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Twice-Told Tale

Twice-Told Tale

(Above) Coach Ben Fratrick discusses the team’s game plan during a timeout. The team had

been hustling and working hard on the court, putting all of their stamina, training, and con-
ditioning to the test. The timeout also helps the players get a minute of rest and keep their

heads in the game. Even though the timeout only lasts a minute, the players enjoy a well

deserved break. All photos by Tina Zhang

High Hoops, Even Higher Hopes

Hayden Roberts, Staff March 7, 2023

Lake Highland sports are well known for championships and producing great players and leaders. One of the best teams that represent this goal is the Lake Highland basketball team. Lake Highland basketball...

(Above) The two plaques next to this bell are historical, each
representing the time two employees served Dante, the school
Andrea Santos went to when she was young. Photo courtesy

of Mrs. Andrea Santos.

Other Nations Model Education Alternatives

Olivia Santos, Staff March 1, 2023

Nowadays, plenty of students in America complain about how much homework they have or how many tests they are given each week. It is no secret that the American school system can be challenging with multiple...

(Above) Miya Okuda, grade 12, shares how she’s recently been doing two-shades on her nails. Her go-to nails are a shade of pink or blue, and anything with sparkles. This set reminded her of cherry blossoms, and she described them as, “Bright, sparkly, and fun,” adding how they reflect her personality. She would love to try storyboard nails and believes nails are really important because they, “Are one of the first things people will notice about you, especially when shaking your hand or when you’re moving.” When someone has nails as strong as these, they certainly are a great point of conversation indeed. All photos by Serena Young.

Express Yourself From Tip to Toe

Serena Young, Director of Advertising October 21, 2022

As with any accessory, nails are a great way to express oneself, whether that’s choosing to get them done or not. For the girls that want to glam up, here are a few nails to take inspiration from. The...

Prom Poem Proposal Grabs Attention of Lauren Kurtz

Prom Poem Proposal Grabs Attention of Lauren Kurtz

Gabriel Alexander, Freelance Writer April 20, 2022

The Butter-Cup: Drunken stars you hide the darkest fears, And upon those you form your love-embalmed constellations,   May star-cast be just a drop of water, Soaked upon my eyes like...

(Above) A Florida man captures an eight foot alligator that took a swim in Parkland, Florida. The gator was then transferred to The Everglades National Park.

Florida Man Reviews Florida Men

Zane Rimes, Staff March 17, 2022

We all love stories about the well-known “Florida Man.” It is the meme phenomenon in which outlandish Florida news headlines become jokes for other states. Listening to those two words, everyone has...

(Above, from left to right) Kate Ward, grade 9, Grace Wright, grade 9, Tynan Tracy, grade 9, Wali Hasan, grade 9, and Sophia Carraway, grade 10, perform and enjoy the Chinese dragon dance. The dragon dance was performed by LHP’s Chinese I and II classes in front of the Calkins Library, requiring students to build teamwork in order to learn how to walk together gracefully. The dragon dance is both a showcase of unification and power.

Chinese New Year Begins a Year of Celebration

Serena Young, Freelance Writer March 14, 2022

The last time I wore this QiPao was at my cousin’s wedding. I wore it again at Lake Highland Preparatory School for another important occasion: Chinese New Year celebration — the Year of the Tiger....

(Above) Mr. Derek Daly’s work ethic and ability to
achieve goals comes from his parents. He took lessons of hard work, dedication, and passion from his parents and, “Applied them to my career and to the schools I have worked for.” This is manifesting in the Porter Family Center for Innovation and Academics, where Mr. Daly is collaborating with architects and giving input from Lake
Highland design committees.

Working Hard on a Daly Basis

Santiago Calderon, Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2022

When walking to class, have you ever wondered how Lake Highland runs so smoothly? It’s something that many of us usually take for granted. Administrators like Mr. Derek Daly, among others, put...

This photo exemplifies the trend of AI-powered photo editing. Starting with an original photo of two-second grade girls on the swings behind the cafeteria, AI software was utilized to generate an abstract background with the theme of masks. During the year 2021, many photographers self-quarantining had more time to experiment with this emerging art form.

Tracking the Top 10 Photography Trends of 2021

Staff of Twice-Told Tale, Staff February 28, 2022

Throughout every year, styles and rages change, and this includes artists and their preferred photographic choices. In 2021, the 10 most popular photography trends ranged from images pertaining to the...

During the roughly 35 minute program, various images of night scenes, still life paintings, and bright skies pop up over the four-wall projection. In all, there are 60,600 frames of video and 90 million pixels that piece together Van Gogh Immersive Experience’s seamless exhibit. Additionally, while the walls encased the majority of the projections, the floors were also covered with art.

Painting a Canvas with New Technology

Rebecca Reif, Director of Photography February 1, 2022

Van Gogh Immersive Experience, an enticing worldwide event, recently travelled to Orlando. This exhibit was showcased at the Orange County Convention Center on International Drive, from November 26 to...

Student Biography

November 28, 2021

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