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Lake Highland Athletes are Fit to a “T”

Hayden Roberts
(Above) Coach Randy O’Neal works on his leg strength with the workouts Coach T gave him. Coach O’Neal pitched in the Major Leagues from 1984-1995. He then was drafted in the 1981 MLB draft as the 15th overall pick to the Detroit Tigers. Coach O’Neal made his major league debut on September 12, 1984 in Baltimore against the Orioles, pitching a solid three scoreless inings, pitching against the retiring the reigning Iron Man at his second at bat. Coach O’Neal pitched for five teams throughout the span of his major league career including the Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, and San Francisco Giants.

Lake Highland’s Athletics Department is a program of excellence. From fall to spring, sports fans can always expect to see the best athletes representing the preparatory school wearing red, white, and black. Without a doubt, Lake Highland has made its presence known in academics and athletics. A question that might not appear in spectators’ minds is, “Why does Lake Highland have so many high-performance athletes? Why do the athletes have such discipline? How are they so dominant?”

There are many reasons why Lake Highland’s athletes are elite, one of which is, Coach Thomas Scott. Coach Scott, better known as Coach “T,” is a celebrity amongst all athletes as a trainer, mentor, and leader. He is known for producing monster athletes and training athletes for state and national dominance. How has Coach T had such success over the years, and how does he stay so humble about his work?

Coach T commands respect and hard work. He believes in his athletes, as well as the grit and determination in them. “What makes the great athletes great is believing in themselves, and having the grit to work,” says Coach T. He sees himself as the guide on the athlete’s journey to becoming dominant, saying that he can only provide the workouts and training necessary.

Mrs. Charmaine Schrieber had plenty of things to say about Coach T. She explained, “Coach T was hired in 2007 as Lake Highland’s first full-time strength and conditioning coach. A strength and conditioning program is an integral part of a successful athletic program to enhance performance and help prevent injuries.” Ms. Schrieber believed that Coach T was the perfect hire for this position. When asked about Coach T’s role, Ms. Schrieber said, “Coach T works closely with and supports our head coaches and sports medicine team to provide a full-service athletic program for our student-athletes. He provides many benefits that boost our athletic programs and empower athletes to reach their full potential. Coach T and the Sports Medicine Team partner to focus on athlete safety and injury prevention.” Since Coach T and the athletic trainers prepare athletes before games, there are fewer season-ending injuries among athletes.

Not only is Coach T supporting athletes on the field but in preseason too.“He supports coaches by evaluating athletes and providing proper in and out-of-season programs that include strength, speed, agility, and conditioning training. Additionally, Coach T encourages and motivates student-athletes to be their best and holds them accountable,” said Mrs. Schrieber. Coach T plays a huge role in every student athlete’s life at Lake Highland and an even bigger role on campus as the head strength coach. He has earned a spot in every student athlete’s heart as the trainer who motivates them to become the best they can be.

It is clear that Coach T is much more than just an athletic trainer. When a student needs help, both physically and mentally, Coach T has proved over and over again how important it is to be the strength and conditioning coach at Lake Highland. When asked about Coach T’s positive effect on campus, Mrs. Schrieber was eager to say, “You will find Coach T giving motivational speeches, running pre-game warm-ups, and on the sidelines at LHP competitions.” Coach T’s positive impact continues after graduation, as alumni routinely fill the fitness center to continue training with Coach T. “Behind every great game, dominant team, and every elite athlete, is a strength and conditioning coach who builds the athletes out of love, concern, and mutual respect,” explained Mrs. Schrieber.

Students can agree with Mrs. Schrieber’s final statement about Coach T, “Coach Thomas Scott is a vital part of the success of the LHP athletic program, and all Highlanders are happy he is on our team!” said Ms. Schrieber. It is clear that Coach T is a very important part of Lake Highland’s athletic life and student structure, making everything and everyone at Lake Highalnd around him better. That is how every athlete is fit to a “T.”

(Above) The Lake Highland gym has many purposes whether it is being used for students or teams. Many high school and professional teams choose to work out in this weight room for its top-line equipment and training, assisted with the best trainers. The Highland gym is in tip-top shape with the safest equipment and machines. (Hayden Roberts)
(Above) In the gym, users are welcomed by awards held by previous Highlanders. Awards include: Mr. Lacrosse, Ms. Lacrosse, Mr. Wrestling, Mr. Basketball, and numerous Gatorade Players of the Year awards. The trainers believe that hanging up other athletes’ success will motivate athletes, not only to become the best versions of themselves, but strive to have their names up on the “Wall of Glory.” (Hayden Roberts)
(Above) Many gym rats like to work out alone. That is why some athletes or students with a free period or during P.R.I.M.E. time will come into the gym for a good workout or training session. The Lake Highland gym provides all the equipment anyone could ever want to have their dream workout. Coach T takes safety very seriously. Coach T makes sure wipes are supplied around the gym to use after every set. (Hayden Roberts)
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