Traveling Through West Palm Beach

Emily Cypher, Staff

With magnificent beaches, family experiences, exciting shopping, and far more left to discover, West Palm Beach is a must-see location in Florida. West Palm Beach offers many events and welcomes travelers with open arms. Top places to visit include
City Place, Rosemary Square, ritzy Worth Avenue, and so many more top-rated places. Additionally, West Palm Beach also presents many hidden gems throughout its brightly lit city. One of them is North Wood Village. With access to small businesses, mouthwatering restaurants, and welcoming bakeries, there are so many places to explore. Besides those, there are various events year-round, including South Florida Fair, Palm Beach International Boat Show, Fright Nights, SunFest, 2022 Holiday Boat Parade, and more. There are so many amazing events! Even so, If you’re looking for casual events The West Palm Beach Green Market is always a favorite. With the exciting events and brilliant shops, West Palm Beach is a beloved place that’s ready for visitors.

(Above) One of many spectacular events at Fright Nights is the iconic Halloween Carnival annually hosted in West Palm Beach. This year marks the carnival’s 20th anniversary and was themed around three spooktacular houses: County Bill’s Meat Market, Dead of Winter, and Siren’s Revenge. Each house is positively spooky with jump scares lurking around every corner. Fright Nights also offers a variety of other excitingly terrifying activities to complete the most enjoyable and frightening experience. They offer traditional carnival rides, live entertainment, and different scare zone. All photos by Emily Cypher. (All photos by Emily Cypher. )
(Above) A food lover’s dream Presto Pizzeria is a beloved and favorited pizzeria Located in West Palm Beach, Florida on 505 25th Street. Open from 11:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. on Saturdays, and closed on Sunday. This pizzeria is a staple piece in the West Palm Beach community. From specialty pizza to amazing strombolis the menu offers something for everyone’s enjoyment. With a very welcoming staff as well as a comfortable place to sit down and have a slice, the pizzeria creates a welcoming environment. The inside of the pizzeria is decorated with a colorful mural, posters, and a TV for customers’ viewing pleasures. A
Google Review made by Judith Thomas says, “So yummy food items and price was fair. Cool atmosphere!”, with a 4.5 star rating on Yelp, as well as more reviews from enthusiastic comments. Besides daily regulars the pizzeria also offers daily specials. That include the, “2 Cheese Pizza Slices & Medium Soda Special” deal as well as the “2 Topping Slice Speacial.” Even with the amazing deals offered, leaving without dessert is simply not an option. With a variety of delicious ice cream flavors and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, there are mouthwatering options from which to choose. Besides being able to sit down and eat as well as order take out, the pizzeria also offer, Grubhub as a way to get food delivered. Anytime visting the amazing city, Presto Pizzeria is a must-stop kind of place.
(Above) Opened in February of 2016, the Day by Day
Shoppe, a vintage nic nac store, is a beautiful place to vist. The owner of the store, Will Davis, shared details about the origins of his store as well as what the store has to offer. Davis answered by saying he, “Had a change in profession and opened up the shop to showcase and express my creative side, after the non-profit agency I worked for assisting the deaf and hard of hearing individuals closed it’s doors after 32 years.” The name of the store came about when Davis said, “I choose the name after debating several others, and Frank Sinatra was singing Day by Day.” He went on to explain how it is a classic standard song from the 40s, known to the older generations. Davis then continued to say how many items in the shop are made by him. When asked what they were made from as well as how many of the store’s items he makes he answered, “I created, repurposed, upcycle many of the things I have in the shop. I would say 40%.” After learning that, it was asked if he makes any custom orders for people who might be interested in making something more personal. He answered by saying, “Most items can be personalized and customized for a customer with a name monogram; just take 7-10 days or sooner if the supplies are on hand.” Davis seemed to very enthusiastic about answering the questions and was very kind. The store on the inside was very excentric and unique. The shop has a great community and is loved by many locals. If simply passing through or staying in the city, people can’t help, but stop by.
(Above) One of the most awaited events in the West
Palm Beach area, Fright Nights continues to meet expectations. Offering three, haunted houses, the event went all out this year. The official Fright Nights’ Facebook page posted a thank you to all its guests and praised the community of West Palm Beach. The post read, “It means a lot that we are your hometown Halloween event and you count on us to bring that spirit to life. We appreciate the support.” The community responded by returning the praise. Thanking the event host for the amazing event, and going as far as to say that it was one of the best experiences they’d had yet. Simply put no one can miss Fright Night. To purchase tickets the
next time the event is taking place, be sure to visit to select the perfect experience. There
are variations of tickets each customer’s experience
based on their preferences. Fright Nights has room for
everyone. Leaving no box unchecked, Fright Night is the
most amazing experience for everyone.
(Above) Presto Pizza offers many food items. With 11 sections of food, there are appetizers & sides, subs, fish specialties, salads, burgers, Italian specialties, create your own pizza, strombolis & calzones, specialty pizza,
daily pizza specials, and dessert. This variety on the menu allows any customers to get something he or she will enjoy. With a welcoming environment, and excellent service, Presto Pizzeria is one of many other fantastic restaurants in the city of West Palm Beach! There are many other places to enjoy a bite or two to eat. Another excellent recommendation would have to be the Kapow Noodle Bar, features very different noodles from the ones you would receive at Presto Pizzeria, but are just as good. Kapow offers brunch as well as dinner food for everyone’s enjoyment. Some notable dishes are Thai Donuts, Wild Mushroom Chow Fun, Bbq Duck & Ginger Fried Rice, and so much more. The list goes on. There is a dish
for everyone’s enjoyment.
(Above) The Fright Nights event offers countless options for each and every customer’s enjoyment. The Zipper is just one example of the rides that are offered at the Fright Nights event. The event is for everyone; and is perfect for hanging out with friends or heading out with the family. The activities that are offered are so fun and
exciting. The feeling around the events is very uplifting
and spooky. Even if Fright Nights isn’t for you, there are
many other events in West Palm Beach. For the holiday
seasons, some other events include Old Northwood 34th
Annual Candlelight Home Tour, Pop-Up Holiday Bazaar, Christmas Day Holiday, 32nd Annual Holiday Craft Fair, and more. One event, in particular, sticking to the Northwood theme, The Winter Market in West Palm Beach is hosted on Saturday, December 17. The event is exciting and just one of the few events that attract everyone.
(Above) The store Day by Day is a shop for everyone, and a hidden gem in the giant city of West Palm Beach. The shop is perfect for every traveler. Though that’s not to discount the bigger and more popular places in the city. One notable place to go is City Place. City Place offers a vast amount of amenities, and not just for the visitors. The shopping center also provides many offerings for locals. One example is the cycling classes they offer. There are also many restaurants as well as stores and a movie theater. The number of stores is endless, and they include Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, H&M, Lululemon, and many more. The restaurants include Copper Blues Rock Pub & Kitchen, Saito Japanese Steakhouse, PLANTA, Pura Vida
West Palm Beach, and more. The stores and restaurants
offered are fantastic and create an amazing experience.
(Above) The entrance for Fright Nights speaks volumes. With a terrifyingly, scary entrance and excellent ambiance, there is no better way to enter the maze of haunted houses. As is seen the 2022 Fright Nights experience was a full-on hit! People from all over the community of West Palm Beach come to enjoy the festivities. Coming in with full force the people arrive with costumes ready for excitement, and to explore what to come.
(Above) In this photo the owner of the Day by Day shop
stands, Will Davis. Customers constantly visit to Northwood Village and not just this shop in particular. The shop owners have all built a community not just for their customers, but also for themselves. Some of the other shops that are very prominent in the North Wood
Village community are: Diane’s, Wanderer Bracelets, This is it Cafe, Northwood Antiques, and so many other amazing stores to enjoy.