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Emily Cypher
(Above) Small businesses help the communities they surround, but the city of Orlando can also help small businesses. Entrepreneurs of locally owned businesses can apply to the Business Assistance Program (BAP) which will help with costs such as relocation fees. Specifically, the grant matches the small business in fees giving an even split. The BAP targets businesses that strive to produce thriving businesses and in turn, helps by matching costs up to $20,000, illustrating just one way the economy encourages the creation of small businesses. By doing so, this conveys that consumers should support their favorite locally-owned shop too.

Orlando needs more small business support! The city has a great variety of stores in the local community. Places such as Park Avenue offer small businesses the opportunity to flourish and because of that, Orlando already has a great supply of boutiques. However, with the seasons changing and many special events happening, along with upcoming holidays, people are looking for clothing that matches their unique aesthetics. Specialized shops offer customers the chance to explore different racks of unique clothing and have pieces meticulously selected to be there. Recently high schools in central Florida celebrated their homecoming dance, encouraging teens to look for the perfect dress or suit. Whether students are seeking out their dream apparel for a dance or a special event, boutiques can provide a one-of-a-kind look. Locally owned businesses help the community in other ways too, such as the economy. That being said, take a deeper look at Orlando’s small businesses, and maybe find a place tailored to you.

(Above) With what seems like a never-ending amount of fees, small business owners know that their dream job costs a lot. But the benefits of having small businesses are great. In the fashion industry boutiques offer so much compared to chain stores such as Macy’s. Neighboring cities such as West Palm Beach have put small businesses into full force, and have many boutiques located throughout the entire area. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) The many boutiques across West Palm Beach vary from location, but a popular shopping spot is The Gardens Mall. The shopping center houses three amazing boutiques: Altar’d State (seen in photo 5), Tazga (seen in photos 1 & 2), and Copper Closet (seen above). Copper Closet offers a variety of clothing, with many pieces curated towards a “preppy” aesthetic. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Stepping back, Orlando has amazing boutiques in the community, with widely known stores such as Garage, as well as stores solely based in Orlando, such as Gasp and Dear Jane. Locals love the boutiques so much that they need more of them, however, in order to branch out, they will need a stronger force of support. In addition, by encouraging the expansion of small businesses, new sources of inspiration are available to the community, increasing creativity in shoppers’ personal ventures. Orlando’s community is more than willing to welcome unique businesses to help both Orlando and the businesses stand out. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Walking through the doors of Orlando, small businesses are set to thrive. Take The Gardens Mall in Orlando’s neighboring city, West Palm Beach, for example. Tazga and Altar’d State offer the same thing, a great selection of clothing. Walking into Tazga gives a very similar feeling to Urban Outfitters while Altar’d State is more of a traditional boutique. For example, Altar’d State will have anyone automatically wanting to buy the candle the store is using. The store’s selection is a down-to-earth causal combination of aesthetics and is perfect for young adults. On the other hand, Tazga offers pieces for a more trendy look and lifestyle. As of right now, both stores are offering many seasonal pieces perfect for the late fall and upcoming winter seasons, illustrating how both stores are exactly what teens are looking for. (Emily Cypher)
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Emily Cypher, grade 10, is the Historian of Lake Highland Preparatory School’s Upper School newspaper Twice-Told Tale. She found her passion for writing through reading, Gilmore Girls, school, and so much more. Her favorite thing about being on the Newspaper staff is the people and the opportunities that come with being part of it. Emily wants to continue finding and exploring new passions and writing. Beyond school, she plays volleyball at Game Point Volleyball, loves travel, hangs out with friends, frequently visits New York, and loves to write.

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