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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

Sarah Finfrock

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Photography

Sarah Finfrock, grade 12, is the Copy Editor and Director of Photography of Lake Highland Preparatory School's Upper School newspaper Twice-Told Tale, and Editor-in-Chief for the school's literary magazine By Any Other Name. Finfrock is also an avid tennis player, starting on the school's varsity team and serving as captain. She also has a passion for giving back and volunteering, as she acts as a volunteer tennis coach, builds with Habitat for Humanity, and teaches English to orphans in Nzerekore, Guinea. Finfrock is in the process of authoring and publishing a book to cover the fundamentals of engineering for underserved public schools as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award. In the future, Finfrock hopes to work in architecture and real estate development.

All content by Sarah Finfrock
(Above) The property of Shalom Orlando is also the site of The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Central Florida. The organization aims to combat anti-Semitism through history on prejudice and bigotry toward Jewish people. Kanye West has stated his support for Nick Fuentes, who has perpetuated a conspiracy theory denying the Holocaust, saying it was fabricated to advance Jewish interests. Denying an event that took the lives of countless Jewish people just perpetuates the hateful beliefs that first laid the groundwork for Hitler’s reign. Photo by Sarah Finfrock.

Silence is Compliance

Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor/ Director of Photography
February 2, 2023
(Above) The menu contains a steady stream of classics with the addition of some weekly specials. Their Monday special is Philly-cheese steak. Tuesday is mahi-mahi. Wednesday is lobster roll. Thursday serves Mahi BLT, and Friday’s special is tacos. Their everyday items include french dip, flatbreads, burgers, and more. Photo by Sarah Finfrock.

Serving Charm on Tap Since 1924

Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor/ Director of Photography
October 12, 2022
(Above) From an early age, I was exposed to the business world
through my family’s construction company, FINFROCK. I had my first
“job” shredding papers, making copies, and taking out the trash for
my dad’s coworkers. I would also walk the halls selling Girl Scout
cookies as an elementary student. Photo courtesy of Sarah Finfrock.

Getting a Business Degree at the Dinner Table

Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor/ Director of Photography
October 7, 2022
(Above) The work of Dr. Colin Campbell (right) parallels
the studies of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (left). Esselstyn
focused on the effects of meat consumption on heart
disease and diabetes. His clinical trials at the Cleveland
Clinic, where he prescribed a whole-foods plant-based

diet to patients diagnosed as seriously ill with car-
diovascular disease, had a success rate of 99.4% for

those patients not having a major cardiac event. The
two doctors collaborated on a 2011 documentary, Forks
Over Knives, which was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey
and former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Photo courtesy
of Plant Strong Podcast.

Eating for Health

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Photography
September 27, 2022
(Above) After graduating from Bishop Lynch High School in Dal-
las, Texas, Mr. Jim McIntyre enrolled in the University of North

Texas majoring in history with a focus on U.S. diplomacy. He
then worked in the restaurant industry for a year when he ran
into his former principal who offered him a teaching position.
After a few years of teaching, Mr. McIntyre obtained a Master’s
Degree in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University.
Photo courtesy of Lake Highland Preparatory School.

Enhancing Existing Traditions

Sarah Finfrock, Copy Editor/ Director of Photography
September 20, 2022
(Above) The architecture both inside and outside of the Park Plaza Hotel has a definite European style, ranging from the exterior brick and patterned awnings to the interior decor. This hotel houses 28 guest rooms and suites, where vintage furnishings are seen throughout. The Park Plaza Hotel also prides themselves on the elegance the hotel resembles. Inside one of the rooms, wood floors, exposed brick walls, Bermuda shutters, plants, and overall comfortable furniture can be expected by hotel guests. Photo by Sarah Finfrock.

[Photo] Winter Park Hotels Embody the City’s Charms

Sarah Finfrock and Rebecca Reif, Editor-in-Chief and Director of Photography
September 30, 2022
(Above) The help of volunteers is at the forefront of what keeps Habitat for Humanity alive. In Florida, many high school students help out in order to meet their Bright Futures requirements of 100 community service hours for free college tuition to a Florida university. There are also people who seek to better themselves by volunteering, or families and friends who desire to bond on a common good. Many businesses organize employee builds, volunteer events, and fundraisers in order to bolster company culture. The volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity are endless. While the most common is working on job sites, there is also a demand for resale employees, corporate volunteers, and fundraiser organizers.

New Habitats Offer Fresh Starts

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Advertising
March 25, 2022
Boys & Girls Clubs Foster Equal Opportunity

Boys & Girls Clubs Foster Equal Opportunity

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Advertising
March 4, 2022
(Above) Many of the acai restaurants utilize plants and nature to jazz up their settings. Purple Ocean presents tropical plants around their silver camper. An Instagram worthy greenwall spans
the interior of Create Your Nature. SoHo provides a hanging plant
wall with both real plants and fake plants. As acai is an organic, vegan health food it typically attracts a more nature-friendly crowd, which the designs model.

Best Bowls Revealed

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Advertising
February 11, 2022
(Above) Club Pilates offers a variety of classes for members. Class levels range from 1, 1,5, 2, and 2.5.
Moving up requires approval from instructors and mastery of specific techniques. There are also
different style classes such as Cardio Sculpt, Center + Balance, and Suspend. Although Pilates is
designed for injury rehabilitation and prevention, improper form can lead to back, neck, and
spinal injuries. Instructors are trained to constantly correct bad form, especially in beginner

[Photo] Ancient Yoga Practices Take Modern Form

Sarah Finfrock and Rebecca Reif, Co-Editor and Director of Photography
January 14, 2022
Starting October 5, the ATP has been looking into the domestic abuse allegations on Zverev by Sharypova after 14 months of silence by the organization. The league’s CEO, Massimo Calvelli, released the statement. “The allegations raised against Alexander Zverev are serious, and we have a responsibility to address them. We hope our investigation will allow us to establish the facts and determine appropriate follow-up action.”

Domestic Violence Debate Takes Center Court

Sarah Finfrock, Director of Advertising
January 3, 2022
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