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Baila Con “Flamenco Del Sol”

Mary Collins
(Above) Days away from their performance, dancers woke up bright and early on a Saturday morning to head out to the studio and start practicing. They have been practicing this specific dance for a few months now, and it’s almost time to show the rest of the world the hard work and dedication they’ve put into it. They are rehearsing to discover the way their costumes feel as they dance. Soon the colorful costumes will be brought to life on stage.

Passionate, cultural, and heartfelt, Flamenco is a Spanish dance where men and women incorporate heels, castanets, fans, and more. Musicians sing and strum guitar strings in the background as the dancers perform an art where one can transform their body in different ways to match the musical beats of the instruments. This unique dance showcases some of the unique cultures of spain. Watching a Flamenco show or trying out the dance could spark so many emotions and introduce what could be a new hobby or skill. 

There are not a lot of ways to learn Flamenco here in Orlando, but one of the most popular ways to get into the cultural Spanish dance  is through a small local studio called Flamenco Del Sol. The dance studio is located around east Orlando and has a variety of classes based on the individual from beginning to advanced as well as classes for exceptionally talented students. Whether someone has been taking dance lessons since a child, or they have never even heard of what Flamenco is, it is a fun activity for people who are willing to try something new. This dance has been around for centuries, and this studio wants to keep it going in places that aren’t as well known, like Orlando.Whether someone has been taking dance lessons since a child, or they have never even heard of what Flamenco is, it’s always fun to try something new.

On that note, to better understand what form of dance it is, it’s important to know that it was originally a form of song and music that came from parts of Africa and middle-eastern countries. Later on the music started popularizing in Spain, where it took a completely different route. In southern Spain, dancers began using heels and castanets to add on to the melodies. Since these times Flamenco has evolved heavily. Now if anybody were to walk around popular parts in Spain, it is common to see people dancing to Flamenco at restaurants or very small wooden boards that dancers use to perform upon).

So what does Flamenco Del Sol have to offer in their classes? Examples of what someone might learn can vary. For example, in a beginners class, the teacher will explain the basics of Flamenco. This includes explaining the different types of dances someone can do, an explanation on how it originated, and what it takes to enjoy the art. Once it is time to begin dancing, instructors  usually begins with subtle and easy hand movements to slowly open the person up to be more comfortable with the dancing. Once the student feels more comfortable, they can move up classes and begin to excel. This is around the time that multiple students and newcomers arrive at the studio from around all of Orlando to pick up where they left off, expand their dance skills, or try a new hobby. If there is ever a point in time when the student moves up and is more comfortable dancing with others, they can join the studio’s annual dance recital, which is included for all ages. On top of this, there are also little shows that the school puts on such as performing for events during Hispanic Heritage Month. This new year is a great time to learn some new skills and get out there in the world. 

With that said, Flamenco has been around for centuries and this studio wants to keep it going in places that people may not be as familiar with, like Orlando. It’s a great way for people to get to know Spanish culture and form connections with the community. So if you are looking for a way to step out of their comfort zone, learning to dance Flamenco may be for you. The thought of dancing in front of others can be scary, but it is assured that everyone around is always there supporting and cheering everyone else on.

(Above) Flamenco Del Sol offers beginner children’s classes. This class teaches kids the importances of exercise, discipline, and self control. Some of the young adults from ages 17-25 help out with the kids classes. The children often look up to these dancers and aspire to be like them. In this picture, children are working with their castanets with their instructor, Camila. (Mary Collins)
(Above) Mary Collins, grade 10, demonstrates a famous Flamenco dance in Flamenco Del Sol’s most recent performance. She is wearing a blue manton, a traditional shaw which the dancers use to add a pop of color to their outfits. This dance is called a Guajiras and consists of slow medlodic guitar strumming and cajón playing. This dance is usually expressed through facial expressions, body language, and the speed of the music. Catch the next show by checking on the Flamenco Del Sol or Orlando Flamenco website. Everybody is welcome. (Mrs. Sue Collins)
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