Exploring Aesthetic Lifestyles’ Appeal

Emily Cypher, Staff

Approaching one’s aesthetic goals can be more challenging than people might think. People’s aesthetics are vastly different, and with the rising popularity of aesthetics, people are trying to get their perfect and aesthetically pleasing photo. One of the most aesthetic places here in Central Florida, Florida is Park Avenue, located in Winter Park. To achieve the most aesthetic lifestyle goals while also finding the most fashionable items according to one’s aesthetic, Park Avenue is just the place. With over 100 shops and restaurants, Park Avenue has a place for every aesthetic. “That Girls,” “Downtown Girls,” “Cinnamon Roll Girls,” “Coquette Girls,” and many more looks have stores, and coffee shops that fit their vibe perfectly. The fashion, the food, and plenty of photo opportunities give visitors the chance to explore the aesthetic lifestyle of Park Avenue to fi nd the perfect aesthetic spot.

(Above) A “Cinnamon Roll Girl’s” perfect lifestyle is pastries, cute outfits, and the best setting. Park Avenue’s gardens are a perfect place to achieve that, with the
ideal spots for each photo opp. for a “Cinnamon Roll Girl.”
(Above) The Louise James boutique offers many fashionable items perfect for a “Coquette Girl.” The store sells the items not only in-store but also online at louisejamesboutique.com. All photos by Emily Cypher. (All photos by Emily Cypher. )
(Above) The Croissant Gourmet offers so much tasty and delicious food that’s perfect for a “Cinnamon Roll Girl.” They offer a small-town feel, keeping up with Valentine’s Day and every season. The shop mirrors pastry shops located in France with a bounty of bread, pastries, desserts, and a variety of coffee. It is the perfect study
(Above) A “Downtown Girl” has a very specifi c style, and while Zingara Souls doesn’t primarily sell “Downtown Girl” clothes, it does have a good selec- tion that fits into the aesthetic. The store is sorted by color and allows
customers to visibly see clothes in an aesthetically appealing way. Even if the stores’ inventory doesn’t have
exactly what customer is looking for, their website has more options.
(Above) Frank is a popular store, located on Park Avenue in Winter Park, frequently visited by college students,
locals, and more. The store offers many nic-nacs and goodies as well as some clothing. The store has a clean,
colorful interior, and offers a “That Girl” vibe with many productive and healthy mindset items. Visit frankshopwp.com to browse wellness and self-care items.
(Above) A “Coquette Girl” has a very specific clothing style, and it just so happens that Zingara Souls offers
some outfi ts for this look. The store itself isn’t solely a “Coquette Girl” aesthetic but offers various styles.
The vibe of the store is a perfect place to spend hours trying on clothing with friends. If visitors are not able
to visit the store then the website is available at zingarasouls.com.
(Above) The Writer’s Block Bookstore is one of many shops featured on Park Avenue. The shop offers a welcoming community perfect for any “Downtown Girl” to take pictures, drink coffee, buy books, and hang out.
(Above) Another one of the many stores Park Avenue offers is Bluemercury. The store offers many aesthetic and viral makeup and skincare products allowing each person to achieve the goal of becoming “That Girl.”