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Costumes Raise the Night

Emily Cypher
(Above) Sometimes it’s fun to stand out with a solo costume. High school students from Lake Highland Preparatory School were asked what their opinion was on dressing up as a musical artist. Liam Szubinski, grade 10, said, “I think dressing up as their vibe is better. Also you need accessories…,” he continues to say how he might choose to dress. Although some people don’t like the idea of dressing up as a music artist at all. Gates Valines, grade 10, said, “No I don’t like the idea of dressing up as your favorite music artist for Halloween because that’s odd.”

Every year young adults scavenge the internet and stores to find the perfect costume for Halloween’s spooky season. With hundreds of options, every teen wants to find a costume the unique yet also something anyone could think of. This spooky season is no different, and with Halloween right the conner teens all around the country start to look for the perfect costumes. Halloween isn’t the only place teenagers dress up throughout the season, many have events such as Halloween dances, carnivals, haunted houses, parties, and more. The opportunities are endless. This year costumes are being influenced by all genres of pop culture. From Barbie to the Lorax people are finding new and exciting costumes to wear during the haunted season. Teens spend the Halloween night in groups, and many try to find outfits to coordinate with each other. A group of two, three, or four, no matter how big there are costumes for everyone.

(Above) “Xoxo Gossip Girl” Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf, are iconic characters from the show Gossip Girl and have influenced fashion since the show first aired. LHPS students were asked how they think movies and shows impact costumes and they had a variety of responses. Liam Szubinski, grade 10, said, “I feel movies are what make up Halloween like Gilmore Girls, Charlie Brown, St. Elmo’s Fire, Legally Blonde, and Harry Potter….” He continued to say that he thinks movies and TV shows of all kinds influence costumes for the Halloween season, especially this year. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Burn books and speeches made at dances after math competitions, every day girls all around the world think about the iconic film Mean Girls. The movie still affects pop culture today and is a perfect inspiration for the spooky Halloween season. Students from LHPS were asked what they plan on dressing up as this season. Liam Szubinski, grade 10, said “I don’t really know what I’m dressing up as this year, one year I was a Starbucks barista which was kinda weird,” picking a costume can be difficult so having solid choices this year should be helpful. Other students such as Savannah Fondo, grade 10, still have to decide on their costume saying, “Probably a group costume but I’m not sure yet.” (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Hi Barbie! This year is like no other, and while the Barbie movie only just came out months ago, it has impacted pop culture immensely. Barbie has spoken to women all around the world, and while the film is about a toy doll, the movie is filled with much more than simply that. For a group of four plus, dressing up as different Barbies is the perfect option. With room for creativity, students gave their opinions on reusing the clothes in their closets. Zelle Washburn, grade 10, answered, “It depends on what I am going as, but I generally see what I have to go off of that.” Being eco-friendly is a trend in recent years, and finding ways to use what’s already in the closet is a great alternative to buying new items. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Stores such as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Macy’s, Aerie, and more, have a vast collection of clothes perfect for young adults to build their own costumes. This season will be a chance for teens to express their creativity and Halloween spirit during the season. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Pink! Pink is the color of the year, and while it changes throughout the seasons, it stays prominent and a large part of fashion. For this season, specifically costumes, Barbie, Mean Girls, and more are all iconic films with characters perfect for the year. (Emily Cypher)
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