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Cherry Red Takes Over Fall Fashion

Emily Cypher
(Above) H&M has become a place to find fashionable pieces at a reasonable price, and this season’s no different. This year Cherry Red has become a prominent color in Fall fashion, and H&M received the message. Along with the normal Fall muted colors red has popped up again, and again. The store is offering a wide variety of Fall fashions and offers Cherry Red while also sticking to the classics. The classic of Fall include jeans, sweaters, so more sweaters, and a whole lot of…did it mention sweaters? H&M is offering sweaters in all colors from muted browns to the favorite deep cherry red of the season. The store has taken the 2023 Fall season trends and has used them well. With so many options though to choose from, there is the question of “What should I and shouldn’t I buy?” That’s a very reasonable question and one with a very quick and easy answer. The skill needed people need to know is what they like, and take the Fall trends and mold them with their own style. That’s the best way to wear Fall fashion. H&M has an extensive selection of clothes but there are other places to look for more Fall fashion.

Fall fashion is always a prevalent topic when it comes to the popular season. People look forward to finding the newest trends and getting their hands on all the new seasonal items. This year is no different. The excitement around Fall fashion this year is high, and maybe even more than last’s. This year experts are expecting Cherry Red to take over 2023’s Fall fashion season. With that being said, where are the best places to find some red to spice up the wardrobe? Many popular stores including H&M, American Eagle, Airea, Garage, Urban Outfitters, and many more already have quite a large selection of clothes to choose from. Though red isn’t only being shown in clothes this season, but also in shoes and accessories. With Fall on its way if not practically already here, here are some of the best places to start building the perfect Fall closet. Get ready to learn the ins and outs of this season’s Fall trends and expectations. Throughout this article, there will not only be in-person stores to shop at, but also bring to light some popular, yet also underground clothing websites. Each site with its own purpose such as Emmiol which has the best selection of “Grandpa Sweaters,” and popular styles. The website offers many sweaters but one there most notable pieces include a cable knit sweater, and it just happens to be a perfect representation of the “Rory Gilmore Sweater” from the beloved show Gilmore Girls! Get ready to experience Fall in a way you’ve never experienced it before!

(Above) Seeing Cherry Red in not just clothing but also accessories is a reoccurring theme of the season, and one place to look is Anthropologie! (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Urban Outfitters always has a great selection of clothing. The store does a great job of keeping up with trends but with its own twist. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) H&M has options for sweaters, skits, etc. The mini skirt has become very popular in fashion, and the store offers a great variety. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) “Quiet Luxury” has been the theme of the year. Ana Taylor has done a great job of incorporating seasonal trends into their clothing. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) College wear has been very popular throughout the year, and H&M is taking advantage of that and the Cherry Red color. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Garage is a popular online store with newly opened locations. The store offers clothes relating to the hottest trends and did not disappoint. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Urban Outfitters always checks the boxes of trends. The store gets ahead of trends allowing shoppers opportunities to build their closets. (Emily Cypher)
(Above) Statement pieces are not the only important parts of a wardrobe, but also basics. Urban Outfitters offers both in a variety of colors. (Emily Cypher)
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Emily Cypher, Copy Editor
Emily Cypher, grade 10, is the Copy Editor of Lake Highland Preparatory School’s, Upper School newspaper, the Twice-Told Tale. She found her passion for Newspaper from the iconic show Gilmore Girls, which aired in the 2000s. After reading more books than anyone could count, her passion for writing grew even bigger, as she is currently exploring creative writing as well. The staff and the opportunities that come with being part of the paper are what she enjoys most about being a member of the Twice-Told Tale staff. Emily continues exploring new passions with writing and beyond. Outside of school, she plays volleyball at Game Point Volleyball Club as a libero. Her commitment to the sport helps her time management skills grow along with her ability to be flexible. Emily loves to travel and visits New York as much as she can, and she is excited to push herself to learn new things.

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