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Getting a Sense of Fall

Emily Cypher
(Above) Coming home to a room smelling exactly like pumpkin spice is all a day needs to be absolutely perfect. Bath and Body Works offers countless seasonal scents of candles, shower gels, and lotions. One way to fully be embraced by Fall is to capture every experience through all five senses including smell. Candles not only fill the room with delicious seasonal scents but always set a cozy ambiance perfect for reading, doing homework, or simply a cozy night in. Fall is the season to romanticize life and to capitalize on looking at things differently. It makes mundane tasks all the more enjoyable, and Fall is no different. That’s why simply having the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, pumpkin spice, or coffee is such a game-changer to the average day. With candles, it’s possible to experience places through smell, and while traveling or going out for coffee is something everyone loves to enjoy, there’s not always time in the day or money to spend. Candles transport people to places and just make everything better, they are so aesthetically Fall that it’s impossible not to be effected by their smell!

Preparing for Fall is a highlight on so many individuals’ calendars. Picturing aburn-red leaves outside the window, picking up a pumpkin spice latte, and taking a bite of a favorite seasonal treat are just some ways people experience Fall. Everyday places like parks have so many possibilities but leave people unaware of what they naturally offer. The atmospheric, seasonal aesthetic is perfect for pictures and an opportunity to hang out as a family or with friends. Although not everyone experiences Fall in the same way, some locations have vibrant leaves outside, and others don’t. The Fall season isn’t completely reliant on nature’s decorations; there are many other ways to enhance the seasonal spirit. The Fall season is about taking advantage of the natural surroundings, even if it’s not in Fall’s traditional view. To experience the Fall season in the best way possible, here are the best treats, an amazing seasonal watchlist, and a fuzzy blanket to cozy up in the top five ways to truly “Get a Sense of Fall!”

(Above) Snuggling up to watch a show is always best when drinking a warm cup of coffee, but sometimes finding the perfect movie can be a challenge. Here are some top shows to watch this Fall season. Some top shows include: Gilmore Girls, Anne with an E, Gossip Girl, and Vampire Diaries. Those are only a few shows to watch. If shows are too much of an investment, here are some popular movies to watch during Fall: Twilight, Harry Potter, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and so many more. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.” These great words said by Lorelai Gilmore from the hit series Gilmore Girls still resonates with so many people. Coffee is more than just a drink; it’s an obsession, and everyone’s obsessed, especially with seasonal drinks! Seasonal drinks have become the most sought-out things every year. The 2023 seasonal drinks have been announced by Dunkin Donuts. They released their signature Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Nutty Pumpkin Iced Coffee. They confirmed the drinks will be available until October 31. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Fall Decor is an obvious way to elevate anyone’s seasonal experience, but with so many options for places to shop, it can be a bit overwhelming. When it comes to traditional decor like plates, tablecloths, and napkins, Pottery Barn is the best place to go. Decor strictly for decoration, like lights and other items, are best found at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. They have a great selection of different Fall items, and they’re at an affordable price. Decor is important for every season, which is why it’s important to find stores that welcome the Fall aesthetic. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Playlists are some of the best ways to romanticize life. Playing music has such power over a person, and it can make life feel like a movie. Popular playlists on Spotify and Apple Music include albums like Taylor Swift’s Evermore, Girl in Red’s October Passed Me By, and TV Girls’ Lover’s Rock. Another way to find a good playlist is to look up playlists based on shows like Gilmore Girls and Vampire Diaries, or based on movies like; Twilight or others that have similar fall-day vibes. (Emily Cypher)
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Emily Cypher
Emily Cypher, Copy Editor
Emily Cypher, grade 10, is the Copy Editor of Lake Highland Preparatory School’s, Upper School newspaper, the Twice-Told Tale. She found her passion for Newspaper from the iconic show Gilmore Girls, which aired in the 2000s. After reading more books than anyone could count, her passion for writing grew even bigger, as she is currently exploring creative writing as well. The staff and the opportunities that come with being part of the paper are what she enjoys most about being a member of the Twice-Told Tale staff. Emily continues exploring new passions with writing and beyond. Outside of school, she plays volleyball at Game Point Volleyball Club as a libero. Her commitment to the sport helps her time management skills grow along with her ability to be flexible. Emily loves to travel and visits New York as much as she can, and she is excited to push herself to learn new things.

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