Old Restaurants Bring a New Feel

Delaney Bolstein and Kailey Calvo, Co-Editors

Though Orlando is a relatively newer city, “The City Beautiful” quickly became a commercial hotspot in Florida and is now home to thousands of businesses. However, only a few small businesses have had the pleasure of catering to generations of Floridians and newcomers, as new “modern” businesses drove the old ones to closure. The withstanding establishments have had to adapt to new technology and the massive growth of Orlando. It is necessary to highlight and celebrate the authenticity and legacy that these businesses leave behind.

(Above) For over 25 years, White Wolf Café has been serving Orlando residents homestyle breakfast and lunch. In it, you can find eclectic lamps and exposed pipes in the likes of an antique shop. It is this quirky ambiance that makes White Wolf Cafe a booming restaurant. Photo by Kailey Calvo. (Kailey Calvo)
(Above) In honor of it being blueberry season, the “Little Wolf” menu has a blueberry pancake option that is simply made and simply served. Breakfast at White Wolf lasts all day, so these pancakes are perfect for a quick snack or a small meal. Upon ordering this, be prepared to get some dirty looks if you are over the age of 12. However, the question is, “Is it blueberry pancakes, or blueberries with pancakes?” Photo by Delaney Bolstein. (Delaney Bolstein)
(Above) The Proclamation from Mayor Glenda E. Hood is a testament to both how old and beloved White Wolf Cafe is to Orlando residents. Proudly being displayed in the restaurant’s center, diners get a glimpse into the long history of White Wolf. Photo by Delaney Bolstein. For more info visit whitewolfcafe.com. (Delaney Bolstein)
(Above) The eclectic nature of White Wolf Cafe has seemingly spread to the other, much newer, establishments nearby, making the street a hub for urban dining with an old-timey feel. However it is the diner’s history, seen by the Roman soldier, that makes White Wolf a must eat restaurant in the heart of Orlando. Photo by Delaney Bolstein. (Delaney Bolstein)
(Above) Beefy King is definitely an Orlando staple where most citizens of Orlando have eaten at least once in their lives. Located in the Milk District on Bumby Avenue, Beefy King is a cornerstone of Downtown Orlando and attracts customers with its bright yellow sign that hosts its signature crowned bull logo. Photo by Kailey Calvo. (Kailey Calvo)
(Above) After eating Beefy King’s juicy roast beef
sandwich served on a fresh baked Kaiser roll, it was
evident why this is its signature item. The crunchy onion rings were straight out of the frier, and the milkshakes act as a sweet way to cool down the taste buds. Photo by Kailey Calvo. (Kailey Calvo)
(Above) Decorated with wooden panels, brown tiled floors, and retro booths
and chairs, Beefy King certainly does not have the 21st-century modern
bells and whistles. Although Beefy King’s interior may be a tad outdated,
it is charming that they keep the restaurant’s original look to preserve its
authenticity. Photo by Kailey Calvo. (Kailey Calvo)
(Left) One of the evident keys to Beefy King’s success is its never-changing, nostalgic feel, through its simple yet tasty, menu and slightly outdated name. Going on its 54th-year of business, it is clear that the owners and operators of Beefy King know how to make their business profitable and maintain longevity through its welcoming atmosphere that hosts anyone from all walks of life. Visit Beefy King at 424 North Bumby Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803. Photo by Delaney Bolstein. (Delaney Bolstein)
(Left) Beefy King has received lots of critical acclaim from the Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, and many other well-established critics. Even Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, ate at
Beefy King while in Orlando, in order to get a taste of what Orlando
regulars enjoy! Being a family owned business, Beefy King truly
knows how to cater to everyone’s desires. Photo by Delaney
Bolstein. (Delaney Bolstein)
(Above) While Beefy King has a wide variety of customers, its target audience seems to be the average American. The restaurant’s longevity facilitated a love for its classic roast beef sandwich that has lasted for generations and throughout many households. Photo by Kailey Calvo. (Kailey Calvo)