Pro-Chef Rates Restaurant’s Authenticity

Serena Young, Director of Advertising
November 7, 2022
(Above) Miya Okuda, grade 12, shares how she’s recently been doing two-shades on her nails. Her go-to nails are a shade of pink or blue, and anything with sparkles. This set reminded her of cherry blossoms, and she described them as, “Bright, sparkly, and fun,” adding how they reflect her personality. She would love to try storyboard nails and believes nails are really important because they, “Are one of the first things people will notice about you, especially when shaking your hand or when you’re moving.” When someone has nails as strong as these, they certainly are a great point of conversation indeed. All photos by Serena Young.

Express Yourself From Tip to Toe

Serena Young, Director of Advertising
October 21, 2022
(Above) While living in Bath, England, Mr. Sharkey and his son,
Mathew, and his daughter, Rebecca, had a fun day trip to London,
England in the year 2000. Moving to Orlando, Florida, was a huge
contrast to the dreary U.K. weather. Mr. Sharkey says, “I love it

here...I love the heat and blue skies...” Photo courtesy of Mr. Sharkey.

Meet Mr. Sharkey: The True Scottsman of LHPS

Serena Young, Director of Advertising
October 19, 2022
Cottageccore is an aesthetic that incorporates a romanticized version of rural life,
although more recently with a Victorian twist. This is mainly due to the popularity
of shows such as Bridgerton and adaptions of Jane Austen novels. The outfits have an
element of a corset,
puff sleeves, and floral
prints. Think about
taking a garden stroll
while bread is baking in
the oven. Shoes can be soft
leather boots and short
to the ankle. Wear a
straw hat for the sun
and adorn with delicate
jewerly. Comfort and simplicity are prioritized, whether
through soft cottons or handmade accessories. As
long as everything is minimalistic and intentional, it is Cottagecore. Photo by Serena Young.

Style Up Every Season

Serena Young, Director of Advertising
October 6, 2022
(Above) AP Art students work on their individual projects
during classtime. Their pieces count towards their end of
the year AP portfolio. Students use an array of mediums
such as markers, pastels, and pens to create their pieces.
Photo by Serena Young.

Bridging the Brain Gap

Serena Young, Director of Advertising
September 16, 2022
(Right) Stephanie Hsu as Joy, Evelyn’s daughter, just turned her opponent into a flurry of confetti. Photo courtesy of The Telegraph.
(Photo courtesy of The Telegraph.)

Must Watch Film Soars Above Expectations

Serena Young, Director of Advertising
September 16, 2022
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