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Elizabeth Rudd
(Above) Sitting down at the beautiful La Piazza del Villaggio Ristorante there is an incredible view of the mountains and buildings all around. This Italian restaurant is located in Telluride, Colorado. Inside there is a variety of well-made Italian foods where it is so clear that they put so much effort into every dish. The food is so good that it tastes like it’s from Italy. The servers and the staff are all so welcoming and kind it makes guests want to come back. It is open from lunch to dinner and is an easy place if you need a place to eat during a long day of skiing. Above the restaurant there is a gondola which brings residents and visitors into town, shops, and so much more.

Students look forward to many events throughout the year, but Spring Break is one of the most anticipated times of the year. In preparation for this time of year, the staff members of Lake Highland Preparatory School’s Twice-Told Tale captured excited memories during Winter Break.  This exciting outlet of pictures offers readers the opportunity to be inspired and add future trips to their bucket lists. Places such as Costa Rica, California, and New York City are waiting to be explored. The Twice-Told Tale Staff offers an exciting opportunity for readers to explore.

(Above) On day five of the AP Human Geography and AP Environmental Science field trip to Costa Rica, the group ended the day with kayaking on the Arenal Lake, which gave them the perfect view of the Arenal Volcano. Arenal Lake is the country’s largest lake, being approximately thirty kilometers long and nearly 5 kilometers wide at its widest point. Everyone was partnered up in pairs of two, making this activity a real bonding experience. Students and teachers were also given the opportunity to swim in the lake. The views were breathtaking, especially as it was nearing sunset. (Alyssa Wiboon)
(Above) When the Fourth of July rolls around every year, The Breakers always goes out of their way to make it an over the top celebration with a lot of fun activities like games for kids, movies by the pool, loud music, lots of food, and most importantly, the fireworks. Almost all of the residents at The Breakers come at the scheduled time to sit down on the provided chairs neatly organized in rows and watch the bright and extraordinary fireworks. (Yara Koteish)
(Above) From November 17, 2023 to January 17, 2024, the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens hosted its fourth annual Asian Lantern Festival. Traditional Chinese lanterns were situated on a ¾ mile loop around the zoo, though animals were hidden as the festival was after hours. (Delaney Bolstein)
(Above) At the Hacienda Alsacia Starbucks Coffee Farm in Costa Rica, LHP students learned from a tour guide about the process of growing coffee plants. Students got to see demonstrative coffee plants while learning about the beans growing their “butterfly” leaves to capture sunlight, and then eventually shedding those for their primary maturing leaves. (Serena Young)
(Above) Although Abba began over 50 years ago in Sweden by a group of four, two women and two men, they are still greatly appreciated and loved by millions of people. Making a comeback in 2008 due to most of their songs being in the hit movie, Mama Mia! Even today, Abba has its very own Abba Arena in London, England. The Abba Arena puts on a virtual show almost every night for fans to attend and enjoy the amazing band. It is an AI video that looks very realistic and gives the impression that you are watching Abba live. (Sofia Cohen)
(Above) When thinking about skiing, someone may think of Colorado or Utah, but my family loves to go to Lake Tahoe, California. California has an amazing reputation for its hot weather and beaches, but its skiing deserves much more credit for how beautiful it is. Our close family friend, Cathy, is seen snowboarding. Cathy can do many tricks, and something she’s training for next is a flip! I can only ski up to level Blue, but I hope she will teach me next time how to snowboard. (Savannah Fondo)
(Above) In NYC there is an adventure around every corner, with locations waiting to be discovered. Union Square and other locations are waiting to be explored. (Emily Cypher)
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Savannah Fondo
Savannah Fondo is a Sophomore  at Lake Highland Preparatory School where she has been in attendance since the 6th grade. Savannah is not involved in many activities, but she likes to try new things all the time. Savannah looks after her community by picking up trash locally to conserve her environment. Savannah likes to bake and cook and has learned a lot from her mom over the years. Savannah joined newspaper to get some more writing opportunities and to explore new topics to cover. Savannah is so excited for the new year and what this new semester of newspaper class brings!
Emily Cypher
Emily Cypher, Copy Editor
Emily Cypher, grade 10, is the Copy Editor of Lake Highland Preparatory School’s, Upper School newspaper, the Twice-Told Tale. She found her passion for Newspaper from the iconic show Gilmore Girls, which aired in the 2000s. After reading more books than anyone could count, her passion for writing grew even bigger, as she is currently exploring creative writing as well. The staff and the opportunities that come with being part of the paper are what she enjoys most about being a member of the Twice-Told Tale staff. Emily continues exploring new passions with writing and beyond. Outside of school, she plays volleyball at Game Point Volleyball Club as a libero. Her commitment to the sport helps her time management skills grow along with her ability to be flexible. Emily loves to travel and visits New York as much as she can, and she is excited to push herself to learn new things.
Serena Young
Serena Young, Director of Photography
Serena Young is the Director of Photography of Lake Highland Preparatory School's Upper School newspaper Twice-Told Tale, a publication ranked first in the nation by American Scholastic Press Association. Young is the Co-founder of Athena Sisterhood, a community of over 1.6k women, and was a teen speaker at the Global Youth Mindset Summit. She has traveled to 30+ countries, volunteered over 1,500 hours of community service, and has 7M+ views on Google Reviews. Young started her personal development journey at the age of seven and has attended Tony Robbins's Unleash your Power Within, Global Youth Leadership, Business MasteryLeadership Academy, and Date With Destiny. When not taking a good nap, Young enjoys gourmet food, running long distance, watching award winning movies, and spending quality time with family and friends.
Sofia Cohen
Sofia Cohen, Copy Editor
Sofia Cohen is a student at Lake Highland Preparatory School in grade 10. Her favorite subjects in school are English and History. Her favorite part about school is being on a beautiful campus surrounded by amazing friends and teachers. When she is not in school, she enjoys reading, writing, listening to music all sorts of music (mostly Taylor Swift), watching movies, playing soccer, shopping, and spending time with friends and family. Her favorite time of the year is summer, and she can't wait to be on the beach again!
Elizabeth Rudd
Elizabeth Rudd is a 10th grade student at Lake Highland Preparatory School. She enjoys history and her Spanish class. Outside of school she plays soccer and tennis with some of her close friends. When she hangs out with her friends outside of school, she goes to the movies and to the mall. Her favorite thing to do is build Legos and watch movies with her two dogs and cat. She attends Mataponi summer camp for two months in Maine every summer. After many years of going to camp she is too old to be a camper, and will now be attending the University of Miami’s2024 summer program for law.
Delaney Bolstein
Delaney Bolstein, Editor-in-Chief
Delaney Bolstein is the Editor-in-Chief of Lake Highland Preparatory School's Upper School newspaper Twice-Told Tale. She is a Senior at Lake Highland and has been at the school since Pre-K. Delaney has also been a member of the cross-country and track team since Sophomore year. Additionally, Delaney volunteers at the Winter Park Public Library. In her free time, Delaney can be found watching Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous and translating French novels.
Alyssa Wiboon
Alyssa Wiboon, Director of Media
Alyssa Wiboon, grade 11, is the Director of Media of Lake Highland Preparatory School's Upper School newspaper Twice-Told Tale, and Co-Editor of the Upper School literary magazine By Any Other Name, both nationally recognized by the American Scholastic Press Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. Alyssa is also the Co-President of her school’s club, Paws for a Cause, where she helps spread awareness for animals within local Orlando shelters. Outside of school, she enjoys Irish dancing, going to the beach, reading, and watching movies in her free time. With well over 100 service hours, Alyssa prioritizes helping local communities in any way she can, whether it be at her church or nearby food banks. In the future, she dreams of traveling around the world and creating her own blog, pursuing her love for writing, and being creative.
Yara Koteish
Yara Koteish, Director of Archives
Yara Koteish is the Director of Archives of Lake Highland Preparatory School's Upper School newspaper class. Yara is on the swim team and has been swimming for 12 years. She also plays club soccer at Windermere Orlando City Soccer. When not in school or sports, Yara enjoys traveling around the world and going to the beach.

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