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Twice-Told Tale

Turkish Cuisine Delights

Zane Rimes
(Above) When coming up with unique dishes did you take any inspiration from existing dishes and put any unique spins to them that make them special to Bosphorous? “They’re all traditional Turkish dishes. The culture is very diverse in Turkey as is the cuisine–we have our own recipes, but they are all heavily influenced by tradition.” The appetizer dishes ordered along with Turkish Coffee adding on to the mood. The coffee itself is an experience as it is the definition of a traditional Turkish coffee.

An authentic taste for delicious meals is hands down reserved for Bosphorous in Winter Garden, Florida. The unique tastes there have people left wanting more. Bosphorous is an enjoyable and delicious place to eat. The way the restaurant has Turkish ebru paintings, silk carpets, handmade Turkish glassware, fragrant aromas, fresh ingredients, and Turkish hospitality adds to the atmosphere. The food is meticulously hand-crafted with fresh ingredients and hummus sourced from Turkey.

(Above) How did Bosphorous come to be? “Our family-owned restaurants are named after the Bosphorous Strait, located in Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul. Istanbul straddles two continents, Asia and Europe. Our Kebap recipes date back to the Ottoman Empire, specifically from the southeastern provinces.” All quotes by Mrs. Andrea Southern. (Zane Rimes)
(Above) Is there a preference for the presentation of the dish versus the taste? “We butcher all our kebap meats, make our dips, and prepare our entrees from scratch. This ensures high quality consistent food at all of our locations. The presentation comes secondary to the taste, but we do love how most of our dishes present themselves.” Steak Kebap was the dish that I ordered. The unique flavors added an amazing taste and texture. (Zane Rimes)
(Above) Is there a specific place in Turkey where you get your ingredients? “All over! Most ingredients that specifically come in from Turkey via shipping containers through Istanbul into New York. It’s all logistics from there.” The Pineapple Turkish Delight I ordered was delicious. (Zane Rimes)
(Above) How did you take ownership of it? “Chris worked as a server and then became a manager when Doved and Tammy Sexter bought the restaurant. Chris and Andrea Southern invested in the business in 2011.” The wide variety of desserts on the menu is so compelling and mouthwatering worthy. With unique dishes and amazing tastes, it is very clear the care put into the dishes. (Zane Rimes)
(Above) What is your favorite dish? “Lahmacun. It’s a casual dish consisting of spicy lamb on a a very flat dough. You eat it almost like a taco, folded up.” The dish, Shrimp Saute, had multiple textures with the creaminess of the saute and the texture of the rice adding to the flavor making it a savory and creamy dish. (Zane Rimes)
(Above) What inspired you to open the new Greek restaurant, Parea Greek Taverna, in Maitland? “When I met Andrea, almost 20 years ago, I was immersed in the Greek culture that everyone falls in love with. The Greek recipes are inspired by our family recipes dating back generations. We’ve always wanted to open a Greek restaurant with the family involved and finally the timing was right!” (Zane Rimes)
(Above) What made you design the restaurants the way you do? “The old design was very traditional–our new designs are heavily influenced by our professional design team. We all love the integration of bright colors that reflect the mosaic lights made in Turkey.” Light fixtures within the restaurant were key pieces for making and adding to the ambiance. (Zane Rimes)
(Above) What is the dish that is the most difficult to make and what is it? “Butchering the meats from kebabs is the most labor intensive. It’s all about using fresh ingredients and minimizing waste.” The main course with a combo of chicken, shrimp, and steak. (Zane Rimes)
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