Tight Cast Propels Footloose


Zane Rimes

Under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Courtelyou, the cast of Footloose prepares extensive choreography and songs for their opening on March 12. Tickets can be purchased through the Lake Highland ticket hub. To reserve your ticket, please go to www.teachtix.com/lhps.

Zane Rimes, Staff

Everyone loves and loathes Kevin Bacon’s dance moves and all of the cast in the movie version of Footloose. Now, Lake Highland’s 2022 spring musical tackles a stage adaptation on a movie in which dancing has been deemed illegal and a sin by the church. The main character of the movie, Ren, makes the town rethink their decisions. Lake Highland cast members expressed how everyone in the play has great chemistry and is helping each other out when needed. During the audition process there were three days of interviews and callbacks. On the third day everyone discovered their roles. The show is scheduled to have an open night on March 12 with a run through the 15. The Director Mrs. Elizabeth Cortelyou is working with many outstanding performers. The head singer, Sophia-Bella Carrasquillo, grade 11, explained, “I’m playing Ariel Moore, the preacher’s daughter who has definitely had her fair share of struggles in life. I often see her played as shallow or even sometimes irritating, but I’ve been working really hard to give her depth and make her more of a character the audience will root for and love.” Sophia is definitely one to watch for in Footloose. All of these student actors have to juggle many different extracurriculars while working on the play. Sophia is a major part of LHPS musical theater and many other activities. Chris Wacker, grade 12, gave some insight on his role, as he explained, “My biggest challenge so far is my scheduling conflicts. I am on the Archery Team as team captain, and I am thankful that I am able to fit everything in.” Everyone has many things to juggle, which has created a positive support system where everyone can be there for each other and represent Lake Highland’s arts. Be sure to catch this incredible undertaking while it resides in the HCCA for four days only. “It’s time to cut loose, Footloose!”