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Calling the Shots on This Year’s Fashion

Alyssa Wiboon
(Above) Step into the new year with boots, a definite “In” for this list. From ankle huggers to knee highs, they are redefining footwear fashion. This trend is suitable for every season, with styles perfect for both summer and winter, which proves to be a wardrobe must-have. They’re a bold piece to add to any going-out outfit. Everyone’s strutting in boots. Visit your local mall and hop on this timeless trend!

Out with the old and in with the new! As the 2023 chapter closes, social media platforms, especially TikTok, were overrun with predictions of fashion trends for the new year ahead. Instead of making traditional New Year’s resolutions, a new trend in and of itself was born: In-and-Out Lists. Anyone could hop on this new trend, whether it be fashion professionals, social media influencers, or just regular people. First, participants would go on the Notes app and make one category labeled, “Ins,” and one category labeled, “Outs.” Then, based on what they believe will and won’t be considered “in-style” for the coming year, they would make a bullet point list accordingly. After the list is made, they would make a short video explaining why they think each item belongs in the category in which they put it. The last step would be to post it for social media users to view and see if they agree or not. These lists aren’t just limited to fashion. Some people have also included lifestyles, foods, and even other trends that they believe to be “In” or “Out.” It’s not too late! 2024 has only just begun. Jump on this trend while you can! Here are a few fashion pieces seen on In-and-Out Lists that have been surfacing on current “For You Pages” everywhere. 

(Above) Even though girlhood has been a recurring theme in fashion for many years, it has taken over with a new force recently. The “coquette” aesthetic has been spreading on every social media platform. People also have begun to highlight childhood dressing in their style. From hair accessories to patterned clothing, bows add a feminine twist to any outfit. (Alyssa Wiboon)
(Above) Silk and sleek dresses have been all the rage in recent dress styles. With their luxurious feel and elegant drape, they have been and will continue to be a popular fashion piece. This trend is not just about comfort but also about making a bold statement. From runway models to street style, silk dresses can be found everywhere, just like this one at Aritzia. They combine classic and modern styles in a beautiful way. (Alyssa Wiboon)
(Above) Silver jewelry, once a staple in people’s jewelry box, is taking a backseat in the fashion world. Even though gold versus silver depends on skin complexion, most people nowadays have started to invest in more gold jewelry. It has more versatility, value, and variety. The shimmer of silver seems to be fading. Accessories are crucial to tying an outfit together. It’s time to rethink your accessory game! (Alyssa Wiboon)
(Above) Tennis skirts have had their moment. Even though they were designed for athletic wear, tennis skirts have evolved into everyday wear for most girls. However, many have been recently leaning toward leather and denim mini skirts instead, embracing a “Y2K” look. Tennis skirts will continue to be a staple in the gym, but as for an everyday look, people will just have to wait and see what will happen in the new year. (Alyssa Wiboon)
(Above) Big, puffy floral dresses, like these featured at Hollister, have been a 2023 favorite. But will it hold up in 2024? As current aesthetics are leaning toward a nostalgic and vintage theme, this modern and preppy piece of fashion might not have the hype it had last year. Sleek and simple dresses have been catching the attention of many recently, and will likely continue to do so. Only time will tell! (Alyssa Wiboon)
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Alyssa Wiboon
Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media
Alyssa Wiboon, grade 11, is the Director of Media of Lake Highland Preparatory School's Upper School newspaper Twice-Told Tale, and Co-Editor of the Upper School literary magazine By Any Other Name, both nationally recognized by the American Scholastic Press Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. Alyssa is also the Co-President of her school’s club, Paws for a Cause, where she helps spread awareness for animals within local Orlando shelters. Outside of school, she enjoys Irish dancing, going to the beach, reading, and watching movies in her free time. With well over 100 service hours, Alyssa prioritizes helping local communities in any way she can, whether it be at her church or nearby food banks. In the future, she dreams of traveling around the world and creating her own blog, pursuing her love for writing, and being creative.

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